Hogwarts Truth Or Dare!!!!!!!

Willow has kidnapped all of the harry potter characters she can think of and locked them deep in her basement vault. She has stolen all of their wands and now is forcing them to play truth or dare for you guys! Comment what you want them to do, (Or if I left any characters out) and we will have HTOD for hours!


11. Seventh Round

We walk the camera down the stairs and see everyone huddling around each other, whispering and talking in low voices.

"Should we really escape?"

"No, I mean, Willow's treating us really nice,"

"She's kept us here for 6 months now!"

"That's true. We'll see, okay?"

The basement door breaks open and Willow comes tumbling down the stairs.

"If you don't want to live up here, you can starve down there with your pathetic 'friends'!" her Dad yells out.

"Fine! I don't even care! You're horrible!" she yells back to him.

"UGH!" he yells out and slams the door.

"Willow!" Hermione calls out as she and Mackenzie jump up to her lifeless form. "What happened?"

Hermione gently shakes her and she lifts up her head.

"I-I tried to defend you guys because my dad didn't really believe you were down here. He yelled at me and said if I spend so much time down here, I should just live down here." Willow tells us. "I told him fine and said I didn't care if I stayed down here so he threw me down here and locked the door."

"Oh Willow, it's okay. You still have magic right?" Mackenzie asks her.

"Yeah, I grabbed my notebook on the way down." Willow croaks out and groans.

"Did you hurt something?" Hermione asks, inching her hand towards the magic notebook. Willow sees this and slowly rolls away from her. She stands up and looks at everyone. 

"I think I'm fine." she tells them. Willow looks at Hermione and Mackenzie with an annoyed look before turning to the camera. "Hello there everyone and welcome to HTOD! Sorry for the delayed intro and that you had to see," here she gestures to the stairs and the door. "that. We got a few more dares and truths and we get to welcome some people into the fam! By the way, if you want to join the fam and you don't know how, all you have to do is comment a truth or a dare and you will automaticly be added into the fam! I will put a list at the bottom of all the people already in it!"

"Who's getting added today?" Ron asks.

"Well we have Runaway Lauren who is getting added today! Welcome to the fan Lauren! Your truth was for Mackenzie!" Willow tells everyone.

"Again?" Mackenzie asks, rolling her eyes.

"Yep! You have to tell us why you like Harry and Draco!" Willow hands her the veritaserum.

"I like Harry because of the fact he's really kind and has a soft side. He's always there when i'm sad. And I like Draco because he is really sauve and he really knows how to make me feel special." she finishes. Each boy beams at her before glaring at the other with a stare so deadly it would kill anyone in sight.

"Okay! That was adorable!" Willow exclaims. "The next dare came from Echo and she was pretty hard on you guys this time. You all have to be the twins servants for a day!"

"WHAT?!" everyone screams.

"You have to!" Willow laughs. Everyone gets up so slowly and then walk over to the twins. They are smiling like crazy. They look at each other and smirk.

"First, 'Mione take off your-" Willow cuts them off.

"Not anything related to sex, you bastards!" their grins drop to frowns and they stand up slowly.

"I hate you." one says.

"I really REALLY hate you." says the other.

"Just go do stuff." Willow says and walks to the corner. She excuses Mackenzie from this since she's not a HP character and also cause she wants to have some company. She cuddles up in the corner with Kenzi and her computer and they watch netflix.

-1 hour later-

"Waiter?" Fred calls out as he and his brother sit in the dining area used for the dates.

"Yes?" Snape snarls at him, walking out of the kitchen. 

"We would like more food," George tells him.

"Please." Fred finishes.

"Right away," Snape gulps. "Your highnesses."

They both start cracking up laughing as Snape cleans up all of the plates that are on the table. He then brings out 3 heaping trays of plates filled hight with food. The twins look at it once and say to Snape,

"Actually, we're not hungry." Fred starts laughing. Snape gives him a look of pure hatred. Right before Snape goes and lashes out on the boys, Willow has just finished her show with Kenzi and hears the tension in the next room. She runs in and looks at the computer.

"That's all for today, we'll see you all-" Willow is cut off by breaking glass and sees Fred on the floor.

"FRED!" Willow screams as Kenzi shuts the computer.



Hey guys Willow here! I'm putting the fam list below this and I hope you all enjoyed this chapter. Fred's 'injury' will be continued into next chapter just so you know, in case your worried. I'll see you all later, bye!

-Willow <3

The Fam:

ElaMeadow (Meadow)

Ravenclawgal227 (RCG227)

HarryPotter2001 (HP2001)

EchoLover16 (Echo)

Juuzou Suzuya (JS)

RandomWatermelons99 (Melon)

Rose Adqui (Rose)

Runaway Lauren (Lauren)

That's the fam everyone! If you want to join the fam soon, just comment some dares or truths to the comment section below! I love you all! See ya!


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