Christmas tales from the vampire

4 different stories, from 4 different groups, how will the four meet and will they ever be the same? A vampire's year is not full until Christmas comes around and a bloodbath comes to turn the white glistening snow red.


4. Chapter 4 (24)

          I felt the wind on my face as I rushed, by cars and people walking, on my motorcycle. Even in the black leather that I was wearing, I was still burning with excitement. I was heading to a place so I could get a meal. I could have fed on a baggie but why would I? I was in Colorado and I could only think about the warm blood flowing inside of someone's veins. I loved it. And feeding on a baggie is cold and gross. I was speeding when I heard the sound of a cop car behind me. I smirked at it and pulled over quietly. I was wearing my black leather helmet and my long flame red hair was blowing behind me while other cars rushed by. I waited to take off my helmet until the cop was next to me. I knew what he was saying but he didn't know who he was talking about. Everyone here though that I was a daughter to someone really famous that lived in L.A. and I was just here because I liked the little town. I frowned at that, though.

          I took off my black helmet to reveal the white skin that I am always trying to hide, with my large baby like eyes that only showed people what they wanted to see. The moment I shook out my hair like the normal television people who do that the cop was starting at me with awe. I looked him in the eye and pulled him closer to me with a finger under his chin. I got off my bike and lead him to the back of his police car like I had something in mind. Oh, I had something in mind, it was just not what he was thinking.  I waited until he was in the back before I pushed some of my long hair behind my ear and went in the seat next. This was just a way that I liked. I closed the door behind me and looked over at the cop who had yet to get a grip on his own thoughts and eyes. I smiled at him showing off my large innocent looking baby eyes before I leaned into him closer and closer. I kissed him lightly on the lips before I moved my kiss to his neck. I knew when he snapped out of his little land where nothing and everything was a possibility, I took that moment to bite his neck. It would have been painful for him had I not been numbing the area first with my kisses. He melted at the bite where most would have screamed. I felt his hands draw me closer to him before I could even protest it. 

         I pulled on his neck sucking the thick warm blood into my mouth. I sighed and closed my eyes as it sat on my tongue for a moment. It was like this for everyone as I had learned. His blood was sweet and thick like he had polycythemia vera. I had read a little about it but had never had the delight to taste it until now. I swallowed the mouthful of blood and took another mouthful. I wasn't going to kill him. I didn't need to and I had no reason to. I was going to leave him alive even if it was to only not remember anything that was happening around him. I wasn't all powerful but I had picked up a few tricks from some witches on my travels. I could get into his mind and wipe the whole thing from him. I sighed as I sucked a little more blood out from his neck. The blood tasted great and thicker than normal but it was by far the best blood that I had ever tasted. I sucked at his neck until I heard his heart slow and then I drew out a small mouthful of his thick blood before I tore my fangs away from his neck. I licked my lips and saw that he had passed out. This was the best way for me to do the wiping of his mind. I wiped the thoughts away as fast as I could and got out of the car. He was still in the back of it while I had gotten out. I looked back at the car once more before I put my helmet on and got on my bike. I was going to leave him. Most vampire's like to kill the people that they chose to feed on. But this being the U.S.A. we can kill and feed on the people. In Europe, you have to feed on the baggies. I had been there once and that was all I needed to never go back there. If the rain was not enough of it the baggie part was. 

          I got back on my bike and started it. I listened to the engine for a moment before I sighed and kicked the kickstand up. I pushed the engine forward as fast as I could to take off and be going at the speed I was at before the cop became my meal. I turned the bike around to start heading back to my home. I was, of course, the only one that lived there. It was sad to think that I had lived alone in a house by myself for hundreds of years. I did move often thought. I was always the one moving and making friends only to lose them, though. It was a sad life but something like this could not be as sad as some of the sorry low lifes that I have run into. Some of which have tried to kill me, but have never been seen after that. I smiled at that thought. I had never been big on the killing part of the gig but being a vamp had some good things. I watched the street light fly by me as I listen to the engine of my bike roar. People always thought hat it was insane to be riding a bike out in the cold winter heart of Colorado but they never had an idea at how different it was then a summer night's ride. During the summer it was hot at night and even hotter during the day, as I am told by my human friends. They all thought that I was the bad girl from the group so they all wanted to hang around me to try and get me to 'rub off' on them and so far they have never wanted to by the friend of a bad girl after they all believed that I had died in an 'accident' where I crashed my bike and it flipped with me still on it. The bike always bursts into flames and the ride goes with it. 

