A Wolfish Christmas

A girl born into her life has a secret to keep, but she doesn't even know what it is. She has nobody to tell her what to do and is forced to figure it out on her own once they move to a new town. She started off with a normal life then everything changed once she turned 17. She soon discovers that it is a gift from the great gods of wolves. Finding more like herself she starts to leave behind the old life for the new one.


3. Welcome To The Pack

Welcome To The Pack


Alex leads me into his house and points me to his office before he leaves once again with a smile on his face. I hear his footsteps go away till they are out of my hearing range before I start to pull Storm into my lap and take off his leash extender so that he only has the small rope leash on. I let him go and he jumps off of my lap when we hear Alex's approaching footsteps, and he lays down at my feet barking at Alex's shoes once they come into his view where he pounces on them. I laugh at his stunned expression when he lets out a chuckle and picks up Storm rubbing his head. He takes off the leash and walks over to the chair opposite me and sits down, "What do you know about your past? What has you mother told you about us?"

"I only know about the man you killed. I don't know anything about her past because she refused to tell me anything when he was around, and that was all the time. She hasn't told me anything as far as I know. All that I know is what I was told today."

He sighs deeply while petting Lil Storm till he falls asleep in the silence of thought. He looks up at me about to speak when I blurt out, "Wait! Mom gave me a book when I turned seventeen and said to read it one week before the full moon and it would tell me everything I would need to know! I need that book Alex! If that has what I think it has then I need it! She said this," I pull out a small green emerald wolf pendant on a thin golden chain, "is the key! She said to never lose it because it would help me in more than one way!"

This brought back his confident look, "If she gave you a book that had that as the key it's important. I gave her that same key and book when I became Alpha. She said she would use it for something great, and I can only imagine that's what it was used for after she was taken. That book would have been the only thing of hers that was taken with her because the day she went missing that's all she had with her. The book and key went with her everywhere. She used it as a day log for a bit, and it would only make sense she used it to tell you your history if she wasn't sure you would be back here with her. We need to go get that book, but before we do this guy should be put in your room to sleep. He is really tired and would probably like some water and a bed. Follow me," he grabbed Storm up off of his lap and got up. We walked out of his office and back the way we came but went through the door on the other side of the greeting hall which leads us to the kitchen. He handed Storm to me and grabbed a plastic bowl from the bottom cabinet and filled it up with cold water before leading me to the metal spiral staircase and up to the second floor, he walked past three rooms before he stopped at the last one on the left and entered.

Inside the room has hardwood floor, light blue walls, and large antique chandelier in the middle of the room. To the left is a large four poster bed In the corner under two large windows overlooking the forest, a wooden dresser at the foot of the bed, a small glass top desk in front of another equally large window, and A reading nook built into the wall with a bookshelf under the seat and  windows wrapping around it entirely. After taking in the sight I walk over to the bed and lay the sleepy little pup down on the large plush pillows then walk back over to Alex and take the bowl from his hand and put it down beside the desk. He turns around and walks out of the room when I stand up and start to head back to the door. I stop before shutting the door completely and look back at Storms sleeping form and shut the door soundlessly as Alex watched with a smirk on his face. When I turn and see him I look at him strangely, "What is that smirk for mister puppy lover?"

That made him give a breathy laugh and shake his head, "Nothing. It's just that you are so careful about what you do for the benefit of him before you think of yourself. How long have you had him? Nobody who just got them would act like that with them."

"Well, you are wrong. I just got him yesterday before I went to bed. So he has only been in my care for what a few hours? Yah, a few hours. Why did you ask?"

"Really? Only a few hours. Now the bond you have with him is impressive. I have to congratulate you on that. Now, we need to get the book and be back here by nightfall. You have a ceremony to attend."

"Wait, did you say ceremony? What ceremony? And why is it night fall?"

"Nightfall because we use the moon. And this ceremony is to make you a member of this pack. It is the same one your mother went through the night I found her. Now come. We can talk on the way."

