A Wolfish Christmas

A girl born into her life has a secret to keep, but she doesn't even know what it is. She has nobody to tell her what to do and is forced to figure it out on her own once they move to a new town. She started off with a normal life then everything changed once she turned 17. She soon discovers that it is a gift from the great gods of wolves. Finding more like herself she starts to leave behind the old life for the new one.


6. The Morning Of The Battle

"She is still asleep! What do you want to do? Wake her up and cut her skin to make sure I am telling you the truth? If you don't believe me then go ask the doctors- ask me- heck suck it up and go ask Simon yourself! But, one thing I will not let you do is to wake up our daughter so you can see for yourself! Go round up the pack, or stay here and shut your trap! If she comes out here awake because of you-," I hear my mom sigh, "Just, go do what every you think you need to. I am tired of trying to get through to you," I hear one set of footsteps disappear down the corridor and another set coming closer to the room.

I try to sit up but am stopped by a heavy weight on my chest that turns out to be a sleeping Storm. I chuckle quietly as Alex comes around the corner and into the room. He looks at me with confusion, betrayal, understanding, hurt, and... love. He walks over to me and sits down silently on the bed as the doctor comes back in and looks at us, "Your free to go. Your all healed and no injuries left, you are a prim student for the life in the pack. Good luck with you," she turns around and leaves the room.

"Well, I guess its time to take you home. Your mom is waiting for you."

"Alright," I grab Storm under the arms and lift him up as I throw my legs over the side of the bed. Sliding completely off the bed I walk over to the door and wait for Alex.

"I want you to be careful tonight, okay?" he looked at me with a concerned voice that makes me look at him questioningly, "Lets go get ready for the battle."

I nod and follow him out with Storm wiggling in my arms. As we walk down the street I watch everyone running around in a hurry with armor and weapons passing them out to everyone as they go by. Alex looks over at me and puts a hand on my shoulder before motioning for us to pick up pace. We jog the rest of the way home grabbing the leather armor we will be needing. We get home and go inside with Alex going to his weapons room and me to my bedroom to grab what we will be needing and put on our armor.

I put Storm on the bed and walk out placing my swords on my back and my dagger sheaths on my forearms. As I walk to the stairs I grab the daggers I left on the small table in the hall and put them in my boots along with the belt that I put other blades and knuckle covers on. Once I have on everything I walk down stairs to find mom dressed and ready for war. I go over and grab the bandages she holds out and start to wrap up my hand and arm stopping at my elbow. I nod at her and we walk to the front door and meet Alex before heading to scout out the the area the battle will take place. On our way back from the clearing we encounter a scout group from the hunters. We all draw some sort of small blade and back away from each other slowly till we our out for sight before running back to the pack to inform them of our plan of action.

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