A Wolfish Christmas

A girl born into her life has a secret to keep, but she doesn't even know what it is. She has nobody to tell her what to do and is forced to figure it out on her own once they move to a new town. She started off with a normal life then everything changed once she turned 17. She soon discovers that it is a gift from the great gods of wolves. Finding more like herself she starts to leave behind the old life for the new one.


4. Time To Train

Time To Train


Alex woke me up this morning with a lot of bouncing on my bed. I laughed so hard that I fell back over onto my pillows when he stopped, "Get ready for the day. Meet us down in the kitchen in," he looked down at his watch, "about an hour give or take a few minutes."

I gather some breath, "Will do. What do I do with Storm? He needs to eat as well. It's not like he can eat air."

"Well said. Bring him as well," he got up and left the room closing the door behind him.

I watch for the door to be shut completely before I jump out of bed and look through the dresser for a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt. I close the drawers with a thud startling Storm from his window gazing. I grab my socks and shoes as Storm comes over to bombard me. I pick him up off the ground and carry him with me in my state of hurry to find the bathroom for a shower. I feel completely at home here despite it only being my second day living in this house. Alex welcomed me like any father would. I scramble to the other door in my room to see if it is a bathroom and find that is is a large white bathroom with a large glass door stand up shower fully stocked and on the other side of the room is a large claw tub. I set my things down on the double sink and look around for a towel finding that one has already be laid out for me. I open the sliding door and turn on the hot water. Once it is steaming I climb in and take a shower.

I finish and clamber out to get dressed in record time, and out of habit I put on my wrist and ankle sheaths with their knives along with the dagger belt I got for my tenth birthday. I walk out of the bathroom with Storm at my heels as I brush the last knot out of my hair with my fingers. Hoping I didn't take to long I put Storm on his small leash and take him down to the kitchen where I see my mom and Alex cooking a big breakfast, "I am going to take Storm out to use the bathroom," and make them jump at the sound of my voice sending a pancake flying to the ceiling where it is stuck. I laugh and run Storm out the back door before that pancake on the ceiling is noticed. When we are both outside I take him to the treeline, but stop short when I hear a loud scream from inside the house followed by laughter. I chuckle as I run Storm to the trees so that he can go to the bathroom when Simon comes out of the trees as a wolf making Storm yelp. Alex comes out of the back door looking alarmed till he sees Simon being smelled by a curious husky which makes him laugh and walk over to pick up Storm. Once he is puppy free he comes back to human with a look of bad news that has Alex usher us inside to the dining room table. We all get seated aside from my mom who is finishing up with the few dishes, "What is it Simon? You don't have that look for nothing," Alex asks concern all over his face.

"The Hunters are going to attack tomorrow on the full moon. And they have requested to see that their progeny," he points at me, "is there to help. They came to the edge of the territory and requested to speak to someone in command. I told them to leave, but they said that they had a message for you. That was it,'Meet at the lake. Midnight tomorrow.'"

Alex gets up and punches the wall, "What do they want this time! Another destruction of their people or what! And tomorrow's Claire's first full moon! What are we supposed to do, go flouncing around a first shift or something? We need to train! Now every able bodied, man, and woman are to meet in the training grounds for emergency war prep immediately! Simon go round up or war ready people and the new warriors all ready for their training! Claire, I need you to go get your swords! It's time to train! Marie, if you feel up to it I would like you to come to training as well."

I get up to go get my swords on quickly before Alex has time to get out another word while Storm is running up the stairs with two pancakes in his mouth. If I had a sense of humor right now I would be laughing at his thievery, but I have my mind set on fighting. I take the steps two at a time and jog down the hall ready to grab my swords and head to training. I open my door for Storm to come in as I walk over to the table holding my swords. I grab one and slip it on tightening the strap to hold it secure before doing the same with the other and jogging back down to the kitchen. Alex is waiting by the back door with my mom when I get down the stairs. They open the door and file out with me following behind and shutting the door as quietly as I could with a fast motion. I walk up next to mom when they start to run to the meeting site with me right beside them.

