Hogwarts Truth Or Dare!!!!!!!

Willow has kidnapped all of the harry potter characters she can think of and locked them deep in her basement vault. She has stolen all of their wands and now is forcing them to play truth or dare for you guys! Comment what you want them to do, (Or if I left any characters out) and we will have HTOD for hours!


17. ~Twelfth Round

We zoom into the dark basement of Willow's house. Everyone is huddled round the fire because it's like 15 degrees out. There's a lot of crashing going on upstairs and no one knows what's going on. Someone yells really loud as the basement door slams shut. Willow comes storming down the stairs in a fume of rage and sits down in a huff.

"Im not doing the intro today." Willow spits out. "Someone else do it."

"Um, okay. Hi there everyone and welcome to HTOD!" Luna smiles to the camera. "At the moment, Willow's going through, uh, tough times with her family and I guess that means she's not participating in this round... Right?"

Willow forcefully nods her head. Everyone gives her a weird look before turning back to Luna.

"Well then," Luna starts. "I'm sure Willow is super sorry for not updating but she was sick and at her mom's all last week, right?" Willow nods her head once more. "So we got 5 dares and truths and we are so excited to start!"

The mail bag comes floating down from the ceiling and 5 letters float out to Luna.

"Okay so the first one is from Echo and it says that Pansy and Neville have to kiss!"

They look at each other very weirdly and in different ways, Pansy a look of disgust, Neville a look of suprise. 

"Let's get this over with." Pansy rolls her eyes and struts over to Neville.

"Wait!" is all Neville gets out as Pansy kisses him. She takes her time, even though most thought she would have just pecked him. She finally comes up for a breath of air with her eyes wide.

"That was," her eyes return to normal before she says, "below my standards." and with that she returns to her seat with a hairflip and a sharp turn. Neville sits there stunned.

"Um, Neville?" Luna waves her hand in front of his eyes, and when he doesn't respond, she just leaves him there. "Okay, now that that dare is done, let's get on to Feara's dares! Her first dare was for Dumbledore and Mcgonnagle to kiss!" and with that Minerva and Dumbledore get up. Dumbledore plants his hands firmly on her shoulders and he kisses both of her cheeks, as she does the same for him. "Okay next," Luna trails off.


"Who's it for?"

"Well, it's uh..." Luna starts, then blurts out, "Harry has to kiss Kenzi in front of Draco!"

"WHAT?!" Draco and Harry yell at the same time.



"They have to Draco, and in front of you." Luna tells him. Harry goes into a big speel of pulling up Kenzi and dipping her down to kiss her when she pushes him away.

"A peck is all you get." she tells him and pecks him on the lips. He sighs and turns around to Draco smirking. 

"You actually think she'd let you do that?" and with that, he lets out a chuckle before walking to Kenzi. Harry walks back over to the Weasely's and Hermione.

"Well then, that was a lot of kissing!" Luna laughs out. "Next dare from Feara is for Draco and you have to be Harry's servent for a whole day!"

"WHAT?!" Harry and Draco both scream again.

"NO WAY!" 


"We'll do that next chapter though, just so it's a full day." Luna tell us. "The next two dares are from Meadow but they are both pretty hard to work into the same chapter. So what we will do is Draco will be Harry's servent for a day tomorrow and we will do the other dare of Meadow's then too. Her dare for you all is that you all have to wear socks on your hands." here she snaps and socks appear on everyone's hands including Willow. Willow gives her a death glare and she makes them disappear.  "And you have to cook a feast! So lets go get started." and with that everyone follows Luna into the kitchen that just appeared. Hermione, who knows more about muggle cooking then the entire room combined starts to give out jobs.

"Okay first we are going to sort through you all." she tell them. She puts them all in a line and walks down it, looking everyone up and down. "Ron,"

"Yes?" he responds, hopeful.

"You'll be doing dishes." and with that, his face is replaced by defeat as he walks to the sink. "Along with Harry, Draco, and Bella." she walks down the line further. "Ginny, Mrs. Weasly and Luna?"

"Yes?" they all respond.

"You will make the potatoes. And, Dumbledore and Hagrid will go kill a turkey in the 'shooting range'" and with that everyone gets to work.

-15 minutes later-

"Her- I mean Chef?" Ginny asks.

"Yes?" Hermione replies.

"How do these look?" she shows her a plate of mashed potatoes.

"Great. Go get your group started on dessert and i'll get Willow a table." she tells her. Hermione sits Willow down in the next room and almost all of the food is ready. "So Willow, we prepared the feast for you!"

"Oh, you shouldn't have!" and with that Willow digs in. She eats half the turkey and all the potatoes. The dessert is non-existent. She ate it all.

"Well I guess that's it for this chapter! See you all later!" Luna tells us and shuts down the computer.



Hey guys, Willow here. So sorry it took me a week to get this up. I've got a lot going on. I don't know when I can get that video up but probably next weekend. I hope you all enjoyed this chapter and I will see you all later.

-Willow <3

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