Christmas tales from the vampire

4 different stories, from 4 different groups, how will the four meet and will they ever be the same? A vampire's year is not full until Christmas comes around and a bloodbath comes to turn the white glistening snow red.


6. Chapter 6 (25)

          I heard them climbing back through the window up the steps in her room. I sighed and had to go up to check on them. I left the party to whatever was its and went to go and find them. I knew that she was half vampire but I was not sure of her abilities just yet. I opened the door to the room just as they shut the window. They both looked guilty to me but said nothing as I came and sat down on her bed. "Where did you guys go?" I asked them softly. I loved to hear her voice but she was not the one to talk after the brief sense that claimed them both.

          "Lorance, how did you know we left?" Aldred asked me. I might be his maker but I had never asked him to call me that. I thought that being called that was just weird. It meant that I held power over him and that was not true, we were companies yet it seems he had found someone to keep him company. Someone that had the voice of a goddess and looked beautiful in the dress that I helped put on her. I was pleased to hear her voice when she was the one to answer.

          "He saw me to my home so I could tell my mother and father farewell. I needed to do so. I am done with that so we could get back to the party now," She told me in her goddess voice. She was still wearing her dress I was curious as to how they got down without that tearing. " Aldred got us down and took me home," She answered my minds question out loud. I said that Aldred was looking at her and me curiously. I nodded my head once and left the room. I thought one more thing to her and she stayed in the room because she wanted to know something that it was clear she could not see. Aldred moved to leave the room as well; I know that she held him back, though. He was part of what she could not see. I did not invade their talk but I did know that she was not pleased and yet very happy to see that everyone around her could see something that she could not see for herself. If I knew her right then she was going to not leave her mother and father's side until they died so we would be here until they did and then she would truly be a vampire with us They might not have been her real mother and father but I could tell that she loved them dearly as though they were. It was something that I had wished for myself but it was clear that was not going to fall to me just yet. I wanted more family, more people to spend time with. I was going to ask around to see if anyone here would like to start a coven and join it with me. 

          "Sure I would love to," I heard someone say to me. I had not noticed that I had walked all the way down the steps and spoke my question out loud. I smiled at that and they smiled back. I knew that they would want to spend some more time with this half human half vampire person. 

          "Do any of you know how to cook food?" I asked already knowing the answer was no. But to my surprise, one did know how to. I had forgotten that he was just turned so of course, he would know how to cook food.

          "Yes, I can. Does she want some food?" Author asked me. I nodded my head once and showed him to the kitchen. He looked around the kitchen impressed that I had most everything that I could have had in a kitchen. "So she is going to be staying with you now? Her mom and dad know?" He asked as he opened the fridge and looked through it. I nodded glad that he could hear the movement of my head and not make me talk. "Okay, so do you know what she would like to eat or not?" He asked and looked my way. I shook my head and watched as he pulled out some deli meat and something that Huntress had called 'toppings' before he shut the door. I watched him look around for something else and he found what Huntress had called 'bread' so I had no clue what he was making. He got out a round flat thing from a cupboard and put a piece of 'bread' down on it. He opened all of the bags that he had gotten out of the fridge and put a piece of what they held on the bread and then put some of the 'toppings' on top of that before he put on another piece of 'bread'. He handed me the thing that he had made. I walked out of the room holding the food in my hands and looking at it with disgust. I didn't know what it was but it didn't smell good to me. I did not know if Huntress was going to like it or not. 

          I walked up the steps to her room and knocked on the door. When I didn't hear anything I stepped inside the room to see something that I had not expected to see. Huntress was on the ground pinned down by Aldred. He was kissing her and it looked like she was kissing back. I smiled softly at the image and cleared my throat to try and get them to stop what they were doing. They did stop but only when I kicked Aldred in the foot. I saw what he was going at and I knew that I was not going to watch him and she do the age old dance that a lot of people know. Humans and vampires all know how this dance goes. 

          Aldred looked up at me while Huntress was hiding herself in her clothing again. I smiled slightly. I wasn't going to laugh at them. I knew that this was going to happen sometime. They looked right for each other, and I knew it was only going to be a matter of time before they started to do this. I held out the plate of food to Huntress and she grabbed it blushing slightly. "There is no need to be embarrassed I knew that this would have happened at some point in time. But someone made this for you so enjoy this disgusting thing," I said to her and sat down in the chair. I saw her face turn to the white it was before and then she started laughing at me. I knew that she was laughing at me and nothing else. But nothing was going to stop me from asking why. "Why are you laughing?" I asked her when she was finally calm enough to answer.

          "Because you think that it would be disgusting! I mean I thought that at first as well when someone made me one but I still tried it and it was surprisingly good. If you were not a full vamp, I would tell you to try it too," She said and took a bite out of the food. I saw that Aldred was watching her as well. Aldred took the thing from her and took a bite out of it as well. They seemed to be getting along very well. He smiled and sighed as he swallowed the thing. I lifted my eyebrows as he gave her back the thing and he answered my question.

          "What did you expect? That I wouldn't be hungry after I found a mate?" He asked me using the word that I knew was much more than a word for love. It meant that they were going to find each other and they would have ended up together anyway. Huntress lifted her head at the term and swallowed the food in her mouth. It was clear that she had questions about it but she was hungry first. I sat watching her eat the rest of the food.

          "Are you sure that I am?" She asked him not even thinking that I was in the same room anymore. I saw Aldred nod once before she hugged him tightly. It was not something that I had seen Huntress do before. Huggin was not something that she had done when she had ever been around me. 

          "I am as sure of that as I am that I am alive and a vampire," He told her sweetly and wrapped and arm around her shoulders. I could see that it was meant as a way to say that she is his and no one could touch her. I grabbed the plate and walked down the steps to put it in the sink. 

          I walked out to the party and heard no one speaking or moving. But could see that they were all waiting for something to happen. "She liked the thing that you made for her Author," I spoke up. everyone's head turned toward me and I saw that they had all been silent for a reason. I was going to have to make these walls sound proof, I thought when I heard something happen up the steps. It seemed that they had gotten back to the age old dance. 

          "I knew that she would," He said to me looking at the ceiling. I sighed and looked up as well. 

          "They are mates if you could not have seen that when you saw them together," I told everyone. They all looked happy with themselves. I smiled at them all and joined them sitting down in front of the fire. No one spoke for a long while.

          "I, Flamma, will agree to join your coven and follow you around where you go," I heard one of the females tell me. I looked over to her and saw tat she was not joking about it. She even said the official joining a coven thing.

          "I, Author, will agree to join your coven and follow you around where you go," said the male that sat right next to her holding her hand in her lap. 

          "I, Joseph, will agree to join your coven and follow you around where you go," said another male that was not holding someone's hand.

          "I, Vladimira, will agree to join your coven and follow you around where you go," Said the female who Joseph was sitting next to.

        "I, Camilla, will agree to join your coven and follow you around where you go," said the only female that was not there with someone. I looked at her last, she looked nice. That was everyone in the room with me. They had all agreed to be in a coven with me. This was great now all I had to say were the simple words to make the cover a real thing.

          "I, Lorance maker and Aldred, hereby have made a coven with Flamma, Author, Joseph, Vladimira, Camilla, and Aldred my creation, with his new company, Huntress the half human half vampire being We will make this coven strong and add more vampires to it as they wish to join," And with that the coven was made. Now I was going to have to come up with a name for this said coven.

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