When we get to the training site the pack's wolves were here, except for the young and old, ready for today's events. Alex mom and I take our spot at the head to speak to the pack, "Welcome. I am unfortunate to say that this is for unfortunate reasons. We have been called to war by the Hunters who have terrorized us for years. I feel like it is the time we take matters into our own hands and show them who they are dealing with. Today we will work on hand to hand, weapons, and wolf combat skills. We will be working hard today and into late tonight so that we can be ready to face them at Lune Lake. Our meeting time is at midnight, so we will be moving out at nine so that we will be able to plan our strategy accordingly. Today I want three different groups to practice the three type of attack in a rotation. Simon and I will be handling the wolf combat skills. Marie and Claire will be working with weapons combat. Jason and Sheril will be working with hand to hand combat. Now I want the even groups starting with the area you need the least practice in. Now, get to work!"

Everybody split into their self-designated groups while us trainers are meeting with Alex, "Okay, today I want tough training. No free be's, if you see them slacking you pull them in for a trainer versus training demonstration. If they find themselves better than the training use that demonstration. If you find them lacking or trying to leave use the demonstration. Give them tips, but you need to let them battle themselves while you go through and have a one on one battle with them. That does not have to be a demonstration. If you see someone who is more skilled than their partner switches them up. I want you to give them tips and show them what they are to be doing in your group at the beginning. If they are distracted pull them out for physical training. You can use anything from pushups to tree climbs. If they refuse to bring them to me directly and I will put them in a group of disobedient who will have to do constant physical training till you feel like coming over and having them do your specialties in battle? Is this understood by all of you?" who gave us the rundown of what is to happen for the next thirteen hours.

We answered him with a chorus of, "Yes, Alpha," and, "Yes, Alex."

"Good. Now get to your groups," and with that, we all separated to our groups of trainees waiting to get started.

Mom and I got to our waiting group and were about to get started when my mom let them know what was going to happen over here, "Okay. I will be doing the talking, and Claire will be giving the demonstrations and skill tests. If I call for a demonstration you are to circle up around Claire and her opponent. Now I do not expect her to take it easy on you. She can give you bruises and cut you. She will not, however, kill or fatally injure you, and I expect you to have the same restraint or else you will be going to the Alpha under my watch to get your punishment. Do you all understand? If not please start your tree climbs right now," nobody moved from their spot till my mom clapped making them all jump, "Good. Now find your partners. If you are not of adequate I will switch you, partners." Everybody moved to stand next to their partner and wait for my instructions.

"Grab your swords off the racks. Then be ready to watch and demonstrate what I show you," everyone went over to the racks and grabbed the sword that fit them best before coming back over to watch and follow along. When everyone got back in place I started pacing the rows of wolves and showed them how to properly hold the sword with adequate balance and stance before I went back up to the front, "Now that you have a proper stance who knows what steps are involved in a basic offensive move?" everyone was silent and staring at me with blank eyes which gave me an answer on where I needed to start making me sigh, "Okay. Square one. Defense is when you are defending yourself against an attack and offense mean you are delivering the attack. The attack that I find best for an offense with a sword is the Ji attack. And that consist of striking at their abdomen, a hit to the head, an attack to break their defence, and that would be an unexpected attack such as the feet, a beat move to their chest, and that means that you use the side of your blade, and try to stroke their neck, meaning that you slightly cut the skin on their neck or face. I would advise the Ji attack for when you take the first hit because it is meant to be fast, swift, and hard. I will show you first then I want you to relay it back exactly how it is supposed to be," I get into a ready stance and after swinging the long sword around to balance it. I stand like that for a minute making eye contact with everyone before I move making everything fast and a hard blow stopping where the sword would make contact with skin. I swing around the spot my enemy would be finishing the Ji and turning around to look at everyone's awe-struck faces, "Do you think you could show that to me or should I demonstrate slower?" my answer from them was a slow nod of a few heads, "Okay, I will go at a slower pace then you are to show me that move. If I find it of good standards I will show you the defense to the Ji then have you show me. After that, you are going to be in partner work for a while." I take my stance and ready my sword then jump into the attack making sure that I slow my movements so that everybody can see what I am doing and how I finish off the 'what-would-be' kill, "Now do you think you could show me that if not I want you to show me your best anyway. Ready... and go."

