Christmas tales from the vampire

4 different stories, from 4 different groups, how will the four meet and will they ever be the same? A vampire's year is not full until Christmas comes around and a bloodbath comes to turn the white glistening snow red.


5. Chapter 5 (25)

          I woke up in a room that I had never been in before. My being half human, made sure that my memories were that of a human, and not being able to keep them for longer than two years, and my senses were dulled just like humans. But it wasn't all that bad. I sat up and rubbed my eyes sleepily. When I could see better than when I had woken up I looked around the room. The room was black and white. The walls painted black and the carpet white. I looked around to see if I could tell where I was. I have no clue what I did sometimes to get kidnapped but it does happen, from time to time. But I do usually move families when that happens. I didn't see anything to tell me where I was. I got up from the bed that I was laying on to see if that could have told me anything. The bed was a very nice looking on and must have cost a fortune. It was an oak wood bed with an oak wood head frame that was carved to look like a tree with a rose carved out at the top of it. None of it was painted which made it look even better in my eyes. The bed cover was white as well. It looked like the room was just the color black and white with the few expected of the oak wood in the room.

          I sighed and gave up trying to see where I was but look around for a way out of this place. I saw a window in front of me, but I knew that the people that had to have caught me would not be dumb enough to leave the window unlocked so I didn't bother. Instead, I tried the door amazed when it let me out without breaking, but sadly mistaken when I saw that it was just to the bathroom. Realizing then that I had to go to the bathroom, I did my business and tried to finger comb my hair. I gave up with it and went out to the main part of the bedroom. I had either missed it or it had not been there when I woke up, the black dress that was hanging off an oak chair in a corner. I smiled at it and went to go look it over. I was from a time of dresses and proper equate. I saw that the black dress was long and went all the way to the floor and someone had gone very heavy on the glitter all of the top halves while the bottom half looked more like a night sky without so many stars in it. My eyes went to the next thing, which was on the floor, some golden looking high heels that were somewhat high. I shook my head at those. They were not going to get me in those. I saw that there was a small little bag off the arm of the chair and picked it up. I opened it to see that someone had put in golden looking earrings with pearls on them. I narrowed my eyes at them. What was going on here, was my first thought when I saw them. I looked through the rest of the little bag and found a masquerade mask in it. I looked to the door questioning everything that had just been 'given' to me.

          I went back into the bathroom and set the dress, earrings, and mask down on the counter. I walked over to the shower and started it. The moment it was on I heard the bedroom door open and someone make their way to the bathroom. I didn't know who it was but I was hoping that they wouldn't come in here. And if they did, I would just make them leave and wipe the image from them. "Huntress? Are you awake?" I heard a voice that I knew to be Aldred. I smiled at myself for not realizing that he must have put me in here when I fall asleep on him. 

          "Well, who else would be in the room that you put me in?" I asked back. I knew that I had gotten something out of him when I heard a small laugh through the door.

          "Yes, of course. But it was not I who put you in here. It was Lorance because I needed to talk to him ... about you," I heard him say through the door. I knew that he was debating to wait or go so I could take my shower in peace.

          "You can come in, you know. I am not undressed yet," I told him and reached for the door knob. I pulled it open just to see him turning red. I smiled at him. I knew that if he wasn't turning red he would have been smiling back too. I titled my head to the side and watched as he began to turn back to white.

          "Okay well, umm I should let you go and take your shower now," He said and pointed to the door out of the bedroom. One that I had not noticed before then. I sighed and ran fingers through my hair once more as I watched him leave. I turned back to my shower and closed the door behind me. I stripped off my clothing and walked into the hot spray of the water. I was just starting to remember what had put me to sleep. I had used my power too much and it drains me. I had been making a fire so Aldred could watch it and I could read without him moving his head all the time. I washed up and got out of the shower to get ready for whatever it eas they were doing for me. I looked at the dress slightly confused at it and tried to put it on but it had holes in the back. I took the dress off once more and called Lorance to me because I knew that I wasn't going to like it if Aldred was to come and help me put the dress on.

