Somewhere above the debris clouds

This is a story based on an ailment of the mind. Please tell me if you like the story and if i should write more. You're also welcome to hand out any wishes for specific genres, elements or ideas for new stories.


1. Welcome to my mind:



Wake up.


You feel the cold from the deepest core of your body.

The rest seems to be dead.

An endless cough is stuck in your throat, trying to strangle you from the inside. One breath. As your consciousness starts to vanquish the paralyzing essence of heavy, dead frost, your breath quickly starts to go faster. Run. You start hyperventilating as you focus all of your energy at opening your eyes. One. The other one is not able to. Darkness. A rush of blood shoots out in your body and an extreme uncontrollable trembling is spreading. You hear a pant disappear in the shadows. One arm starts pushing backwards, followed by the other, making your upper body rise from the cold mud. Your wet, dead legs huddles up and you feel the heavy weight of the black surface holding them back. A stunning feeling of fatigue makes it strenuous for you to roll onto the other side, making your back face upwards. The trembling continues, making your movement unsteady as you try to get up on your feet. You graze your one foot forward, as your other knee is still placed in the mud, with both of your hands desperately grabbing the almost liquid sludge in front of you. You feel the pain lock the right side of your body as you push it upwards. Too heavy. You collapse into the ooze with a sudden halt in your aggressive breath. You feel the swamp catch you. You are stifling. Again, you fold in your legs, to raise your lower body. You spit out black paste as you crawl forward on your elbows crying.

The darkness is the only predominant thing of this place. Like an impervious black substance, eating everyone and everything. Like swimming on the bottom of a deep debris forest lake. Some time passed. If time still matters or even exists in this limbo. You grope with your open, cold hands in front of you, as you stumble through the unexisting illumination and debris masses of grease, occupied by the dead, howling wind and the saturate, frozen rags, clinging onto your trembling body. Suddenly you trip over a root and hit something massive with your shoulder and hipbone. A wall? You let your hand slide along the wall as your heart starts beating. Firm clay bricks with the mass of masonry mortar in between, rough as a cat's tongue. People? Civilization? Help? You push yourself forward with a frozen heart blossoming with hope. Maybe they have food? light? Maybe they have a map and can show the way home to mom?! A splashing sound of your feet breaks the noise as you ungainly start running with the wall. Suddenly the wall stops. A window is revealed. A dim light frivolously fights the shadows inside, alternating between a small glint and perishing to darkness.


As I drowsily opened my eyes, I felt a pleasant breeze from the newly opened window. A jazzy classic slipped into my room from the ajar, grained wooden door. Apparently, the little ignorant birds tried to sing along outside the illuminated pane. A cosy and soporific ambiance. I looked at my watch. 09:34am. With slight fatigue I sat up in the white double bed, put on my comfortable slippers and reached for the small and white, opaque container. Slightly more fidgety, I went out to the kitchen in my nightdress. Also here, rays of light streamed along the frame of the windows and the nice smell of bacon and fresh dianthuses caught my nose. The radio was midway through Beyond The Sea with Bobby Darin. A lowered soft humming came from my little girl in front of the cooker, made me forget about all my concerns.


You slowly walk forward towards a door-shaped hole in the wall. It does not seem like there has ever been a door here, not even a solid frame or hinges. Inside the candle still flickers. As soon as you enter the room, the noise from the gale stops. The dim light has a trapping tint to your eye as you walk forward. No other doors, only three shady pale and blank walls. Suddenly you feel the presence of someone else. Or something. Your frantic wavering look ends at a distant creature in the corner of the room. Noiseless and dark as the shadows among it. Your accelerating breath starts to carry off with your intention of not panicking as you slowly walk towards the being. A face is revealed as you get closer. A mouth. A person? Your heart feels like it is about to snap.

,,Hello? can.. can you help me?”

The silence seems perpetual. An unusually large mouth. You do not seem to be able to get eye contact because of the massive darkness. Your breath aggressively stops when you notice that there is no eyes to find. Not even the tiniest bit of indication. No nose either.

,,who are you?”

He constantly sits looking directly at the half-smothered candle blaze, even though he does not possess any eyes.

He whispers with infinitesimal might without opening his jaws.

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