Everyone moved apart and started their training by showing me what I had just shown them. I  watched them and had a few restart in the middle of their demonstration in order to have them better their stances/techniques. A few get it right off the bat, while others take a while to get it. As soon as the last person gets it flawless I pull their attention back to the front, "Great job with the offensive move. Now, you are going to learn the defensive move so that you can praise them. I will show you how to perform with this move," I take my place inside of the circle I made from before and start the what would be moved. I start by balancing my sword that has been on my back the past hour then dive into the Chou with the pull out to block an abdomen strike, pulling my sword back to me as they ready for the next strike, cutting out to block their head strike, cutting the defence break before it can be delivered, whip to the left while you lean back out of their swords reach, a slash across the front of you to block the stroke, when they slow down you extract your blade from their hold to knock them off balance, and attack them with a cut out of your blade to their neck or chest, "Now as you can see both moves if played right can and will kill your opponent. If you don't wish to finish them off with the move I just showed you, called the Chou, you will have to dive right into your Ji. Understood? If so get with your partner and start practicing the Chou as they use the Ji to help you. Now I will say this once. If I see any unfair attacks on your partners you will come and practice with me, and your partner will be put with a different group. And that means that you could get a group of three, so if that happens I will teach you guys separately from the group so that all of you can participate. same goes for people who have to train with me. As the groups get larger the training will be different. Now get to work. I will come through with advice and a skills practice as I deem it needed," I finished and gave them a wave of my hand which sent them to their partners for practice and spreading out from each other, as to not injure the others.

I watched for about fifteen minutes before I decided to start giving tips and helpful demonstrations within the group. I was on the second row before I heard the slap of sword to skin. I looked around and found the partners before walking over to them to see what had happened. I got to the partners and only to see one holding the sword in the air and the other on the ground. I look around and see my mom walking around the group observing everyone intently. She pulls a pair out from the rest to the front and looks around to meet my gaze when I motion for her to come over with a slight hand gesture. She takes in the sight around me and starts to walk over when she nods in the direction of the sword-bearing partner with has me standing up holding one of my swords to block the falling blade of the shocked man who is falling to his knees. I pick up both of their swords as soon as mine is in its back sheath and turn to find my mom looking over everything, "What happened?" she snapped at the two.

The shaking voice of the younger looking man who was hit squarely in the face with the blunt side of the blade creeps into the sound of blade hitting blade, the growling and snarling of the wolf combat training, and hand to hand combat practice, "We were practicing the moves you gave us and finished the first rotation. He," gesturing to the other man, "was to start the Ji this rotation. I was getting ready to practice defending myself when he started going. I jumped back and ducked around most of the hits, but when it came to the swipe from the blunt side of the blade it caught me. It was just a lack of thinking on his part and me not being ready in time."

"Well, you go a great learning tip for battle, but not how I would like you to learn that. I would like you to go stand over with the other two while I deal with your partner. I will be over there to tell you what I would like done," I gave him instructions real fast before I turned to the other man and grabbed him by his shirt to hoist him up off the ground. I looked him up and down before I started to walk him to the watchful Alex. As soon as the man came to the realization of where he was headed he twisted out of my grip and started to run out of the training grounds.

Alex came up to me and pulled me after him before he even left the grounds, "Okay. I see him running, and before then he was being brought to me by the collar of his shirt what happened?" he yelled as we ran after him.

"He attacked his partner, who nearly died training with him. I was bringing him to you so that you could make a judgment on what to do. And right now I think there is more to this than meets the eye. I don't think he would run away after a training mistake, do you?"    

"I think you are right. There definitely is something about this that seems strange. You might want to have your swords ready. He is heading for the border, and there are no patrols right now. Everyone except the children and old are training."