          "Yes, Huntress?" He asked when he knocked lightly on the door. I wrapped a towel around myself and opened the door. He looked at me strangely for a second before I held out the dress for his help. When he understood what I was asking he came over and put the dress over my head while I was holding the towel until the dress was on. He smiled at me while he was behind me fixing the dress and having it stay in place I knew that he was getting the glitter all over his hands. I felt that he was smiling at me like he was my father helping me out on my first date or something. The feeling was not one that I liked to feel, but now that I knew what it felt like I knew that I had made the right chose with finally letting go of humans. "You can let go of the towel now," He told me and I forced the towel from under the dress. Making sure that in the process everything was nice and going to stay. I looked over at him as he zipped up the dress from behind. I had not noticed the zipper, and if the zipper had been there then why did he not just unzip it and then leave. Maybe it was already unzipped and I was just having a hard time with it. 

          I was dragged to a full-length mirror and forced to look at myself. I stared at the mirror like I had grown a second head. "Wow," was all I could even manage to say in the end and I had a feeling that he wasn't even done with making me dress up. I heard a chuckle come from behind me and I managed to tear my eyes away from myself to the person behind me. I tilted my head at him and he seemed to understand the confusion.

          "It is like you have never been dressed up before. It is like it is your first time wearing a dress and then looking at yourself to see that you are very beautiful wearing one," Lorance told me. I looked back at myself and told myself in my head, 'It has been a long time. You do have to change yourself a lot every time you have to get a new life,' I knew that he was more than likely going to make me wear them more often now that he knew what I looked like in them. I sighed inwardly and looked back at the room. 

         "So, I am guessing I am still at your home? And if so what is going on? I know how I got up here but, why am I still here? I thought that you would have taken me home," I asked trying to change the subject as fast as I could. I was still looking around the room for something to brush my hair out with when Lorance pulled out a hairbrush and made me sit on the edge of the bed so he could brush it out for me.

          "Yes, you are still at our home. You will see what is going on in a moment. And I brought you up here when you fell asleep downstairs on Aldred. We had a talk and I didn't want to wake you up. I thought that it would be weird if you woke up while your head was on his shoulder," Lorance told me. I stilled at once my memories of last night finally hitting me. No wonder he was acting strange around me. 

          It took some time to get through my thick hair with the small brush but it was done. I tried to get up but was pushed back down to sit once more. I tried to turn my head but, was told, "Keep still. I am not done yet, I still have to do your hair." I sighed and sat still and waited for him to finish my hair as well. I had forgotten all about the mask and earring until I was brought in front of the long mirror. My hair was up and curled somehow. I looked to Lorance and saw him smiling at me. "I will not tell you my secret just know that when I was human I had sisters and they told me how to do things like that," I sighed frustrated at him. But he had managed to tie my hair back slightly. It was still hanging loosely down my shoulders but the top half of it was tied back and made to look very wedding-ish. I almost ran to the bathroom for the mask and earrings. I got them both and broth them out to hand to Lorance. He smiled at me. "So we are not having a masquerade but if you would like to wear the mask you could. You would look a little off but it is your birthday. And if you want to put the earrings on you could but I don't see you wearing them," Lorance said and handed them to me. I made up my mind while he was talking. I was not going to wear the black mask no matter how interesting it looked. I was not going to wear the earrings because being half vampire has a little downside. The females can't wear earrings. 

          "Do you know how to use this?" Lorance asked handing me the makeup. I shook my head and smiled slightly at it. "Well, I guess you will do with none of it then," He told me. The moment all of the words left his lips I sighed gratefully. He chuckled softly and lead me out of the room and down the steps to what was waiting for me. I could smell vampires everywhere. 

         I looked around to see that I knew two people at this thing that was going on but the rest of them I had not a clue in the world who they are. They all looked at me quietly. I slowly started to back out of the room when I felt someone behind me and push me forward. I looked over my shoulder to see that Lorance was behind me. I smiled at him and allowed him to push me into the room. I was still nervous about everything that was happening so I didn't say anything until I was spoken to.