I started to walk to the staircase thinking I'd be following, but he waited to fall in step by my side. We walked down the stairs the kitchen and we left the house through the back door instead, and that lead to the yard my room overlooks. We left the door open and walked through the woods a little before I spoke, "What do you mean you found my mom?"

"What I mean by that is exactly how it sounds I found her one night while I was out on patrol."

"Can you tell me?"

"Okay. Well, my father decided that he didn't want me in the house one night, so he sent me out to patrol the borders till dawn. I did as he said and started at the north border and was walking around the territory for the night so I decided to take it slow and do one lap. I had been out for close to three hours and came upon a scuffle close to the west border and went to see what my men were doing and they were trying to pin down your mother so that they might be able to bring her to my father. One of the men saw me coming had the others stop what they were doing and trap her where they were. I got over to them and had to suffer the cold while I talked to them as a human. I had them all follow my lead and when your mother did she looked me directly in the eyes and that's when we discovered that we were mates, so I had the men go back to their duties so that I could take your mother back to my father. I decided that we would stay human so that she could ask questions and I could talk to her as an attempt to bring down her nerves. We walked back to my house and I discovered she was kicked out of her pack, so I asked her if she would like to join mine and she said yes. And that night my father asked her the same question and she gave the same answer, so she was welcomed into the pack the same night. And she never left till she was taken from us, and I refused to remove her from the pack so she stayed with us. Now it's your turn to be brought into the pack."

Before I could say anything we emerged from the woods and walked into my house which was still a mess from today's earlier events, and headed to my room which still had the door shut. I opened the door with Alex by my side and walked in going straight to the box I had put it in and started to rummage through the box till I found it when the silence was destroyed by Alex making me jump at the sound, "What is this? Woah! Calm down jumpy! It seems very out of place in here. Is it yours?"

"Yah. I found it in front of my door this morning. You're more than welcome to open it. Now if you don't mind I am going to Go through this box to find the book."

I see the spine of the book when I hear the sound of paper ripping and tape being pulled off of the box. I look over my shoulder real quick and catch a glimpse of Alex ripping the box to shreds which makes me laugh as I pull the book out into the view of Alex I hear a loud ear splitting sound that has me jump around with a scream. Alex backs up and looks at me before bursting out laughing at the look of shock and fear on my face. He was laughing so much that he fell over which made me laugh at him as well before we started to calm down and take the time to recover from a lack of breath. We were both taking deep breaths till we felt ready to continue on. I brought the book to him and knelt down to see what he had unboxed and it appeared to need assembling. I looked at Alex who was watching me intently and motioned for him to come down, and as soon as he took his spot I grabbed at and looked at him, "Curiosity has gotten the better of me. Can you help me figure out what this is? Please?"

He grabbed another piece as the answer and started to lay them out over the floor. As the were laid out it seemed to take on the presence of some kind of rack. As we laid out the final piece Alex stopped where he was and looked over everything as if trying to piece it together in his mind when all of a sudden he got the face of startled recognition, "When did you get this? Who gave it to you? Do you know what this is?"

"This morning and no. Why? Do you?"

"Yes I do, but what I don't understand is why it was delivered to you or who delivered it to you. Can you give me that paper over there," his points to the pile of paper and cardboard that he deposited in the corner. I walk over to it noticing strange lettering on the box and paper when all of a sudden my window breaks open and I turn around to find two men staring at us with a vicious gaze of vehemence. I look at Alex who is slowly reaching for the steel sword I have on my wall, "I wouldn't do that wolf! You have something of ours, but I think I might have to take a little extra for good measure," the man's gaze turns to me, "It's one versus two right now, so I would think about this first."

