Hogwarts Truth Or Dare!!!!!!!

Willow has kidnapped all of the harry potter characters she can think of and locked them deep in her basement vault. She has stolen all of their wands and now is forcing them to play truth or dare for you guys! Comment what you want them to do, (Or if I left any characters out) and we will have HTOD for hours!


8. Christmas Special!

We speed forward two weeks where Mackenzie learned more about the guys she likes. We now zoom in at Christmas. Everyone is sitting in santa hats and singing christmas carols. We watch Willow walk in from the stairs smiling. She pulls down a big bag.

"Guys, you all said you wanted to give people presents so I went and bought them!" Willow tells them. She passes out gifts with names on them to the designated people. 

"We will start by going clockwise." Willow tells everyone. "That means Mackenzie's first." Mackenzie takes out her 3 presents and looks at who their from. Ones from Draco, Ones from Harry, and Ones from Willow.

"I'm gonna open..." Mackenzie starts. The boys look at the boxes as if they could burst. "Willow's"

"Oh, you're gonna love it!" Willow tells her. She opens the package and there is a whole new outfit for Mackenzie. 

"OMG! Thank you so much, Willow!" Mackenzie shouts. "Now I am gonna open up... Draco's."



"What?" Kenzi asks.

"NOTHING!" they both shout.

"Okay..." Kenzi says and begins to open the present.

"WAIT!" Harry shouts. "Before you do," he talks to Draco here. "Can you open ours at the same time?"
"Um...Sure?" Kenzi told them. She opens one with one hand the other with an other. She is super surprised to see two rings. One a diamond, one an aquamarine, Kenzi's birthstone. "Oh... uh, they are, uh wonderful?"

"Which one do you like better?" Harry prods.

"Yeah, mine's the aqua one," Draco tells her.

"Guys, I can't choose yet. I-I still like you both too much. But thank you for the rings." Kenzi tells them.

"Um, okay." Willow says slowly. "Next presents go to Harry. You've got a lot."

"Really?" Harry asks as Willow dumps about 4 presents in front of him. He picks one up. "This one is from Hermione."

Harry opens it slowly and pulls it out. It's a nice warm scarf. "Thanks 'Mione." The next one he picks up is from Ron. Harry opens it quick to see that it's a moving picture of his favorite quidditch team. "Thanks, man!" Next, he opens Willow's present which is a card with a gift card to by all of them a heater. Everyone says thank you for this. The last one is from Mac. He opens it slowly and smiles very wide. Draco peering over his shoulder and glaring at what he's holding. It's the photo of his parents that used to be in his room. Harry starts to cry, even though they are here in the room. Mac hugs him while he cries, and Draco is glaring at both of them. "Thank you," he whispers.

"Next is Hermione!" Willow tells everyone. Hermione only gets 2 presents, one from Willow and one from Ron. Ron gets her a small unicorn music box and Willow gets her a new set of bras because she has been begging her to get them.

"Next is..."

-After everyone but Draco has gone-

"Last but not least, Draco!" she hands Draco a note and Kenzi hands him a box. He reads the note and glares at Willow. Willow just laughs her head off. 

"I'm not showing anyone it." he practically yells. He then opens Kenzi's and almost starts crying. He pulls out a locket with a gold chain and inside is a picture of them. Harry frowns at this but doesn't comment. "T-thank you K-Kenzi." he stutters. 

"Okay that was a lot of presents but this can't be complete without a Christmas game and cookies!" Willow shouts. She waves her hand and cookies and milk appear. "But before we do that," Everyone turns to her. "I would like to announce the ship names to the audience!" Everyone in the room cheers except the singled out three. "The first name we will do is Draco+Kenzi which is...Drenzi! (I know these are bad but just go with them. If you want them to change then just comment below.) and Harry+Mac is named... we don't know yet!!!!!!! We need you to choose! So, you guys get to choose between Marry or Hac!" Willow says out of breath. "Now let's play Monopoly!"

"YES!" Bella screams. 

"We will see you guys all later!" Willow screams.



Hey, everybody! Willow here. I know this was a super sucky Christmas episode but I hope you liked it. I'll see you guys all after new years! I love you all so much!

-Willow <3

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