Hogwarts Truth Or Dare!!!!!!!

Willow has kidnapped all of the harry potter characters she can think of and locked them deep in her basement vault. She has stolen all of their wands and now is forcing them to play truth or dare for you guys! Comment what you want them to do, (Or if I left any characters out) and we will have HTOD for hours!


6. Fifth Round

Willow's face is super close to the camera.

"Can you guys see me?" she asks. The camera focuses and Willow backs up. "Okay! Welcome to HTOD! Within a day, we got 4 more dares! I'm so happy with this book and I'm so happy you guys all like it! We have 777 views! Thank you all so much! So let's get started!!!"

"I'm ready!" Mac says.

"Okay, all of the dares and truths were from RandomWatermelons99. Let's start with the truths and then go to the dares. We will do one truth and then one dare. Is that okay with everyone?" Willow asks. Everyone nods. "Okay. The first truth is for Mac and it was, 'Who do you like more? Harry, Draco, or Cole?'"

"Um..." Mac says slowly. "I..."

"You have to take veritaserum you know," Willow tells her and gives her a cup. She drinks it and automatically covers her mouth.

"Mmph!" she yells into her hand.

"You can't cover your mouth, Mac," Willow tells her, magically uncovering her mouth.

"I like either Harry or Draco!" she shouts. "I can't choose!"

"Well," Willow starts, smiling mischievously. "Tomorrow won't be a dare day. We will make it a 'Win Mac's heart' day!"

"I'm gonna beat you to the ground!" Harry shouts at Draco.

"In your dreams, pretty boy." Draco sneers back.

"Guys, I said tomorrow," Willow tells them and they slowly dissipate the fight. "Okay, the next dare was from Melon and it was for Harry. The dare was, 'Kiss anyone in the room who you choose.'"

Harry stands up and walks over to Mac. He bends her down into a dip and kisses her deeply. You can see the fury in Draco's eyes as Harry finally breaks the kiss.

"Did you like it?" Harry smiles down at her. All Mac does is giggle. Draco practically has a fit.

"Okay, the next truth was from me actually because I really want to ask this. Mac?" Willow asks. "How did you like the kiss?"

"I-I loved it." Mac smiles at Harry. Draco practically screams.

"Now for the real truth. It was for Ginny and it says, 'Ginny who do you really like?'" Willow asks. Ginny drinks the veritaserum.

"I love Harry. Or at least I used too." Ginny has a tear slide down her cheek. Harry goes to talk to her but she walks away. He ignores it and walks to Mac again. 

"The last and final dare is for Draco. Are you ready?" Willow asks.

"As ready as all ever be..." Draco says slowly.

"The dare was, "Draco gets to kiss anyone in the room he chooses!'"

"REALLY!" Draco exclaims as he runs to Mac and pushes Harry out of the way. He takes Mac by the hand and spins her around, creating a dance. She follows along willingly and Willow, who is bored out of her mind, gives Draco a tux and Mac a gown. They dance and dance and at the end, Draco picks her up and kisses her. They end up french kissing and suddenly everything goes back to normal.

"That was..." Mac tries to form a sentence.

"Horrible, disgusting?" Harry asks, prompting her with words.

"Amazing." Mac breathes out. Draco gives her his signature grin and Harry falls over from faint. 

"Well, that's our show for today. I hope you all liked it! See you all tomorrow for the next chapter: Draco and Harry fight for Mac! See you all later!" Mac waves, still dazed.



Hey guys! Willow here and I hope you all liked this chapter! I'm sorry it was short but I had to write it quickly. I am starting the next chapter right now and it's gonna be so much fun! Keep commenting your Dares and truths! I hope you guys have a happy holidays! Also after today I will not be updating over winter break because my dad has called a no technology break. I will see you all then. Bye!

-Willow <3

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