Hogwarts Truth Or Dare!!!!!!!

Willow has kidnapped all of the harry potter characters she can think of and locked them deep in her basement vault. She has stolen all of their wands and now is forcing them to play truth or dare for you guys! Comment what you want them to do, (Or if I left any characters out) and we will have HTOD for hours!


2. First round

We start this scene in the bottom of Willow's basement on XxxxxxxxxRd. All of the characters are huddling together in the cold dark basement. Suddenly, the door to the stairs open. They all shriek like vampires seeing light as Willow throws down Goyle and a heavy bag.

"GOYLE!" Draco shouts and rushes to his best friend's aid. "I missed you so much." 

All Draco gets in return is a grunt. Draco drags Goyle over to his corner and sits him down.

"Attention everyone! We have some dares and some truths!" Willow exclaims, super excited. "I'm so surprised people already commented, but I'm so excited that they did! Let's get started on the truth. This one came from EdaMeadow saying, 'Ask Hermione her true feelings about Ron.'"

"What?" Hermione asks confused. "Oh no," she says, as Willow holds up a bottle of Veritaserum.

"You have to tell the truth, no matter what." Willow tells her, as she pours her a little bit into a medicine cup. She scribbles into her notebook and Hermione slowly raises the cup to her lips and drinks it, unwillingly.

"Okay, Hermione. What are your true feelings about Ron?" Willow asks.

"Well, I didn't like him at all at first when I met him. I was all about Harry, but I grew to love him. Well, in the 4th year we got in a fight and I was super angry with him so I stopped talking to him. That was when the, um, thing with Harry happened. Then we got back together for the last 4 books. I was sort of in love then. I don't know. I still wonder what it would have been like if I had ended up with Harry." Hermione finishes, and her hand flies up to her mouth.

"HERMIONE! Wha, I mean Why, I mean How?" Ron stuttered before falling over and passing out.

"I never, uh, knew that you thought about me like that, 'Mione." Harry smiles, blushing. Hermione lets her hair fall into her face, hiding her blush.

"There's one more for you, Hermione. Also from EdaMeadow!" Willow exclaims once more.

"For me? I don't want another one." Hermione complains, still on the serum.

"One more, okay?" Willow asks, pleading.

"Okay. One more." Hermione agrees, nodding her head.

"Her other one was, 'If you had to either, have one night with Draco, or marry Zacharias Smith, which one would you choose?" Willow tells everyone.

"Well, I wouldn't ever marry anyone I don't know very well, and he's a Hufflepuff so I don't really know him, but I would never have a minute alone with Draco, let alone a whole night! So I will go with marrying Zacharias." Hermione concludes.

"Okay! That was awesome!" Willow yells, excited.

"For you maybe." Draco sighs, looking sad and defeated. "I hoped she might have some feelings for me."

"Um, actually..." Hermione starts, then closes her mouth.

"What?" Willow and Draco look at her and speak at the same time.

"I might have been off the truth serum, but that was the truth. Sorry, Draco." Hermione smiles sadly.

"How did it wear off that quick?!" Willow asks, mostly yelling.

"I don't know." Hermione smirks.

"Okay, we have one more dare. This one is from SapphireOnyx. Her dare was for Voldemort actually!" Willow says happily.

"Finally!" Voldemort yells out. "I gotta get working in this competition!"

"She dared you to sing any song that I want while wearing a tutu!" Willow tries to suppress a laugh, but it doesn't work.

"Okay! Let's get this going!" Voldy yells out. Willow scribbles something into her notebook and he's now wearing a pink tutu. 

"I picked the song, Daddy DJ!" Willow yells. She starts bursting out laughing as the music starts.

"Daddy DJ, please take me to the party
And let me dance along until the lights are on
Daddy DJ, please take me to the party
And let the music play, until the break of day!" Voldemort yells and starts to shake his hips with one hand in the air. Willow's in a heap of laughter so Hermione grabs her notepad and scribbles in it. Suddenly the music stops, and Voldy's tutu and microphone are gone.

"I am scarred for life." Ron, who has just woken up, says before fainting once more.

"That's it for today, everybody! Comment some truths or some dares so your favorite characters can do whatever you want them to do! We will see you all later. Who wants to sign it off?" Willow asks.

"I will!" Luna calls. "Bye everybody, make sure to comment. I'll be waiting."



Hey everybody, Willow here! I hope you enjoyed this chapter. It took me a little more time to write because the original got deleted. This is the second chapter I wrote for this, but I hope you all enjoyed it! I'll see y'all later!

-Willow <3

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