A Wolfish Christmas

A girl born into her life has a secret to keep, but she doesn't even know what it is. She has nobody to tell her what to do and is forced to figure it out on her own once they move to a new town. She started off with a normal life then everything changed once she turned 17. She soon discovers that it is a gift from the great gods of wolves. Finding more like herself she starts to leave behind the old life for the new one.


2. The First Day

The First Day


I woke up to my little puppy licking my face and yelping in happiness. I grab the little one and sit up to see him wagging his tail playfully before worming free of my hands and running to the door. I get out of the warmth of my blankets to follow him. Before I open the door I grab his black collar and leash off the boxes and put them on him. Once I have his leash in hand I grab the door and open it only to find a box blocking our way out. I pull it in the room and leave. We walk down the small, short, cluttered hall to the kitchen with white walls and polished gray granite tiles. My mom is reading the newspaper while drinking her cup of coffee and eating a glazed vanilla donut with a raspberry filling at the small oak table in the middle of the room. I walk across the cold floor to the back door, and out of the small half circle window I can see that the ground is covered with a thin layer of winter frost so I grab my gray Wisconsin hoodie off of the small wicker table next to the door and put in on over my white thermal nightshirt and grab my small black tennis shoes from underneath the table and slip my feet into them before opening the back door letting in a gust of cold December wind, "It's cold out. I want you back in here in no more than ten minutes."

"Yes mom," after that I walk Lil Storm outside and shut the door before walking across the deck and down the stairs to the grass. He walked us over to the nearest bush and went pee before wanting to run around for fun, so I follow him around the yard till my mom yells startling us both, "You two need to get your tail ends in this house now! You have been out here for fifteen minutes now! So quit staring at me and get in this house!" she turns around walks back into the house from whence she came.

"Come one Storm. We should go back in before she locks us both in the kennel."

We walk into the kitchen to a plate of food from the donut shop and a bowl of kibble ready for us to eat. I look at my mom who is washing up her few dishes, "Thanks for getting the food ready."

She nods her head before she turns off the water and turns around to look at us. She opens her mouth to say something, but a knock at the door stops her and she walks out of the kitchen to answer the door. I take off Storms collar and leash and put him in front of his food. I walk back over to the table to sit down, but as soon as I grab the back of the chair to pull it out my mom lets out a blood curtailing scream. Storm runs over to me so I pick him up and run to my room putting him in there and run down the hall to the living room to find my mom with a knife held to her throat by a man I have never seen and three other men behind my father who is holding a short sword in his left hand and a long sword in his right with another sword attached to his waist, and a short bow on his back with a matching quiver of arrows. My father put his sword up and starts to walk towards me as he lowers it again. He stares at me with a look that could kill when my mother cries, "If you hurt her you hunter filth the pack will kill you and all of your group! You can't touch us! We have already been accepted and they know of your presence in their land! You moved us into the heart of their land you stupid scum! We will kill your kind and I will only laugh as you are destroyed!"

I look at me mom with a look of fear and confusion which makes my father laugh at us, "How can she be accepted into your pack if she doesn't know what kind of mongrel she is?" he gestures to me with his long sword, "What would you do if I told her right now? Nothing! You can't even get your wolf to save your life when hers is in danger! How can she learn anything from you? Oh, I know. How about I use the silver knife on you? Do you think your wolf would wake up to that!"

"Don't do anything to my pure!" She has no part in our battle! You are the one who raised a pure, so what did you expect me to do? Let her live your life never knowing her pack! Her father! Her brothers! What did you want me to do?"

"You said she was MY child! Not a filthy mongrel like you and most of this town! Now you really just killed yourself!"