          "So how do you like it?" Aldred asked me when he stopped in front of me. I shrugged and looked around the room. I couldn't tell much of anything I might have been looking but I wasn't seeing anything. The most that I was seeing was eyes staring at me like I was food. I was slowly shrinking back in my own skin.  "Oh come on. Will you use your words?" He asked me once more. I sighed giving into his question.

          "Yes, but why would you do this? What is it for?" I asked him. I knew that my voice sounded like angles but I never liked my voice. My voice was one of the things that would never change about me. And I had tried. I had tried to change my voice. I had thought that at first, I would just grow out of it but that had never been the case. It only seemed to get sweeter as I got older. I gave up trying to see if it would go away anytime soon. I looked around when I heard a gasp coming from everyone in the room. I looked back at Aldred and he smiled at me. It was like they were encouraging me to do something. "My question?" I asked him once more snapping him out of whatever trance I had put him in.

          "Oh yes. I did this because I was told it was your birthday. It is for you. I made it as a birthday surprise. Well, birthday slash Christmas thing," He told me. I sighed at the word Christmas. My birthday being on Christmas was always nothing to be happy about. I never liked it. I would always get Christmas things for my birthday and it would drive me nuts. But I could do nothing about the day I was born. 

          "Well then. Okay," I said to him and looked back at the group. I was going to have to talk to all of these people. The thought of doing that was not a happy one. " Okay so I am guessing that you all would know my name but you might not know it. I am Huntress. I am half human and half vampire. What would you like to know?" I asked with a fake smile. It seemed that everyone could see through it. and didn't start with the questions right away as I thought they might have. "Okay if you have no questions then could you stop staring at me? It is not only rude but making me uncomfortable," I told them turned back to Aldred. I knew that I was going to have someone coming up to ask me one thing and then everyone was going to start and come up to ask me something. 

          "Okay, we should play some music then. I know that it might not be your favorite kind of music but it is Christmas so sorry," Aldred told me before he turned on the music and loud Christmas music came out. He turned to volume down to a tolerable sound and the talking and chatting had begun.

          "You really didn't have to do this for me you know. I am not a party person. But I will say thank you for trying," I told Aldred as he came back to my side. I watched everyone talk like they knew each other. I saw that Aldred had started to frown at me. I shied away from him. I didn't know what to do. I thought that this was somehow wrong but it also felt like an older brother that I didn't know I had just come into my life and tried to do something nice for me. "I am sorry for upsetting up Aldred. I didn't mean too. It's just that ... I really ... I mean ... I am ... You know ... You are ...." I let my tried sentence die because I couldn't come up with a nice way to say anything without hurting him even more than I had already done. I sighed as he walked away looking for his maker, I, though. I was going to have to talk to people because I knew that if I didn't no one was going to talk to me, besides it was MY party after all. I am going to enjoy this party even if it is the death of me. I walked up to one of the other girls at the party and smiled at her. She took a sip of what I knew to be blood from what looked like a wine glass. She watched me as I walked up to someone who was wearing a normal looking t-shirt that looked a little Christmasy and smiled at her. I took in that she didn't like the look of parties and I could see that her maker had made her come by the look in her eyes and the book that she was trying to read while she was drinking blood. But I jumped into her mind really quiet. I wanted to know what was happening here and I was going to find out.  She smiled back at me and held her glass in her hand without taking a sip of it. 

          "Hi. Ummm ... I ..." I stopped trying to speak. I saw her hold back a smile and I relaxed slightly by it. I also resisted the urge to run my hand through my hair that was nicely done. 

          "I see. My name is Vladimira. I am guessing from what I had heard that this party is for you. Happy birthday and Merry Christmas? I don't know I don't do this party thing much either so you are not alone in this party thing. Well, it was nice to meet you but I do believe that other's would like to hear that lovely voice of yours at work," She said and sipped her from the glass she held in her hands. I smiled at her and walked away. It felt weird to walk away from her. I didn't like that so I took control of her and smiled when I heard her gasp and grip her wine glass to try and keep control of herself. She was fighting back as hard as she could. I could tell since I was in her head. It was funny she seemed to be powerful but not all that powerful if I could keep control of her. I walked to the next person, or group of people. It seemed that most everyone here knew someone. I was thinking that maybe it was someone that they made or something but I was not sure. 

