Hogwarts Truth Or Dare!!!!!!!

Willow has kidnapped all of the harry potter characters she can think of and locked them deep in her basement vault. She has stolen all of their wands and now is forcing them to play truth or dare for you guys! Comment what you want them to do, (Or if I left any characters out) and we will have HTOD for hours!


14. The choosing

We zoom in on the basement where the tension is so high that it feels like the room might burst. Mackenzie is choosing. For real. Harry is twiddling his thumbs nervously and Draco is practically hyperventilating. Mackenzie is looking back and forth between them. The rest of the group is standing behind her leaning in so far that Ron almost falls. Willow is standing next to Mackenzie, holding her shoulder reassuringly.

"You can do it. Let fate choose." Willow tells her as her hand slides off Kenzi's shoulder.

"I-I..." Kenzie looks between Draco and Harry. Their eyes dart at each other then back at her. "I choose..."

Whispers surround the group as they chant silently for who they want. Suddenly someone yells out,


"DRACO!" another yells out. It turns into a full on riot as everyone shouts for who they want. Suddenly someone screams,

"EVERYBODY SHUT UP!" everyone realizes that Kenzie is crying. She looks up and says as quiet as a mouse.

"I choose... Draco."

The ones who wanted Draco cheer, the ones who wanted Harry boo. Draco walks to Kenzie and smiles at her. Then you hear,

"How could you?" Harry's voice cracks.

"Harry, it was never gonna work out. You know it wasn't." Kenzie smiles a sad smile.

"But it could have! I know how to make it work!" Harry tries to get her to listen.

"Hey pretty boy, doesn't matter. She chose me so go find your own little girl." Draco sneers at him. Harry walks off slowly, sticking his hands in his hair and holding in tears. Kenzie looks at him sympathetically.

"Draco, weren't you hard on him?" she asks.

"He deserved it." Draco looks down at her.
"No," Kenzie shakes her head. "He didn't." Kenzie flings his arm away from her and walks over to Willow. 

 Willow scribbles in her notebook.

"It's done. The events will start soon and carry out." Willow tells her and walks Kenzie to a corner to sit with her. Suddenly, Hermione gets up after sitting with Ron. She starts walking over to Harry. 

"'Mione?" Ron calls to her. She turns around and says clear and precise.

"It's not gonna work out, Ron. I'm sorry." and with that, she continues over to Harry. Ron's face flushes of color and Ginny comes over to Ron.

"How is it that your girlfriend and my boyfriend like each other?" she asks, setting her head on his shoulder.

"I'm not su-" Ron realizes what she said. "Wait, what?"

"Yeah, you didn't notice?" Ginny gestures to them, where they are now sitting in the corner talking. Harry smiles and hugs Hermione. Ron and Ginny make a hurt-animal-face look as they look away. "You see, I always knew it would happen. I mean, they have always had a connection."

"I-I never realized." Ron stutters. He frowns and walks with Ginny.

"Ron," Ginny turns to him after walking to the other side of the basement. "What if we let them be happy? Even if it doesn't make us happy?"

"I think, sadly," Ron starts to sniffle. "That's the right thing to do. They walk back slowly together and walk into the other half of the basement. Harry and Hermione approach them.

"Ron," Hermione says slowly.

"Ginny..." Harry drags out her name.

"Stop," Ginny tells him. "Ron and I talked and we thought the best thing for you two is to be together. We are completely fine with it, as long as we can stay friends."

"Yeah, what she said." Ron agrees.

"Thank you," Hermione says to Ron and Ginny. She gives Ron a hug and Harry does the same thing for Ginny. They walk away together holding hands.

Willow is looking around at the scene unfolding before her. She whispers something to Kenzie and she nods her head. Kenzie stands up and walks to Ron.

"Ron?" she asks. "Who would you like your girlfriend to be?"

"Um, I'm not sure. I really haven't moved on that quickly but I've always liked Luna. I don't know why but she always was nice to me." Ron tells her. Kenzie walks back to Willow and tells her the news. Willow scribbles into her book and her plot unfolds.

"Um, Ron?" Luna asks with her hands behind her back and her head looking at the ground.

"Yes, Luna?" Ron asks, eagerly.

"Will you um, I mean, I'm not sure how to say it but-" Ron cuts her off.

"Luna, will you go out with me?" Ron asks, smiling.

"Yes." she smiles back. Willow grins at her work. Everyone's happy. 

"Our work here is done," Willow whispers to Kenzie. Then she spots Draco in the corner. "Well, mine is." she points to him.

"Okay,"  Kenzie smiles. She walks over to him and slides down next to him. "Hey."

"Hi..." Draco says slowly.

"I'm not mad at you, ya know." she smiles at him.

"You're not?" he asks, his eyes wide.

"Nope. Need any proof?" she smirks.

"Yes. I. Do." he smirks back. She slams her lips into his. They finish kissing and smile at each other. Willow is sitting across the room grinning.

"Now my work is done."



Hey, guys it's Willow! I hope you liked this chapter and I had so much fun writing it! Start commenting some dares and truths for the next session/chapter coming out tomorrow or Saturday! Love you all!

-Willow <3

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