As soon as he finished his yelling seven large wolves came through the front door and started to attack the four men of my father's as he grabbed me by the neck stopping all air as my mother lunged for him. He pulled out a small dagger and got her on the side of her abdomen while a large white wolf came from behind him and it seems as if I am outside of my body watching it all happen. The wolf came up and lunged for his neck before he knew what was happening and tackled him to the ground pulling my body with them. He hit the floor letting go of my neck and it seemed like I came flooding back into my body gasping for breath while my vision came flooding as the wolf bit into my father's neck making him let out a wet scream of pain. When it pulled back its snout was crimson and dripping with the blood of my now dead father. I should be crying at his death, but I could only find a sense of hope that was not there before. When I come out of my thoughts I am greeted by the shock of my mom on the floor bleeding from the knife that is embedded deep in her side. All of the wolves have left except the large white wolf who is now whining beside my mom's injured body. I crawl over to her body and instantly grab her hand looking into her eyes. She smiles at me before putting her hand on my cheek, "Claire. I wanted to tell you this under different circumstances, but I want you to meet your real father."

I look at her with a strange expression making her smile and give a breathy laugh which turns into a wet cough that brings up blood when she stops she looks at me than the wolf beside her who licks her cheek and nods. She looks at me, "Your father is closer than you think. He is actually right across from you. And before you say anything you are a werewolf, and you are what we would call a pure," she looks at the wolf for a second, "Alex. Can you show her what I mean. Please."

I look at her then the wolf like she is crazy till I see the fur start to go away and a man takes the place of the wolf. I let go of my mom's hand and jump away by the fright that I was just given. It scared me so bad I jumped up and back to the other side of the room before I spoke again with shaking breath, "Who are you? What is your name? What are you? Why do you say he is my father mom? Why were the other wolves here? What is all of this? Am I in a dream?" I took in a large cold breath of air after I spent my last bit to finish the speech.

My mom brings up her hand and motions for me to move back over to her. Taking a few self-reassuring breaths I walk over to her and take my original spot beside her and take a hold of the hand I threw to the ground. I look at her wish trembling hands waiting for her to continue what she was saying before I freaked out hoping she would be able to. I was startled when it was Alex's gruff voice I heard instead making me jump a little, "To answer you questions, I am Alex, your father, and Alpha of the pack," he sighs as if not knowing where to take the conversation and looks at my mom who just nods at him, "The other wolves you saw were some of my most trusted fighters. They left under my order to go prepare the pack for you and your mother. And this," he gestures to everything around us, "is the effect of being a wolf. We all have enemies, and unfortunately, I was not aware you were in this situation your whole life. The people who attacked you and your mother are the hunters of Artemis or the god's way of keeping the... what do you call them in mundane words... supernatural? Well, we call ourselves Loup-garou. And this just happens to be your heritage," he pauses once again and gathers a questioning look on his face as he looks at my mom who is shaking her head before looking back at me, "How old are you? When will you turn seventeen?"

"I already turned sev-"

"When?" he cuts me off and asks urgently.    

"Last month. On the twenty-fifth."

"What is today the twenty... what?"

I look at the calendar put up on the wall near the door, "Today is the... twenty-second."

He gets out and starts to look around the house for something muttering to himself before diapering down the hall. I look at my mom, who has lost nearly all the color in her face when all of a sudden I hear a loud yelp from my room followed by a crashing noise. I get up and room to my room and see Alex dragging two broom handles and a blanket behind him. I grab my door knob as he stops beside me as if expecting a fight. I shake my head as I get on my knees and open the door grabbing my shaking pup and his collar to put it on his. I get up holding him and walk to the kitchen letting Alex finish what he started as I find the black rope leash and put it on Lil Storm and walk back to where I left my mom. When we passed through the doorway I see Alex tying the blanket onto the broom handles before he lays it out flat and walks over to my mom. He bends down and being careful of the knife in mom's side he picks he up and places her gently on the blanket before looking up at me. "What is that,' he points at Storm, "And, what are you doing with it?"

I hold Storm a little tighter before answering, "This thing is my dog Lil Storm. You can call him Storm for short. And I am not leaving him! So that means that he will be coming with us, thank you very much!"

He lifts his hands up in the air as he looks at me and Storm, "I hope you can walk him and help me carry you mother at the same time. Because we have just over a mile and a half of a walk through the forest. Think you can make it?"

