Hogwarts Truth Or Dare!!!!!!!

Willow has kidnapped all of the harry potter characters she can think of and locked them deep in her basement vault. She has stolen all of their wands and now is forcing them to play truth or dare for you guys! Comment what you want them to do, (Or if I left any characters out) and we will have HTOD for hours!


12. Eighth Round

We slowly zoom in on the basement. Everyone is screaming. 

"Fred what the hell happened?!" Willow screams down at him.

"That bastard hit him over the head!" George points at Snape.

"You little-" Snape attempts to point it back towards George but Willow cuts him off.

"Everyone just stop!" she pulls out her notebook and scribbles into her notebook and suddenly Fred is laying on the ground perfectly fine. Everyone stares at the vase at it moves backwards and all of the pieces come back together to remake the vase. It sets itself down back where it was as Fred stands up.

"I-I feel fine." Fred says and George hugs him tightly while glaring at Snape. Everyone looks at them and then at Willow.

 "Well, hello everyone! Willow here, and today we have some new dares and truths and new people to add to the fam! I'm so excited for it! Now let's get started with the first person, Feara! Now we have to add someone in to fulfill Feara's dare." Willow scribbles into her note book and suddenly Pansy Parkinson is standing in the middle of the room. Her eyes are huge as she looks around trying to figure out where she is. She spots Zambini and Draco and smiles a big smile. Then she screams,

"Why the hell am I here? Where the hell is here anyway?" Willow takes her notebook and writes down something. Pansy suddenly becomes solemn and stops talking.

"Feara's dare is 'The twins have to kiss Parkinson!'" Willow tells everyone. The twins smirk and Fred steps up towards her. She slams her lips into his and he kisses back hard. Suddenly George shoves his brother out of the way and steals his place. He gets a nice long kiss before she lets go. Willow lets her out of whatever spell she put on her and she walks to Zambini.

"Well that was, something." Willow smiles and grimiances. "The next is a dare from SapphireOnyx and hers was, 'Dare Harry to change clothes with someone else.' Welcome to the fam Saph"

"Okay anyone?" Harry asks.

"Nope. I'm gonna choose who." Willow smirks. "And I say Hermione."

"WHAT?!" they both scream. 

"You think I can fit in her clothes?!"

"I am not taking off my bra!!!" 

"I never said you had to Hermione!" Willow shouts. She snaps her fingers and suddenly Hermione is in Harry's clothes and they are very baggy on her. Harry appears in Hermione's clothes which are very tight on him. Mac starts bursting out laughing. 

"CHANGE IT BACK!" they both yell. Willow scribbles in her book and they are back to normal. Everyone's cracking up laughing now and everyone is on the floor in heaps.

"So guys, I'm sorry this was so short but I wanted to get this up! I hope you all liked it and,"

"We will see you all later!" Mackenzie finishes.


I hope you all liked this chapter guys! I need more dares and truths so start commenting and we will add you to the fam! I will keep putting the list at the bottom. Love you all. Bye!

The Fam:

ElaMeadow (Meadow)

Ravenclawgal227 (RCG227)

HarryPotter2001 (HP2001)

EchoLover16 (Echo)

Juuzou Suzuya (JS)

RandomWatermelons99 (Melon)

Rose Adqui (Rose)

Runaway Lauren (Lauren)


SapphireOnyx (SO or Saph or Onyx idk yet xD)

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