          "Hello... I just wanted to say thanks for coming?" I asked not really into the party but still knowing that it was done for me and it was a nice thought. I looked them up and down and saw that the man in the group was wearing something that I believed would have been good for the time but now just looked really old. One was wearing an old style looking shirt and pants but it was clear that he had tried to find something to go with the Christmas thing but failed at trying to make it birthday-ish. I smiled it and moved to the next one. I looked at him as he looked at me in the eyes and smiled at me. I looked more at what he was wearing than what he was doing. He was wearing something more modern looking. A suit and some fancy looking pants to go with it, all of which were in black. He looked kind of like everyone here but in a more modern time. 

          "Your welcome. I had nothing to do and it seemed that they care for you so I thought that it would be nice to come and meet everyone living here. It is nice to know that we have to be more careful with humans from now on. But how are you, Huntress?" They asked me. I smiled and released more. They were nice people and I was not going to be mean to nice people.

          "I am good. How are you ...umm. I am sorry I didn't catch your name," I said wearily. It was weird but I was getting the hang of talking to more people. They smiled at me encouragingly when I looked back to see the eyes that I felt on me. I wanted to laugh at how Lorance and Aldred were looking at me and watching me. 

           "That was my mistake I had not told you our names yet. I am Joseph, the person that you were just speaking with is my creation and this here is Author. He is a new turn and he was asking if we might be able to give him some advice for it. But I have none because I can't remember being a new turn. It was a very long time ago," Joseph. told me. I smiled at him and looked to all of them each one in silence. I could see that they all were waiting for me to talk.

          "Do not ask me. I was never turned. I have always been half human. So I got nothing. but I could try. Would you like me to try and give some advice?" I asked Author with a smile. I was going to try and help even if I said something that wouldn't be a very interesting thing to say or very helpful. "Ummm okay. I would say ... I have no idea what I would say to someone in your position. Sorry at least I tried to, I said laughing slightly. I got a laugh out of everyone standing around me. I might have been smaller to all of them but they were nice to be around. 

          "Well, you did try and thank you for that. I must say that you are very nice no matter that I had expected something else coming from the half human. I am sorry if that seemed like an insult," He told me. I smiled at his politeness. He smiled back I watched him as he sipped his wine cup of blood. I was getting hungry as well. I walked away from them to go and try to find something to eat. 

          I walked around fro a while before I felt hands around my waist, I stopped at the feeling of it and stilled when I didn't know who it was. "What are you doing, Huntress?" Was whispered into my ear by warm breath. I stilled until I realized that the voice was coming from Aldred. I relaxed slowly as I finally knew who it was. I turned around to face him and saw that the whole party had stopped talking and was looking at us. I stilled once more and pulled him into the hallway from the empty doorway. I walked with him behind me until we got to a room and away from people that could hear what we were saying and I could talk to him in privately.

          "If you do that ever again I will kill you slowly," I hissed at him. I saw the fear in his eyes when I said that and I took control over his movements in a second natural. I saw him tense up and knew that he knew what was going on then. I made sure that he could still talk, though, I knew that he was going to want to talk to me. 

           "Okay never sneak up on you. I want to know what you were looking for," He said I felt that he was trying to raise his arms up with the intent to try and calm me down.  "Did you think that I would have tried to do something to you with everyone watching?" He asked me when I sat down on the bed. I looked up at him and realized the control that I had over his movements. He went related slowly but when he was sure that I wasn't going to do that again he sat on the bed away from me but still close enough to caught me if I tried to run from him. 

          "No, but I don't like it when I get touched by people that I have just met. I would like to get to know them first. And to answer your questions I am hungry and thirst. I was looking for food. Mine and yours. I do have to have blood too," I told him and saw that he moved closer to the door. 

