A Wolfish Christmas

A girl born into her life has a secret to keep, but she doesn't even know what it is. She has nobody to tell her what to do and is forced to figure it out on her own once they move to a new town. She started off with a normal life then everything changed once she turned 17. She soon discovers that it is a gift from the great gods of wolves. Finding more like herself she starts to leave behind the old life for the new one.


8. Leaving With Kitsune

"Burumun, its time to get up. Burumun."

I mumble to the voice I hear before shooting up to the sharp pain in my leg. I look down to see that Kitsune is smirking at me while Hirayama releases his grip on my leg. I give Kitsune a look making him laugh and fall on the floor.

"Next time you should wake up the first time and not wait ten minutes," he pants between laughs as they start to calm down and regains his composure, "Now, its time to say your goodbye's and pack. We leave in an hour."

"Okay. I was  wondering, can I bring Storm?"

He turn around and looks at me strangely, "Who is that?"

I get up and smirk as I look under my bed for my sleeping pup finding him wagging his tail happily as I pat the floor for him to come out. He crawls out and to my arms as I pick him up to show Kitsune, "This is Storm."

He hums in thought, "I don't see why not. He would be your second companion right beside the wolf that will choose you before you can start your training."

"Thank you," I exclaim with a smirk before getting a serious face earning me a strange look, "Now, get OUT so I can get changed and pack. I will be down in about forty-five minutes with my stuff to say goodbye."

He raises his hands in surrender and walks out of my room. I chuckle as I use the bag that Kitsune gave me for my weapons and cloths to put things in after I put on cloths with my lightweight armor on underneath before putting on my swords on my back, a short sword on my hip with the weapons belt holding daggers and knuckle blades, the daggers on my calves and forearms, the short blades in my boots, and the daggers that I hide on my abdomen. After I am geared up and packed I grab what I need for Storm and wrap my arms with bandages like I did the night before.

After I finished what I need to do, I walked down stairs to say my goodbye's to mom and Alex. I find them in the kitchen talking with Kitsune about something before Alex turns around and throws an apple at me as him and mom walk over pulling me into a hug. I return the gesture before pulling back to see mom with tears in her eyes making me pull her back into a hug an comfort her with telling her I will be back before I pull back an look at Alex before pulling him into a tight hug telling him to take care of mom or he would have consequences before pulling away. I look at Kitsune who nods his head. I turn around and pick up Storm before walking over to where Kitsune was waiting turning back and giving a big grin to the two people I will not be seeing for a while as they disappear.

The darkness that consumed up is now turning into a dimly light stone corridor with ice on the walls. I can see my breath as it comes out in puffs of smoke. I look at Kitsune who is looking down the corridor as if waiting for something or someone to come meet us, "Are we supposed to wait here or do we meet somewhere?"

He looks at me summoning his wolf who walks down the corridor, "We wait till of of the Alphas or Elders come to get us."

I nod and take in the sight around us sense my eyes have adjusted to give me a better look than what I did. I notice the paw prints and scratches that line the walls and floor. Behind us seems to be another way in, as it gets brighter further dawn. I turned back around waiting with Storm in my arms as I notice what looks like Hirayama walking with another wolf three times his height beside him. I watch as they approach carefully examining what Kitsune does out of the corner of my eyes. The new wolf I notice has scars all over them with yellow eyes, a whit strip in between his eyes going to their nose, a chocolate brown coat, and a well muscled build. He looks over Kitsune with what I can only say is a wolfish smirk and flickers over to me with eyes bright with curiosity.

He stops in front of up never removing his gaze, "Who is that Kit? I have never seen her with you, and why is she holding the pup?" he asks while twitching his ears a little.

"This is Burumun, the new Wolf Goddess. And the pup would be the one she brought with her from the pack."

He gives of breathy growl as a chuckle, "Well, welcome to your new home for the next few years. And, as for your pup he will be train by the alphas mate with her own pups. She will learn his name and give it to you once you are both ready. Now its time that I take you to the Alpha, but before I do I would advise you to have your wolf beside you and allow her to take the pup."

I nod and do as he says giving Storm to Okami before standing ready to follow. He huffs and turns around with Hirayama beside him as Kitsune and I say behind the with Okami caring storm like her own pup due to the fact that he tried to run off three times already. We go down a twist of different corridors before he stops in front of a large door.

He turns around and looks at us, "This is where you will meet after you go to you room and prepare for this battle. it determines if you are worthy of us helping you and getting a protector or if we will only train you in the basics. If you fail the result is death. Understood?" I nod, "Good. Follow me to your room so you can prepare. Kit will lead you back once you are ready," he states before stopping in front of a door, "This is your room," with that he walks back the way we came.

I walk in with Okami and Kitsune behind me. Once they are both in I shut the door and set the bag down by the bed and pull my hair down from its pony tail and brain it. Once I finish that I wrap it into a tight battle bun turning around to see a smirking Kitsune. I tilt my head to the side, "What? Is something wrong?"

"No, just don't kill anything or you will be sentenced to the same fate."

"Noted. I believe I'm ready. I have my weapons, armor, anti-poison, and my hair is not an easy target. I think I'm ready."

"Are you sure? You still have the apple in your hand. Do you want to eat that real fast?"

I look down and see the apple in my hand and bring in up and take a huge bit out of it, scarfing it down in less than a minute. I look back up and nod saying I'm ready. when all of a sudden the apple core in my hand turns into a small leather covered twin daggers. I look back up with a huge grin making Kitsune chuckle and motion for me to follow him. I jog up to him and look back to see Okami looking at me with Storm sleepin on her paws, "I will see you after." 

I nod and shut the door quietly behind me, and jog to catch up with a waiting Kitsune. We walk back to the big doors and he sends me in. I take a few steps in when a set of bright green eyes mark the attack of a wolf that's double my height. I wait for a few second before sprinting to the side so that they slid giving me a second to pull out my new daggers. I rush forward at the running wolf using hilt to hit the points on the back of their leg to send them staggering over me before loosing balance and me pinning them to the ground with a blade at their neck daring them to get up.

"Enough!" a loud and authoritative voice cuts through the air making me draw back my blades. I put them in their sheaths as I move away from the wolf who attacked me allowing them to stand up to their full height, "I am impressed child. No one has ever taking out one of us that fast, especially with our a single scratch to either opponent," A black wolf three times the size of my opponent speaks as the light in the cavern starts to return revealing Kitsune and his small wolf along with the one who escorted us and around one hundred others of varying sizes. I go off instinct and bow slightly at the shoulders, "You have proven worthy of my son Kuro will be your battle partner and guide. You will train and practice with each other everyday under the supervision of Utsukushi. You will start with speed and strength training before you work with your new powers and sparing. During this time we will also be teaching you other things as well. When you are ready to leave we will send you back and Kuro or another wolf with come when you need help depending on the situation. You may leave."

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