Hogwarts Truth Or Dare!!!!!!!

Willow has kidnapped all of the harry potter characters she can think of and locked them deep in her basement vault. She has stolen all of their wands and now is forcing them to play truth or dare for you guys! Comment what you want them to do, (Or if I left any characters out) and we will have HTOD for hours!


16. Eleventh Round (Or is it....) (No it is i'm just not creative enough to do anything else...)

"Hi there and welcome to HTOD. I'm your host Willow here. I hope you all enjoy this story but I have to put someone else in charge... See at the moment, I'm-" is all Willow gets out as she runs to the bathroom. You can hear her throwing up. She walks back out, disgruntled. "sick." she burps. "So I'm passing the baton over to Kenzi so she can take it." Willow hands her the mailbag before she bolts to the bathroom again.

"Well, uh, hi there everybody." Kenzi starts. "Um, I've never done this before but, um... I think we will have fun. Um, what does Willow usually do around now? I don't pay attention a lot..."

"Read the dares?" Ginny makes a weird laughing noise.

"Oh, right." Kenzi pulls out the mail from the bag and she pulls out four letters. "Um, so the first dare is one that carries over from yesterday and is that Ginny has to cook everyone's food. Echo never said we had to eat the food if we didn't like it and, according to Ginny, she's a bad cook. So Ginny, go make breakfast and we will finish the rest of the dares. The next dare is from Greydaunicorn (who used to be Melon so now Melon is Grey, just to clarify.) and her dare was, 'Have Kenzi and Draco hold hands for the entire round.' Well, that will be hard..." Draco stands up and holds Kenzi's hand as she continues. "Next dare is from Echo, and her dare was for Dumbledore and it was, 'He's only allowed to shake and nod his head for the whole round and can't talk.'" Kenzi looks at Dumbledore and he signs in sign language, "I'm fine with that."

"Okay, the next truth is from..." Kenzi starts as Ginny walks out with 13 trays piled high in front of her.

"Oh let me help!" Hermione waves her hand and each plate goes to each person. Hermione's lands in front of her with a pancake. "Thanks, Ginny." Ginny nods to her. Ron looks at his plate.

"Eggs, and they're scrambled!" Ron exclaims and devours them. 

"Just like you like them." Ginny prides herself.

"And," Fred adds.

"He really loves," George takes over.

"Bacon," they whisper over each of his shoulders as his mouth waters. "Thanks, sis," they whisper to her. 

"No problem," she smiles as they steal Ron's bacon. "I didn't know what the rest of you liked so I just thought that I would just make up some stuff my mom makes." Ginny smiles to her mom and her mom smiles back.

"Pancakes!" Draco and Kenzi exclaim. They feed each other their pancakes and laugh through it. Everyone else either got cereal or waffles. As Kenzi licks her fingers after she's done, she remembers she's hosting.

"Oh, Right! The first truth today is from Feara and she actually has two!" she picks up the last letter with her hand that's free, because Draco is holding the other hand, and reads it. "Her first one is for Dumbledore and is, 'Who do you love?' And you're not allowed to talk, remember?" Kenzi smirks. Dumbledore smiles back and signs with his hands,

"I like someone that's not in this fanfiction. I'll tell you what series, though. It's Lord of The Rings."

"Well then," Willow sticks her head out of the bathroom and smirks. The others can't read sign language but she can. "I think I know who it-" she gets cut off as she runs back to the toilet.

"Okay the last truth from Feara is for Harry and is, 'What are your feelings for Hermione and Ginny?'" Kenzi asks. She hands Harry the veritaserum.

"Well see, I like Hermione because she's smart and funny and kind. She may be a little nosy sometimes but other than that she's really helpful. And she has a great personality which is why I'm dating her. I feel nothing for Ginny." he finishes. Ginny makes a 'hurt animal' look and turns to the corner where George and Fred welcome her with a hug.

"Well guys, that's the end I guess," Kenzi tells us. "What does she do for an outro again?" she asks Draco.

"You really don't pay attention?" he laughs.

"No, but I think I remember." Kenzi laughs with him. "So first I would like to thank you all for in like two days, we went from 4000 to 4540! In two days! You guys are awesome!"

"Couldn't have said it better my-" Willow tries to say but can't finish and runs back in the bathroom.

"Well, we will see you all later!" Kenzi shouts.

"Bye!" Willow croaks from the bathroom.


Hey guys, Willow here. So I was actually sick writing this chapter so I just put it into the story. I thought it would make it more interesting.  That will be so much fun! I love you all so much and keep commenting if you want more chapters! Love ya all!

-Willow <3

The Fam:

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Ravenclawgal227 (RCG227)

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Juuzou Suzuya (JS)

GreydaUnicorn (Grey) *used to be RandomWatermelons99 (Melon)*

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SapphireOnyx (SO or Saph or Onyx idk yet xD)

Olivegwebb (Olive).



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