"I am not worthless you know! I can do anything that you can! Understand? Father or not I will not take being talked to like that! Got it? I sure hope you do!"

"Got it. I was just making sure you knew what you are getting into. And don't you need a longer leash? At that length, you will trip over him every step. If you do go get it."

I nod to him and leave heading to my closet in the hall and grab the extra leash along with the leash extender. I close the closet and put Storm down on the floor and take off the leash and attach it to the extender which I clip onto his collar and attach the extra leash to the wrist hold of the other leash before tying him to my belt loops and walking back to Alex and my mom taking my place at her head and grab a hold of the makeshift gurney that was made and nod letting Alex know I am ready. "On three. One... Two... Three... Lift."

We pick it up in unison and he takes his end walks over to the tall table beside the door and sets her there while he turns around and grabs her backward and heads to the door out into the cool December wind. He takes us around to the back side of the house where the forest meets our yard and enters. Once I break thru the tree line it's like a different place. There are wolves at equal intervals that I can only guess are the guards on shift. It is also warmer than outside of the forest making it less bitter. I walk forward with mom when I feel a tug on the leash I look behind me and see the Storm is trying to go meet on of the guards that just walked to where we came through at. I look back in the direction we are heading and I feel the leash loose its tension as Storm comes up to walk beside me. Alex looks behind him to make sure he won't get tripped by Storm who is just happy and running all around on the left side of me. He turns back so he can see where we are going when he is stopped by a large black wolf who was looking from Alex to me and back as if asking something when Alex turns back to me, "Claire this is Simon, my Beta," he nods his head in greeting when I make eye contact with him when the turns back to Alex, "and, he wants to know if you would like him to take over for the next mile. Before you say anything it's just an act of courtesy."

Before I can respond his Beta makes himself human the same way Alex did only its slower. He has short blond hair with gray eyes and tan olive skin making him seem out of place between all of us. He has a black leather jacket on over his white t-shirt and dark colored jeans that said the opposite of his kind face. I nod to him and he takes the place I was at with my mom and I took up a place on her left and walked beside her as we continued on our way. As we walked Alex pointed out some important places, such at the training ground and meeting place, which were no closer than a half mile outside of the pack houses. We passed by a few homes scattered about for those who didn't want to live in the middle of the territory or completely surrounded by the others. I could tell we were starting to make it to the center of the territory when the number of people and houses we passed became more and more. When we made it to the community of houses people were scattering around doing their chores when three people in white coats came up and took my mom from Alex and Simon and ran down the center of the houses. I looked at Alex and Simon when They said, "Medics," in unison. I nodded when Simon took my hand, "It was nice to meet you, Claire. I will see you again, and if you need anything you can ask me when this guy is not around," with that he turned around and walked off as I started to pull Storm closed to me so he would be on a short leash as I followed Alex down the street. I noticed that a lot of people would bring their head down as we walked by, "Alex, why is everyone putting their head down when we pass by them?"

"So you noticed that. Well, it's what everyone does to the Alpha and Beta when in their presence as a show of submission. And it's one of the things I am trying to break the habit of people doing because I feel like it is... what's the word... anyway it's kind of a stupid law that was put in place by the last Alpha, my father because it was a great way to tell the higher ranks from the lower ones such as the Omega's."

"If that's the case then why didn't Simon do that? Isn't he a lower rank than you?"

"Yes he is a lower rank than me, but as he is second in command he holds the same standings that I do, even if his rank is lower than mine. Then and he understands my thoughts on the whole bow your head when the Alpha or Beta is around."

"That makes a little more sense. Alex, where are we going?"

"We are going to discuss what you are going to go through tomorrow night around midnight. No more questions till we are inside, please. To many ears that could overhear us," he says as quietly as he could so that only I could hear him as he looked at me. I nodded in response as he turned into a yard on the left that leads to a grand home. It was a two story house with stone up to the bottom of the windows that turned into an elegant dark oak wood with a sloping room. The front porch was a medium size stone floor with the same dark oak wood railing and balcony above to that looked like the roof of the porch a small rose garden wrapping around the porch with a stained glass door.

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