As soon as his gaze turns back to Alex I lunge for my sword rack and grab my two long blades thanking the man I used to think as my father for sword lessons as I settle into a defensive move watching the two men and glancing at Alex whose gaze is darting from me to the men in a worried way thinking the worst, "Oh so we have a fighter do we," they laughed at me before drawing their own short swords.

"I don't think i want-to-be sword fighting wolf could beat us do you Zack?" the talkative man asks his fellow.

"No. I don't think she can Lelantos."

I glare at them for a second, "Wǒ bù rènwéi nǐ zhīdào nǐ zhèngzài zuò shénme. "

The man known as Lelantos laughs, "Oh, you definitely are a want-to-be fighter."

"Ránhòu zhǔnbèi shīwàng. Wǒ bù rènwéi nǐ zhīdào nǐ zhèngzài zuò shénme," I taunted him trying to have him charge into battle but fail.

"Now there, you are brave. Hope you can take that with you to death's home. Bravery will go a long way down there," I am taken aback by his statement of my death and bravery, but this only continues to fuel my battle mind.

I stare at them for a second sizing up my opponents when Lelantos stalks towards me with a smirk when I take both of my swords and lunges at him throwing a vicious head blow with my left sword and a leg strike with my right making him back up as I pull my swords together for another attack. I take the chance to use the Ci strike before he is ready to attack grazing his chest twice with deep cuts and a minor neck wound. As I pull back he ready his sword to attack me with a head blow that I block and attack using my Dai strike to block his bit and injure him in the leg along with a fatal wound from his neck down to his waist making him stumble back losing grip of his sword which stabs into his liver. As I turn to the other man I feel a sharp pain go through my body from an arrow in my calf. I pull it out with my left hand never taking my eyes off of the man as I drop the tip of one blade and bend down to grab a hold of the shaft and rip it out of my leg with a whimper of pain as I stand up and grab the handle of my sword bringing it up to take its place with the other as I listen to Alex fight with the bowman. This man is known as Zane charges at me with his sword and that of the now deceased Lelantos as I block his classic To form successfully and immediately follow with Pi killing him with the last form of my attack as planned. As he drops to the floor dead from a strong blow to his head, five hits to his arms and chest and two punctures aimed at his heart I drop my swords and fall to my knees from the arrow wound and several shallow cuts from the swords of the two men finally surface a little bit of unexpected pain. I hear that the scuffle has come to its end by the sound of bones snapping and a body hitting the floor. I look behind me to see Alex's worried expression before I grab my swords off of the ground and use them to push myself up onto my feet so that I can walk over to the sword rack so that I can grab my two back sheaths. I prop one of my swords up against the wall and grab a sheath putting a sword in and putting it on one of my shoulders and fasten the buckle locking it in place doing the same with the other before turning to Alex who pulls me into a fatherly hug that I return.

We stand like that for a second before he pulls me back so he can look into my eyes, "If anything would have happened to you, worse than this, I don't know what I would have done. I do have to say I am glad for your swordsmanship, I have no clue what I would have done with those men. I am proud of who you grew into. Now we might want to get back to the pack so the medics can look at you."


I walk beside him under his watchful gaze and his strong arm keeping me from falling. We walk for a half hour in silence before I speak, "Alex, who was that guy? Lelantos, I mean."

"What gave you the idea that he was different?"

"His name."

"To answer your question he is a god. More specifically the god of air and the hunter's skill of stalking prey. Why?"

"I was wondering because he sounded strange almost old. But how did I kill him if he was a god? Are they not immortal or something?"

"I don't know how you did it. And yes the gods and goddesses are immortal. I know he is the god because he is exactly how the other gods portray him as he wanders the human realm. I don't know what to say, but I will bring Simon into talk to you about it. He might be of help," he tried to comfort me, but it seems as if he is trying to convince himself more than anything.

"Alex?" I decided to wait till he responded but was quickly answered with a questioning glance, "What did they mean something of theirs? Do you think they are the ones who left it in front of my door?"

