Our complicated dreams

Leah knew Jeff before his "accident" she loved him. But then he moved and killed his family. But that was three years ago and she still watches the news everyday in hopes that he keeps his promise to return. But what happens when he does?


1. Kidnapped

Leah’s POV My legs screamed at me because of the strain I was putting on them. Almost there. Then a brown haired boy passed me. He crossed the finish line first followed by me. “Crap Jeff. You are fast.” I said to the panting brunette beside me. He grinned. “Not to shabby yourself, Le.” He shot back. “Wanna come over to my house when the bell rings?” “When don't I?” I smirked as the teacher placed a fake gold medal around his neck. “Three cheers for this year's winner, Jeffrey Woods!” The teacher shouted. Jeff blushed. Before we could start though the end of the day bell rang. “Saved by the bell.” He muttered under his breath. I laughed. We both grabbed our things and began walking to my second home, aka Jeff’s house. We paused outside of the high school to wait for Jeff’s older brother, Liu. The older boy stumbled out the door laughing as some boys shouted angrily at him. “We'll get you for that!” One called as various tidbits of trash fell off of him. More fell off of his buddies’ shoulders. Lui laughed heartily. “Good luck with that!” He called back. Jeff shook his head laughing. “You're gonna get yourself killed one of these days.” I playfully scolded. He just shrugged. “I'd like to see them try.” He grinned idiotically, his green eyes sparkled with mischief. We all chuckled as we stopped in front of their house. Lui went right in but Jeff held me back. “What is it?” I asked as sorrow filled his blue eyes. “Le, I'm moving.” Jeff said sadly. “Wh-what?” I whispered. A tear slipped down my face. “When?” “Tomorrow. Please don't hate me. It was mom’s idea to keep it from you.” Jeff’s blue orbs met my brown ones. Tears reflected in both. “Jeffrey?” I said when he looked away. “I love you.” He turned back to me and kissed me softly, my first kiss. “I love you too, Leah.” He whispered when he pulled away. I felt my tears beginning to overflow. “So, will I ever get to see you again after today?” I asked forlornly. “Maybe one day.” Jeff sighed. “But I promise that I will see you again.” “Thanks.” I leaned my forehead against his. A camera flash interrupted our moment followed by a second one. We both turned. Lui stood on the front stoop with and old Polaroid in his right hand and a scrapbook in his left. His ever-present smile was gone as he walked up to us. “Here.” He said handing the scrapbook to me. “Don't forget us, okay?” He placed one of the pictures he just took on top. “Never forget us.”   That was the last I ever saw them. That was three years ago. Last time I heard about Jeff directly was a month after they moved. He went insane and killed his parents and Lui. Authorities think that he is behind all the recent murders. I know he is. I know his handwriting. Even if it's crudely done on a wall in blood. Now, three years later, people still claim to see a boy covered in blood running around. “Jeff, what happened?” I whisper to the photograph of our last moment together. “Hey princess.” The voice of the man I am forced to date because of a dare reaches me from my doorway. I grab a random object from my desk and throw it at him. “No pet names, Randle.” I hiss. He stares at the pencil that has embedded itself in my doorframe. “Y-yeah. Okay.” Randle stutters. His fear lasts a whole five seconds before he is striding across the room like he owns the place. He roughly kisses me. I try to pull away but his hold just tightens. Stupid jock. I reach down and grab his groin, giving it a hard twist. He groans and pulls back. “Bitch!” He slaps me. “Fucking lowlife scum.” I spit blood on his football jersey, earning a punch to the side. I cough up blood. “I hate you.” I say when my mouth is clear. “You hate me but you are still hung up on that insane killer. Newsflash, he isn't coming back. If he does then it's to kill you.” Randle sneers. “It was all over the news this morning. Another murder. By the same person.” He's right. I am still waiting for Jeff. Everyday I watch the news, I scan every kill, I read every word scrawled on the wall. Today was different. Normally there is a smile 

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