A Wolfish Christmas

A girl born into her life has a secret to keep, but she doesn't even know what it is. She has nobody to tell her what to do and is forced to figure it out on her own once they move to a new town. She started off with a normal life then everything changed once she turned 17. She soon discovers that it is a gift from the great gods of wolves. Finding more like herself she starts to leave behind the old life for the new one.


1. Decembers First Gift

Decembers First Gift


"Claire, hurry up! The truck is about to leave on its last trip and we don't have any more room in the car. If you want it then bring it to the truck," her dad yelled from downstairs.

"Yes sir," I took my time getting downstairs so that I could take in all of my life before I start a new one.

"Good god! What do you not understand about hurry up, you worthless piece of trash?" he yelled once I entered his line of sight. My mother cowered at his yell for fear of being hit once again and pleaded me with her eyes. I answered by walking out the back door and around the house as my mother screamed in pain. I stopped in front of one of the movers and handed them my last box as we heard, "What are you worth to me if you can't even keep that thing in line! What are you worth to me alive? Why don't I just kill you right here?" my father's drunken rage went on as I talked to the movers about what to do if he comes near them and does this. They nodded and went back to work understanding why I said that.

"You filthy drunk inside get out here and take care of your part before I pack up my mom in the car and leave you behind!" I threatened him as I walked back inside and grabbed my mother off the floor leading her outside. Before I could follow her out of the front door he grabbed my shirt collar and pulled back choking me before he dropped me on the ground at his feet. I coughed till I had my breath back and threw a punch at his knee as I got up to avoid his fall. Running over to the table that has the keys I grab them and yell at my mom to get in the car as I run out of the house to the car. I yell at the movers to get going as I throw myself into the car and start it with my mom in the passenger seat. I start the engine and floored the gas as I put on my seat belt one handed leaving my drunk of a father here never to see him again.

We sped down the street till we caught up with the truck so that we could crawl at its pace from behind. We went for a few hours before the truck pulled into a gas station where we followed. The guys got out as we pulled up at the pump across from them. I handed my mom a twenty for gas and she got out to go pay. I climbed out and went to ask, "Do you know how to get to the new house?"

The younger of the two turned around, "Yes we know the house. We also know the town."

"Wait. Did you say town?"

"Yes, I did."

"Okay. Well, where exactly are we going?" I curiously questioned.

"We are going to Spirit, Texas."

"Spirit. Why did he want to move there? What does the town look like?"

"Well for starters it's very small. It is surrounded by trees, and I mean they are everywhere your house can't be seen through the trees that line the place. It's a lot of oak with some others. The town has a small rustic charm. The school is about the size of," he pauses and look at the gas station and gestures with his hand, "that. There is a small cafe, pit stop, scenic overview, and park. You will feel like an outsider at first. It is a very community-based place."

Taken aback by the description, "Wow. Um... that seems like a nice town, but I am not sure what to think of that."

"Titus, the gas is in the truck. Now if you are ready I would like to drop off this load and go home," the driver of the truck said with an annoyed tone.

"Alright, Mat. Or should I call you Mateo?" He turned his head to look at the other guy with a smirk on his face.

He only became more aggravated.

Surrendering to his brother, "Okay. Let's go," He raised his hands up as he walked to the other side of the truck.

My mother came from around the car and held her hand out to me, "Keys! Now!"

I pulled them out of my pocket and passed them to her as I started to go around to the passenger side door and climb in again to finish out the next four hours. The truck pulled out as her mother starts the car and follows behind them. Breaking the silence, "I am proud of what you did Claire. That was very brave to stand up to your father like that. And I thank you for what you did."

Looking at my mother as she drove, "I was fed up with how he treated us, mom. Now I ask you, why would I let him do that to us when this was supposed to be a new start."

"I know sweetheart. I know."

I turned my head away from her and leaned my seat back as far as it would and drifted off to sleep.


It was a peaceful dreamless sleep and I was only awakened by the jumping and gosling of the car. I sat up to look out the window only to find that we were surrounded by trees, and in front of us I could see the truck jostling down a dirt road in front of us. "Mom, are we here already? I didn't think we were driving for this long."

She chuckles at my comment, "You know it's strange how can sleep for hours and not know a thing, but if you sleep for one or less you know everything."

"Okay, wise old owl. I don't need a rundown of my sleep."

We both start laughing at that point till the truck starts to slow down. We soon see the house and pull up on the left. The truck backs up to the front of the house and parks. Mom and I stare at it in awe before getting out of the car to help the movers. We grab the boxes that they put on the porch and take them to their designated rooms, all except my dad's which we put in a pile next to the barn in the back. It only takes two hours before we have everything in the house ready to be unpacked. Retreating back into the house we go through the small cooler of food that we brought for lunch and dinner. We find what we are going to eat and scarf down what we had made in ten minutes before going to our rooms for organizing.

I was in my room for an hour getting things done when my mom poked her head through the door with a smile, "Guess what I gust got."

I gave her a puzzled look, "What did you get? And, when did you leave?"

She enters the room with her hands behind her back, "Close your eyes till I say open," I close my eyes and can hear her moving around, "Open, in three... two... now."

I open my eyes and she is holding out a small Grey and white husky puppy with baby blue eyes to me. I grab it, "Where did you get this little guy? He is so cute!"

"I got him while you were doing some unpacking from an old friend of mine. I thought you would like something nice for Christmas. He is house trained, but you need to teach him to walk on a leash since we do not have a fenced in yard."

"Yes, mom. And again, thank you for this little guy."

"Your welcome. And come get dinner it's getting late."

"Will do. After dinner, I am going to head to bed."

"Okay sweety."

I went to our little cooler and grabbed out the same thing I had for lunch I ate half and gave the rest to my little one before I grabbed him and went to bed. I set him down on my pillows and changed into my blue plaid flannel PJs and turned off the light. Rummaging through the dark to my bed I climb under the blanket and curled up with my sleeping little one.

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