He sighed and looked down, "I don't know. I have been wondering that myself. It all points to that as the only option. But, do you still have the book? I don't really want to go back there today after all that has happened."

I look down and lift up the hem of my shirt pulling the book out of the knife belt I have been wearing all day and give it to him before I put my shirt back in place hiding all of the knives. I hear a quiet breathy chuckle from Alex when I take my hands off the hem of my shirt to reach for the necklace around my throat. I look at him a second before turning my head to unclasp the gold chain and pull it in front of my to hand over to him so that he can unlock the book for me. I look up at Alex as he starts to fidget with the lock, "What was that laugh for earlier when I revealed the knives and book?"

"Nothing. You just never cease to amaze me. I would never have thought to search your abdomen for the knife belt. Not once," he stops walking for a second when a smile lights up his face as the lock clicks. He looks at me and hands everything back over, "I have a question for you. How did you know their moves that would be made? And when did you put that belt on? I didn't see you tuck anything of weapons till you grabbed for the swords."

I chuckle, "That's because I always put in on before bed and take it off when I know there is no danger. I have had it on all day along with," I pull up the sleeves of my shirt revealing two small their knives in sheaths, "my small thief knives, as I call them, and four strapped to my ankles. You can never be too careful, and they seem to have been useful today."

He lets out a small chuckle, "That they have. Now I know your secrets, but how can you stand to wear them so much? It would have driven me mad by now."

"A lot of practice and patience," I look up and meet his gaze and ask, "What did my mom mean this morning when she called me a pure?"

"Ahh. The dreaded question. I can't explain it that well, so can you please try to piece it together?" I nod for him to continue, "Well a pure is a white wolf. They are, in other words, a wolf who is as close to their animal side as they can possibly get without being the wolf. They are the strongest and most rare of them all. They are a small handful of the wolf world and are highly praised for what they can do. If they have a white coat that a pure and it is a symbol to their pack of greatness. They are... what am I looking for... the best wolf because we hold truer to the term Loup-Garou. Do you remember what that means?" I nod again, "Well they are the best, strongest, and most in touch with their wolf that it is almost never heard of to have a whole family of pures, also known as the white wolf. They are highly prized and respected in our world. Do you understand? That's the best I can explain, sorry."

"Yah. I understand."

"Okay. Now, no more talk of this we are almost to the pack center. And yes we are going to walk through the street. We are going to show people your triumph, so they know to not mess with my daughter. They don't feel inclined to respect you," we walk into the street that if busy and Alex grab me are to pull me to a stop where he bellows, "Ladies and gentlemen! I want to announce that you have a new authority in this pack and it's my daughter! I want you to show her great respect after she has killed the god Lelantos! She has the authority to bring a knife to anyone of you who treated her wrongly! Do I make myself clear? You are to give respect to the pack's god defender!" my face flushes with hot embarrassment when he finishes that it makes me look down while the pack is yelling and howling in triumph, "Now I have a question that I can't answer on my own! You have never met her, but she is looking to join the pack! Now would you let her be a permanent member of this pack, for as long as we prosper?" that is followed by more yells, shouts, and howls, "Then it is final! We now welcome Claire the God-Destroyer to our pack! She is now one with the pack and shall stay one with us!"

"Thanks, Alex," I throw my arms around him in a hug which he returns with his own strong embrace. We stand like that for a bit before he pulls out of the hug and starts to lead me down the street. I think we are heading to his house, but we continue to walk down the street. I look over at him and see that he has a large smile on his face, so I continue to walk beside him consumed in thought when I feel a familiar touch on my shoulder. I look up and see my mom looking better than ever. You would never have thought that she had been stabbed that morning by the way she looked. She had a bright healthy glow and persona that radiated power, definitely not something I would expect when she had a knife in her stomach. I throw my arms around her neck and hold on tight thinking about what had happened to her this morning. It felt like hours as we stood their together holding each other for what felt like would be our last.

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