Hogwarts Truth Or Dare!!!!!!!

Willow has kidnapped all of the harry potter characters she can think of and locked them deep in her basement vault. She has stolen all of their wands and now is forcing them to play truth or dare for you guys! Comment what you want them to do, (Or if I left any characters out) and we will have HTOD for hours!


20. Thirteenth Round, Part 2


(A/N This is Kenzi)

We zoom back in on the alcohol infested room where at the moment, everyone is wasted. Harry and Kenzi are having a fun time in the corner and Draco is rushing around like Willow always does except more frantic and not getting anything done. Hermione finally, who was never wasted in the first place, whistles loudly and everyone shuts up. 

"Welcome," Hermione starts, "to-" She's cut off by Ron jumping in front of the camera with a bottle of gin in his hand.

"Hagwats Tuth orrrrrrrrr." Ron slumps over on the floor.

Hermione stares at him for a little while before saying, "Dare..., today we have some dares, and some spin the bottle challenges. Let's see who will go first," she snaps her fingers and a series of envelopes appear. Hermione picks one out as though they are a deck of cards then the others disappear. She opens the first one. "This is a dare from Feara and she said,  'I dare everyone to do the chicken dance non-stop for 15 minutes!' We're gonna shorten the time a bit, Feara, since we really don't have that much time in this chapter so let's get started! Everyone up!" Hermione flicks her finger and every one stands up groggily and starts to dance.

"Na na na na na na na," the music starts and Ron sings along stumbling around the floor. They dance for about 5 minutes when Harry runs into Kenzi and they knock over each other, causing Ron and Luna to fall, and so on till everyone is on the ground laughing their heads off. Hermione's giggling on the floor with them when she realizes there's more work to do.

"Okay, the next truth from Feara was 'Who do you love, Voldemort? (if Anyone)' Well Voldy?"

Voldemort looks shyly at the ground until Ginny kicks him in the shins.


"Hurry up!"

"I'm in love with Bella okay?!"

"DON'T CALL ME THAT!" Bella screams, making a T.T face.

"And the last truth from Feara is for Kenzi and it is 'Are you happy with your decision over Draco and Harry?'" Hermione asks.

"Yes," Kenzi replies. "I think I made the right choice and everyone is happy so, my answer is yes." and with that she walks over to Draco and away from Harry. Harry makes a groggy upset noise then slumps over on the couch, hungover.

"Okay everyone, this first part was fun but the next part will be funner!" Hermione tells us.

"Funner is not a word!" Luna yells across the room.

 "Yes it is it was added into the dictionary so HAH LUNA!" Hermione yells back. She continues with the dares. "Our first spin the bottle request is from Echo! Let's get started!"

Hermione spins the bottle and it lands on a slumped over Harry on the couch. He gets up on one arm and they kiss happily before Harry falls back down on the couch to sleep. Hermione smiles at him then gets out the next envelope.

"The next dare is from Feara again! Feara your comments are appreciated," she smiles at the camera. "She asked for," Hermione's sentence trails off as she bursts into a fit of laughter. Kenzi gets up and takes the letter out of her hands, reading it. She too starts to giggle. Soon everyone is passing around the letter and laughing their butts off. Somehow it makes it's way to Draco and he reads it as his eyes go wide.
"I can't twerk!" he yells a little too loud. Everyone looks at him for a second then continues to laugh even harder. Suddenly, Willow walks in the room and everyone shuts up really quick.

"I thought I told you all I'd be right back and I left for what, 20 minutes? 20 FRICKEN MINUTES AND YOU RUIN THE PLACE?!" Everyone looks at the floor and then Hermione stands up and walks over.

"We got more dares and we had to start. I'm sorry that we didn't wait for you." she tries to calm Willow down.

"I don't care, okay? And what the hell are you all laughing about?" a hungover Ron hands her the letter and she reads it. A smile spreads over her face and she starts laughing really hard. Everyone joins in and Draco's just crying like a little sad child in the corner.

"Come on Draco, Twerk for us." Willow says in between laughs. He twerks horribly and everyone continues to laugh.

"Okay everyone, we will save the last dare for later. I hope you all enjoyed this chapter and we will see you in the next one! Bye!" Willow says to the camera and shuts the computer.



Hi there guys, Willow here. I hope you enjoyed this chapter. So sorry it took so long to get up but it's here now! I promise I will stay on top of writing a lot more now. I love you all so much and thanks for 8000 reads! I'll see you all later!

-Willow <3

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