Hogwarts Truth Or Dare!!!!!!!

Willow has kidnapped all of the harry potter characters she can think of and locked them deep in her basement vault. She has stolen all of their wands and now is forcing them to play truth or dare for you guys! Comment what you want them to do, (Or if I left any characters out) and we will have HTOD for hours!


10. Sixth Round

We zoom in on everyone sleeping around a small fire. Suddenly, music starts blaring through the room. Willow hops down the stairs, dancing horribly. She stops when she gets to the bottom and looks at everyone. 

"Hey, everyone!!! It's Willow here!!! How are you all?" Willow asks the group. 

An 'Ehh' surrounds the group.

"Well, I don't care! We finally have more dares!!! I'm so sorry I haven't been down here lately." Willow smiles at them sympathetically.

"FOOD!" Voldemort yells out. Willow jumps back and poofs up a buffet for them. 

"Um... Now that we are done with that, let's get started!!!" Willow exclaims, super happy. 

"Who's the first one for?" Mackenzie asks.

"The first one is a dare from Echo! Hi Echo, I'm so glad you're liking the story! Her dare was for Ron and it was, 'Let anyone who wants to force Ron to sit in a chair and put a spider in his face!'" Willow tells us.

"W-what?" Ron squeaks out.

"So, who wants to?" Willow asks, smirking. "Hope you enjoy this Echo."

"Um, me?!" Ginny screams out, smirking as well.

"G-ginny!" Ron yells at his sister, backing into the corner.

"Hand me that spider!" Ginny smiles as Willow hands her a spider dangling on a stick. Willow scribbles into her notebook and Ron becomes strapped to a chair.

"AHHH!!!" Ron screams throwing himself back and forth, trying to escape. Ginny sticks the spider right in his face. Ron and the spider have a mini staring contest before Ron screams and throws the chair back, landing his head on the stone wall and passing out.

"Well then, that was entertaining, right?" Ginny asks Willow. 

"I thought it was." Willow laughs. "What did you think Echo? Now there is one more from Echo and it is a truth for Draco!"

"No way!" Draco yells. Willow forces the veritaserum down his throat and he coughs loudly.

"The truth was, 'Have you ever had feelings for Hermione?'" Willow asks, smirking widely.

"Yes!" he blurts out. Hermione blushes. "I've liked her ever since the first year. I make fun of her for being smart so she will like me!"

"That's not how it works Draco." Willow face-palms. "At all!"

"Well I'm flattered but I don't like you Draco. I'm sorry." Hermione looks at him sadly. He puts his head down slowly.

"Okay, now we have someone new to introduce to the family and her name is Rose Adqui! Hi Rose and welcome! Now you gave us quite a lot of truths and dares, but we are going to alternate starting with truth. Your first truth was for Draco and it was, 'Why do you like Kenzi anyway?'" Willow tells us as she hands the veritaserum to Draco.

"Because she is really nice and pretty. I mean, I like her also cause Harry likes her... I get joy out of annoying him so I thought that trying to get the girl he likes would make him annoyed." here Kenzi looks hurt. "But! But I grew to actually love Kenzi because I love how polite and kind she is." Draco finishes.

"Good one Rose!" Willow smiles. "Your first dare was for Mackenzie and it was, 'Kiss your worst enemy!'"

"Fine..." Mackenzie sighs and slowly walks towards Voldemort.

"Me?" Voldemort exclaims, actually happy Mackenzie would think of him as her worst enemy.

"Sadly yes." Mackenzie frowns. She stands on her tiptoes and gives him a peck on the lips. "Eww!" she wipes her mouth on her sleeves.

"Well now that that's done, let's get on to the next. First, though, I'm turning on my new playlist." Willow turns on 24K Magic and everyone starts dancing. "STOP!" everyone stops dancing immediately and sits down. "Now the next truth from Rose was for Ron and is, 'Why did you get with Hermione anyway?'" Ron drinks the veritaserum.

"Well see, she's a pretty hot lady and I really liked her. Now I know she might not have liked me but she grew to love me. I mean how can you not?" Ron smirks. Everyone looks at him weirdly.

"Okay..." Willow starts. "Now the last and final dare is for Harry! His dare is, 'You have to kiss Ginny in front of Mac!'" 

"What!?" Harry yells. Mac looks at the ground and Ginny smiles so big it looks like it hurts. Harry slowly walks over to Ginny. He stands really close to her. Ginny looks into his eyes, hoping to see that spark that used to be there but there is none. He pecks her lips and walks away. He goes over and hugs Mac. "Sorry," he whispers in her ear.

"S'okay." she whispers back.

"Come on!" Willow yells at them. "That was boring!" Harry and Mac glare at her and she backs down.

"Well everyone that was the chapter for now! I'm so sorry it was a little short but I hope you liked it!  I love you all and Happy new year!" Willow screams and pulls out a new year horn thing. She blows it and then everyone gets them and poppers. Firework by Katy Perry comes on and everyone acts like they're at a sorority party.

"Bye!" Mac hits the computer with a pillow and it closes.



Hey guys, Willow here! I hope you enjoyed this chapter and I'm sorry that it's short.  I love you all and keep commenting dares and truths. Rose, welcome to the family! So glad you could join. Also, comment how your new year was!!! I love you all! See you later!

-Willow <3

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