Be the one for me! (Its Ricco Tho Fanfic)

A guy walks up to this girl named Sirena and asked her out but what they find out about each other is very interesting!
He lives in LA and so does she.
But what do they both do in common and have in common!

What will happen?


3. Finding the Hints

I was walking around school the next day but I got dressed up all nice so that when I see him I look good for the pictures!!

So I wore a bape white crop top with a black skirt and suspenders. With my black high top vans and I had my pineapple jewelry on! Then with my hair I curled it like big diva curls and I did two corn rows on one side. Then my makeup I did a natural look with some eyeliner and a red lip!

I was all ready for today! I was excited because I know I'm gonna see its Ricco tho! I hope I see him really soon.

*1 hour into school*

I began to look for the hints!!

I went to class and I found 3 one on my teachers board and ten one by my friend on her notebook. The last one was on my desk and it said

"You're getting more and more as u go. I know u can do this lets go baby!" ~it's Rocco tho

OMG he called me baby!

Anyways then class ended and I looked in the hall for more hints and I found one on the bulletin board and then another one of the hottest guy in schools locker. Then I saw another one in m next class!

It stated

"You only have 6 more to go!"

I had 6 so I had to get the other 6! So that I have all 12 and then they lead me to where he is! Hopefully I find them all before 1!

So me and friend were walking down the hall and I saw one on his notebook and then I saw another one on the random dudes locker! Then I saw another one on my best friends back! Another one was on my friends bag. There were two left what the hell!

Then I noticed it! There were people holding signs that said you did it! I looked straight ahead and collected all of the pineapple roses and I turned the corner and saw it's ricco tho and I ran to him and I jumped on him! He helped me as if I was his and his only!!

I was so happy that I'm going to prom with him and that he said yes! I don't know where he's staying but all I known is that he isn't staying at his house cause that's too far. So I looked at him and was about to say:

"So where r .........."

But I was cut off he kissed me instead of letting me finish! Of course I kissed him back! Like damn did Papi ricco have it in him. He really knows how to kiss a girl and make her feel good!

I couldn't believe that this actually happened.

So since I didn't drive to school today I was gonna walk home! But Adym decided to drive me home since he has to go to his house to get clothes!

"Oh can I stay at your house for the next 3 weeks or no? Cause if not I can just get s hotel room but I'll have to drive like 2 hours to get here!" He asked.

"Adym we can ask my mom when we get to my house! And why did u kiss me was it for any reason or?" I said.

"Sirena honestly I have seen ur pictures a few times and I have got your fan mail and I love it all the hoodie I wear almost everyday in my apartment. And just simply I love the drawing u did and everything! I just wish I didn't live so far away cause otherwise I would do this!" Adym said.

He got out of the car opened my door got my bag and he said:

"I would ask you to be my girlfriend?!"

"Adym I don't care where u r because ur in LA still and I love u and I'm saying yes and I don't care what anybody else says! I love u!!" I replied and kissed him and held his hand and we walked to my front door!!

*20 minutes later*

My mom walks into the living room from work to see where I was!!

"Hey Sirena! How was school?"

Then before she even let me answer she said it!

"Who is this handsome young man?"

"Mom this is Adym, Adym this is my mom! But mom u know him better as......" I said.

"It's ricco tho I know because I talk about him all the time!" My mom said and hugged him.

"Now all I would like to ask Mrs is if I can stay at your wonderful home for the next 3 weeks because I do have an apartment but if I do go back home and come back it's going to be a 5 hour ride everyday and I'd like to vibe able to see ur daughter and hang out with her and go shopping! It's okay if not because then I can still come and visit right!" Adym asked and explained.

"Adym u r welcomed to come and stay here anytime! You can sleep in the spare room that we have it's right next to Sirena upstairs! It's no problem I'm just so glad that my daughters lifesaver said yes to her promposal thing!" My mom agreed.

OMG my mom said yes!

"So can I take ur daughter with me to my apartment I just have to get some stuff and my brother is in the car waiting so she will not just be with me. May I take ur daughter for a ride?!" He asked.

"Yes you may but don't get back too late! Have fun and your room will be ready when u get back!" My mom said.

"Thank you so much for letting me stay here! I will do whatever I need to help u out! We will be back in about 8 hours!" Adym said hugged my mom and we left!

I can't believe I'm going to prom with its ricco tho!

I mean my boyfriend!

I mean my lifesaver!

OMG I just can't believe it!!

I'm so happy!!

What will happen next with Adym and Sirena?!

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