Hogwarts Truth Or Dare!!!!!!!

Willow has kidnapped all of the harry potter characters she can think of and locked them deep in her basement vault. She has stolen all of their wands and now is forcing them to play truth or dare for you guys! Comment what you want them to do, (Or if I left any characters out) and we will have HTOD for hours!


13. Ninth Round

We zoom into Willow's basement where everyone is huddled together. Willow has been downstairs for a week now and everyone at school is wondering where she is. She turns to the camera and starts to speak,

"Hello, everyone! Welcome to HTOD!!! Today we have a person to add to the fam, a new character to add, and some dares! I also have some very happy or grave, depending on how you interpret it, news. Next chapter, Mackenzie is going to be choosing her boyfriend!!! I want everyone to comment when you read this who you ship: Drenzi (Draco&Kenzi) or Marry (Harry and Mac). I would love to know who you want her to be with. Let's get started!" Willow tells us. "Let's get started!"

"Thanks, Kenzi." Willow smiles at her. "Okay, so the first thing we will be doing is for Olivegwebb. Olive, welcome to the fam! Now," Willow pops her bubble back up. "We will be adding Lily, as in Harry's mother, into the story as a girl the same age as Harry. Now Harry won't fall for her or anything but she will be there. Older Lily won't recognize her either." bubble comes down. "Okay guys, it's time to add a new character! Everyone meet Lily!" here Willow poofs in Little Lily and she smiles sweetly at everyone.

"Hi there!" she speaks out and everyone sighs. She looks around before going, "I'm Lily!"

"Okay, now for Olive's dare which was, 'Dare two random people to have a duel without knowing who the other person is.'" Willow tells us. "I'm gonna randomly pick two people so," Willow snaps her fingers and everyone is wearing blindfolds. "Now I'm gonna grab two people and they will fight 'to the death'." here she grabs Draco and Harry because why the fuck not. They need to fight for Mackenzie cause I'm shallow like that. So they are now standing across from each with a fencing sword in their hands. "Go!"

They start to fight and it's an awesome one, to say the least. Harry, after a few minutes, hits Draco in the chest. They remove their blindfolds and see who they were fighting. 

"Oh, you little bastard!" Draco shouts. He lunges for Harry but Willow stops anything from happening. 

"Why didn't you tell me who I was fighting? I wouldn't have let him win!" Draco sneered at Harry and at Willow.

"I won fair and square!" Harry shouts back. 
"It was in the rules guys! Olive said so, so I couldn't tell you!" Willow tells them, hoping they will understand. They both let out a big harrumph and walk to their separate corners. "Now that that is over, let's get on to the second dare. It's from Echo and she dares Luna and Draco to kiss!" 

"What?!" Mackenzie shouts. "No way! Not on my watch!"

"They have to, I'm sorry Mackenzie," Willow tells her and pats her on the shoulder.

"No! No way! No, no, no!" Mackenzie shouts. Willow restrains her eventually and scribbles into her notebook. Luna walks over to Draco and smiles a sexy smile. He gives her one back and then dips her down, the same way he did to Kenzie and kisses her deeply. She's really overwhelmed when it's over and goes to sit back down. Willow lets go of Mackenzie and she walks right up to Draco and slaps him straight across the face.

"You little bastard!" she shouts. "And I thought you loved me. How could I be so wrong?" she walks away slowly to the other side of the basement.

"Kenz, it's not what you think! I do love you!" Draco shouts and runs over to where she's hiding.

"Well, that was climatic," Willow states the obvious. "Now the last dare we have is from Lauren and it was, 'Everyone has to get a partner and dance to a song.' I will be stating who partners with who and we will do one slow dance and two modern dances. Now let me really quickly write up a chart of who will be dancing with who and you guys can all vote for the songs that you want." Willow hands them a sheet and they attack it like hungry wolves. "Okay so let's see all who's here. There's Harry, Hermione, Ron, Mackenzie, Voldemort, Luna, Draco, Lucious, Little Lily, Big Lily, James, Severus, Remus, Sirius, Fred, George, Ginny, Mrs.Weasly, Mr. Weasly, Percy, Bill, Charlie, Bellatrix, Zambini, Nott, Parkinson, Dumbledore, McGonagall and I think that's it. Wow. This basement is big... Okay so let's see. Mackenzie will dance with Harry and Draco at least once. So she's out of the question. I need to list the girls, let's see. So there's Kenzie, Luna, Hermione, Pansy, Mcgonagle, Bella, Mrs.Weasly. Ginny, Little Lily, Big Lily, and I think that's it. Okay, Luna will dance with Fred and/or George, McGonagall and Dumbledore will dance together, Ginny will dance with Harry while Draco is dancing with Kenzi and Draco will dance with Pansy when Harry is dancing with her. Bella and Voldy will dance, Mr. and Mrs. Weasly will dance, Pansy will dance with Nott and Zambini and I don't know what to do with anyone else..." Willow finishes.

"Willow we finished the list of songs!" Kenzie calls. 

"Okay," and with that Willow checks out the songs. They are mostly modern but she thinks that's good. She chooses one song and it starts to play. Everyone pairs up together. Harry and Mac dance together first and they end up having a conversation during a slow dance.

"Harry," Mac starts up the conversation. "We need to talk."

"What's up sugarbunch?" Harry asks. This makes her smile. 

"It's just," she tries to say something. "Oh, nevermind. It will just be solved tomorrow anyway." and with that, she enjoys the dance while Harry is left pondering what's gonna happen tomorrow?



I hope you all enjoyed this chapter! This took me forever to write but I had so much fun. If you did miss the slight hint in the beginning of the chapter, go check out my book for the AU contest. That would make my day. :) Putting the new fam list below and I hope everyone has a great day! Also, we are less than a hundred reads away from 3000! Thank you guys all so much for the support and I promise to keep writing no matter what. Love you all!


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