The Silent Truth


1. Chapter One


"Cait, You'll never guess what happened today!" I was walking down the street, there were barely any cars. The wind was blowing so I zipped up my hoodie. "So yeah that's what happened, Wait a second, Cait did you even listen anything I was just telling you?" Gabby questioned. "Yeah, I'm listening. So Garrett messaged you?" "He did, he said he actually wants to try and date me." "For real this time?" I inquired. She laughed uneasily. "Yes for real. I think he seriously wants to date me." I half smiled. Yes Gabby is my best friend and all,but she's always the one falling in and out of relationships while I'm constantly waiting to turn 40 and end up as a cat lady because I'm as single as it gets. 


"That's good. I'm glad he's finally smartening up." A few minutes later we finally arrived at my house. Immediately, Gabby took off her shoes and headed into my living room. I quickly did the same and joined her on the couch, we both started 

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