Me and My Mental Health Story

Hi... I'm Chloe, I'm 18 years old and I'm from the UK

I used to love playing football and multiple sports. I say used too... When I was 13 or 14, everything changed for me, but life went on as normal. Well from the outside it would have seemed normal, but for me, it was far from it.

Mental Health is something that is extremely stigmatised in the UK and across the world. This is my ongoing battle with mental health and what my experience of being in the UK mental health system is like. Everyone's experiences are different... but here's my story.



13. Me and My Private Counselling

So since CMHT are taking their time over my referral, I decided I might as well have some private counselling in the mean time for some extra support since I only had college support. 

The first session went okay I guess, the usual questions about why you're there, you're family background and how you are feeling. This was the first time I was completely honest with someone about the voices, what I see and my personality changes... it felt so weird to say it loud. He said it was obvious he wouldn't be able to help much about some of the issues and they needed a mental health professional which I understood. I had to so another suicide risk assessment (my 5th one) so they can work out if I'm a high risk or not so high. I'm hoping CMHT will get things sorted soon because I'm starting to struggle a lot. 

Since my first counselling session, I have barricaded myself in my room, locking all the windows and closing my blinds on countless occasions where I am convinced that people are trying to find and kill me. This is happening more frequently and it is extremely scary.

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