As soon as he said that I reached up and grabbed on of my swords while pulling two daggers out of the belt around my stomach and gave them to Alex who took them. As we reached to edge of the territory I pulled my second sword from its sheath and barreled through the trees with Alex to find that who we were chasing was a hunter and he had planned an ambush on us. I started to back up to the trees with Alex when I looked back to see ten more blocked us and closed the circle. I grab Alex's arm and pull him so that we were back to back. I circle with Alex behind me surveying the hunters looking for a weak point in their defense but found none. They started to close in when my vision became blurry and my muscles tightened ready to attack. I looked over my shoulder to see that Alex was doing the same. He made eye contact with me and started to shake his head no very slightly. I nodded once and plunged into a fighting frenzy with the hunters who weren't expecting it. I had hacked off the heads of seven before they got their bearings back and the shock left leaving angry heartless killers in their wake. They all started to attack me venomously at once plunging me back into the center of their circle. The one who I had given the training tips too came at me with the attacks I taught him. I laughed and shook my head at him and plunged into a sword hack, chop, stab attack on all who around me while I tried to defend Alex when he got overwhelmed by five or more at a time because the daggers were only so good at something like this. I was taking down the seventy plus hunters down one to three at a time. As the attack went on I started to feel a sharp pain in my back meaning I have a deep injury. I keep fighting and the pain dies away as I become consumed in the fight once again. I continue to pick off small clusters of our attackers one by one for what feels like an hour. I turn around and see Alex killing the last one of his attackers. He turns around expecting one more to come running at us but sees that I have just killed them all. He bends down and wipes the blood off of my daggers on one of the corpses and hands them to me, "You might want these back."

I reach over and grab one of them and put it in my belt, "You keep that one for the time being. You might need it," I gesture around with one of my now free hands.

He looks around us, "On second thought you are probably right. Anyway, I could get the other back?"

I chuckle at him and grab two of the longer blades and give them to him taking back the other, "Use those for the ribs. Aim for the heart, whether it's shoving the blade up, down, left, right, or straight in. Those blades you have are some of the strongest you will ever see. If you break the end off the one you are paying for its repair. Use those fast and strong."

"Understood, Sword-Master," he laughs at me while saluting, making me punch him in the arm and laugh, "Alright we might need to head back to the training grounds. People will begin to wonder."

"You're right, we should go."

We started walking when I got a dull ache in my back. I silently curse myself as I walk next to Alex. We got through the trees when the full force of pain shot through my body making me collapse to my knees. Alex kneeled down beside me quickly, "What happened? And, don't even bother saying you are alright!"

"Nothing out of the normal. I used to train with hunters when mom and I lived with the man I thought was my father, so I am kind of use to being stabbed in the back and cut everywhere. Did you think I knew what I was doing with weapons by instinct? If so you are sadly mistaken, because if it wasn't for them I would be dead right now and you more than likely would be too. Heck, we could have even died the first day you met me. Do you understand what training with hunters is? It is a lot of stabs,  cuts, bruises, and scars. After a while, you get so used to it that like me right now the pain is a welcome reminder of life. A stab to the back is the nicest thing they could have done."

Alex sighs and gets on both of his feet when he unexpectedly pulls me up onto my feet and then grabs behind me knees and holds my upper back. I start thrashing around to get out of his grip, but that only makes him hold on tighter. I continue to thrash around trying to get out of his grip when Simon comes running up to us with a confused but relieved look on his face, "Where have you to been? We all watched you two-run after John. We continued training for three hours waiting for you to come back. I disbanded the training and sent everyone home. It's just me and the guards out right now."

Alex goes to answer back loosening his grip enough for me to punch his jaw and shove out of his grip falling to the ground, "Mother of god, Claire! What was that for?"

Simon just watches as I shuffle backward to a tree giving Alex a loot that could kill, "For carrying me against my will! And I swear to god if you come over here to help me I will break your jaw!"

"Fine! Excuse me for helping someone who was stabbed for pete sakes!" he throws up his hands and looks at Simon who just shrugs, "Now what happened after we left?"

"Two hours of training before I sent everyone but the guards home. I split them all up into ten groups to come find you. I have one guard with me, but he is little ways away. Now time for you to answer my question. What happened after you left? Why is she stabbed and you covered in blood?"

