Somewhere above the debris clouds

This is a story based on an ailment of the mind. Please tell me if you like the story and if i should write more. You're also welcome to hand out any wishes for specific genres, elements or ideas for new stories.


2. This is it?


I left the kitchen and casually went to the living room. Sitting in the floral sofa, i could not stop myself from smiling when Johnny Guitar started on the radio. The bright lightning and the soft motley fabric against my fingertips. All this were so great. Most of all, my healthy and beautiful daughter. Suddenly a deviation was caught in the corner of my eye from the opposite darkened room. I rapidly turned my head away and desperately tried to think of something else. Quickly I stood up and stumbled to the bedroom again, knowing that it approached behind me. Opened the drawer and opened the white tub of chlorprothixen once more. Still empty. Terrified, I tried not to make any hasty reactions on the horrid growing shadow crawling in the corners. I had tried this before. I just needed to call the hospital and get some more pills. Ambling through the hallway, i tried to ignore the creature, hoping that it would not notice my inner panic. I just had to get my phone in the kitchen. With cold sweat trickling from all over my body, the skinny creature just sad there squatting down, slightly leaning on its hands, watching me

,,Thanks mom…. you forgot to buy eggs, you little bubblehead”, I heard my girl cheer, ,,should I go buy some or doesn’t it matter?”

The shadow being turned its faceless skull towards the kitchen.

,,Umm… no.. I’m sure.. I’m sure I bought some yesterday, just stay out there.., I’ll show you where they’re hidden.” I stuttered, with all my attention on not exposing myself to the dark creature. My steps automatically became a little more swift along with the blood in my veins. Suddenly the creature took off and sprinted towards her voice like a cheetah hunting a gazelle. I started running too. When I entered the room, there was nothing but a frightened, surprised girl looking at me.

,,What’s wrong mom?”, she asked hesitantly. Completely terror-stricken i looked around in the room. With shifty eyes I quickly grabbed a long and thin filleting knife from the stand at the worktop.

,,Mom stop it, you’re scaring me!”

With trembling hands, I fidgeted with the phone. Blurred vision. Suddenly as I looked up at her again, its jaws were wide open, with long awls digging into her throat, shaking her like if she was a doll. My heart stopped. All the blood. I suddenly watched the tip of my blade penetrate the thin, dark skin. Watched the sharp metal slice open the dark sack of blood. Split the venules with the newly sharpened edge.


You sit surrounded by darkness. The little flame seems almost consumed, still strongly observed by the being. Time passes. None of you say anything. Just sitting there watching the candle. An abrupt move came from the shadow, pointing at the candle. You stand up and walk with noiseless steps towards the flame, still with large, clotted and bloody rents in your dirty rags. The dark being does not stop looking at the candle. Neither do you. The sudden sound of your short but focused exhale breaks the silence. The flame leans heavily away from you as it fades away. The fire is dead with the shadow.


The mom was found in the tree eight hours later. 

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