          "Then, I will go get you some. But wait here. I don't know about the human food thing but I do know about the blood one," He said and I got up from my bed. I made me sit back down and walked out the door, closing it behind him. I knew that they would not lock me in here. I was free to come and go as I pleased I just didn't want to I was going to get that mask. It felt right in my hands. I grabbed the mask and stilled when images of downstairs came to my eyes. I smiled at the fact that the party was a mix between a birthday and a Christmas party. The Christmas tree with all of its decorticates on it sitting next to the fire. The fire warming the room nicely and making it a nice place to gather. Then the table that looked a little more birthday-ish then Christmas. It had some glow in the dark things on it and it was clear that they were trying to make me happy about it. I smiled at the whole thing in my mind. I noticed a reef above the fireplace next to some lit candles. It didn't look very safe but it was still pretty cool. 

          "Why are you smiling like that?" I heard a voice ask me from close by but it sounded somewhat dication. I blinked my eyes and I realized that I was back in my room. I took the glass of blood from Aldred and drank it all down as fast as I could. I had always liked the taste of it but I just didn't need it all that often. I shook my head when Aldred held out his hand for the glass. I got up from my bed and walked around for a while trying to get my bearings in order.

          "I need to see my family. They will be worried about everything. I would usually tell them when I go somewhere and now they have no clue as to where I am," I said and looked back at Aldred. He had taken up my seat and watched me pace the floor. Aldred nodded his head once and opened the window. I sighed. I never like the idea of sneaking away from anything but in some cases, it was important that I do so. I climbed out the window and expected that it would shut right behind me. I was wrong after a moment it shut and I felt a hand grab my arm. I looked back at Aldred and sighed. It seemed that he was going to be coming to see my family as well. I looked down to the ground and sighed. The only way I was getting down there was if I jumped and broke something. I would have healed slower than a vampire but faster than a human. Aldred saw this and picked me up. I grabbed his shoulders as he jumped and sped away from the house to mine. When he set me down it was right outside my front door. I straightened out my dress really quickly and looked over to Aldred. He was already taking my arm like he was my boyfriend or something. 

          I rang the doorbell and my mother opened the door. I could see that she had been crying. I sighed once more and reached for her. She looked at me and then to Aldred. I saw the moment she knew what was going on. She smiled brightly at us and let us in. The snow might have all melted away but it takes longer for the ice to go and it was still very cold outside.  

           "Honey, she is back home and she brought someone with her," My mom called up the steps as we both stepped inside the warmed house. I rolled my eyes and looked to Aldred to see that he was smiling at her and me. It made my want to smile back. I walked into my room to see that it was still the clean thing that I had kept it at. The light was turned off and the bed is not slept in. I didn't know that Aldred had followed me until I felt him wrap hands around my shoulders and pushed me back against himself. I rolled my eyes and knew that I was going to have to play nicely with it. I sighed out loud once again which earned me an odd look from Aldred. I sent him a, though,"I have to play along otherwise they will think that something is not right," I felt him stiffen when he got the message and at that I walked back out to the living room and sat down on the coach just as my father and mother entered looking happy to see me and not at all concerned about anything going on. I smiled at him as he came over to me and hugged me first. He held out his hand to Aldred and looked down his nose at him. I hit him in the arm lightly getting the point across to be nice. He looked over at me with large eyes and then back at Aldred. His head was going through the checklist of things in his head. On of them being if I looked happy with him. I put it in his head that we were very much happy together. And when he was done with the checklist and smiled and hugged Aldred instead of shaking his hand. I heard my mother gasp lightly at it and I saw her smile get bigger. 

          "So how have you been, Huntress?" My father asked me as we all sat down in front of the fire. It took awhile but I somehow explained everything away and that it was about time I moved out of the house. I put the thought in their heads that I was not going to move into Aldred's house but I was not going to be apart of their lives. I also took a moment to tell them that I had died and moved on but not to be sad for me because that would be too mean to do. 

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