I cut into their conversation with boiling blood to ensure that the whole story gets out, "Well for starters we ran after, what's his name, John. We chased him to the border, but he continued past. Alex wound up needing two of my daggers, because as soon as we passed over we were trapped. Around, I would say, seventy or more hunters were waiting for us. We were going to go back through the trees but were quickly closed in by ten more. We were trapped, so I did what I do by instinct and I lunged into the group closest to me and started to hack off their heads. I was killing off my attackers while helping Alex out with his. We were fighting for some time before I felt the pain. Once that happened I went and started taking the heads off of most in a killing frenzy while killing the multitude are him," I throw a stick at Alex when I say that, "The last goes down and we walk this way the pain comes back I fall and low and behold here we are."

Simon with dumbfounded look stairs at us, "Wait! You were ambushed and John was just the bait?"

"I guess that's how it goes. You just heard what happened. Take it how you want," Alex spits aggravatedly.

"Calm down, Alex! You might be the Alpha, but don't forget who's family raised you!" Simon threw the words at Alex and before I could comprehend what was happening Simon's black wolf and Alex's white wolf was in a bloody fight. They were snapping and growling at each other when about to attack and it was a full out war when they were on top of each other. I am not sure how long I was watching this, but all of a sudden three more wolves came from the left and one from the right came into view running up to the scuffle. Two tacked Simon while the others dragged Alex away by the fur on his neck and back before tackling him to the ground. The four that come up we're having a hard time holding down the two when another white wolf who I can only guess to be mom came up and stood in between the two. She walked over to Alex and motioned for the other two to get off. They followed what she said and move off, but stayed close enough to be able to tackle him if necessary. Mom and Alex came back to their human forms looked at each other for a second as if trying to decide what to do.

Alex turned and walked away while mom motioned for Simon and the other two to do the same. As soon as he was in his human form as well he walked over to my mom and gave her a brotherly hug that she returned. They were whispering to each other, before both of them walked over to me and grabbed my arms hoisting me to my feet and letting go. Both stayed at my side and walked with me back to the pack center. Instead of going to Alex's house, however, they took me down the street past where I saw mom after she was healed. We turned down a small lighted sidewalk in between two buildings. We came close to an open door when the two people I saw take my mom came out and looked at us, "What seems to be the problem? All three of you are up and standing. You're even walking. You three seem just fine."

"My daughter was stabbed in a hunter attack. She and Alex were ambushed and she suffered, the greatest wound."

" Where was she stabbed? Actually, let me see for myself."

I turn around and reveal the wound to them when I hear a gasp from all of them. I look at my mother's face and she motions for Simon to leave, "Tell no one what you have seen! Please! Not even Alex! If you see him send him straight to me! Now go!" she turned on the doctors, "I hold you to to the same! Tell no one! Send Alex to me if he comes this way and you see him before me!" she looks at me with desperate eyes, "I need you to do what they say! Behave and don't talk to Alex if he comes to see you without me! Now I must go! Love you, my daughter," she turns jogs out of the enclosed sidewalk.

The doctors come to me and stand on bath sides of me. I turn around and walk into the building. One of them takes the lead and I follow him. He takes us down a row of curtain covered cubicles and motions me into the last one on the right. I go into it and find that it is a surgery/ patient room. I go over and stand in front of one of the chairs by the wall and wait for one of them to speak, but they only look around nervously, "What's wrong? Why did you all gasp when I showed you the wound? It's just a normal stabbing... right?"

The doctors look at each other in disbelief, "You don't know? Do you know what you are?"

Confused I look at them for answers that they don't give, "Yah. I'm a werewolf, right? Last time I checked I was."

"Oh, my. This is going to be hard to explain then."

"What are you to explain?"

"You are not just Loup-Garu you are also a god. Possibly even another species. We are not even sure what to say or explain."

I stare at them in disbelief, "How do you even know I am part 'god' then? What was the sign that gave you that idea?"

"A god's blood runs silver in color. You have silver blood and red blood. The thing I can say is that you are nothing of the dead or evil species because their blood is black or dark blue."

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