          I pull up to a little home that sat in the middle of nowhere. For some reason, most of the people that come here actually think that it has to be a joke. That the bike rider would be living in the middle of nowhere in Colorado. When I have only chosen this place so I could throw some cool parties. I have no neighbors to yell at me and call the cops to shut it down. I pull up to my house and look around it to make sure that everything is right. I do this every time I get back from somewhere. I got inside and looked out once more before I could do anything and saw that the snow had started once more and it was snowing heavily. I smiled at the sight and walked into my room fro some new clothing. I pulled out a black silk dress that went all the way to my feet. I was born in a time of dresses and being very uncomfortable. But, if you were from the time you would be normal and like the clothing. I slipped on some sleeves to keep my arms and hands warm from the cold. Not only would I start a fire. I went over to the stereo that I kept in my room and put it on a Christmas station. The song that it came up to was "Let it snow Let it snow Let it snow," I smiled and got changed. I walked over to my bed and sat down to remove the shoes as the last thing to do. I removed the knee high FM boots. I sighed with relief when I finally got them off. 

          When I was ready to do something else. I left my room but before I left I turned the music up louder. I went to start a fire. When it was snowing I liked to sit and watch the fire but I didn't have anyone to be with me. I walked up to the fireplace and put in some wood and grabbed a match to light it. The moment the fire was alight with warmth and flames that jumped to try and reach the sky I heard a knock on my door. I looked at it for a moment before I opened the door. To my surprise, it was another vampire. One that I had not been aware of had been in Colorado. "What would you like?" I asked as they came in from the snow. It was a man that was dressed in brown and black. He seemed to be alone so he was safe to come in. 

          "I would like to know three things. One do you like parties? Two, have you ever been to a vampire party for a half vampire person? And three, what is your name?" He asked me. I looked at him carefully for a moment.

          "Who is this half vampire being? How is that even a thing?" I asked back trying to get to a point. I had never once heard of a half vampire. But being half vampire most mean that they are half of something else. I saw a smile light up his face.

          "I have no clue how it would be possible but she is real. I have met her and she is thinking about joining my maker and I but I want her to meet some of her kind and see that not all of us are as bad as books and movies make us. Please, will you join us and have a Christmas slash birthday party for her? I am going to every vampire in Colorado to see if they would like to join us," He told me. I wanted to smile at it but I had too many questions about it.

          "I will go if only to have some answers from questions. Oh, and by the way, my name is Camilla," I told him smiling something that I would have thought of as a real smile. 

          " I see that you have gotten into the Christmas spirit. I can hear the music from the backroom. And if that wasn't enough the books and hot cocoa out and fire on. Do you live alone?" He asked trying to get nosey. I nodded my head once. I saw that he was looking around my house. 

          "What are you looking for?" I asked him once his eyes landed on mine.

          "I am looking for a paper and pen," He told me. I didn't show him my angry about that and I pulled out a piece of paper and a pen and handed them to him. I saw him take them and write down some words. He handed the paper back to me and I saw that it was a date, time, and a place to go to. I nodded at him once more before he left my home. I looked at it really quickly and noticed that the date was Christmas and today was the day before it. I got on the computer and looked up the place where it was going to be. I found directions to the place and printed them out. I also went back into my room to turn the music down a little bit. It was now playing 'Baby, It's Cold Outside'. I smiled at the music and went to my closet. When I went to my closet to see what I could wear to this. I wanted to wear something that wouldn't give my age away but yet still get them to see that I am old. It took a little bit of going through some old boxes and a lot of old clothing from the ages but I found one dress that I could renew and get it to look good. It at first look looked like an old long dusty dress with some sort of lacy flowers on it. I tried to shake off the dust but it didn't want to come off. I ran it through a wash once before I realized it was supposed to look dusty. 

          I hung the dress up in the middle of the room to get a better look at the whole thing and saw that it was something I could work with. I took a pair of scissors out with a measuring tape and some needles. I had a whole day to turn this old looking dress into something different and I knew that I could do it. I measured my waist and took my height. I did the same with the dress and looked to see what I could do with it. I thought for a bit before I grabbed a notebook and pencil. I was going to try my hardest to fix it up. I found some new looking material in some boxes and put it up on the dress. It looked good but I didn't like the look and feel of the cloth. I put it down and looked through some more boxes until I found some gray lace and a black cloth that could be tried to turn into I found something else. I smiled at it and went back to the dress. I marked some parts of the dress off and looked around for the scissors that were on a desk in the corner. I grabbed them up and cut the bottom off of the long dress. The dress could have been a wedding dress that I had worn to some wedding. It might have been good for the time but now it would not look good at all. I cut off some more of the bottom until it was about knee high. I was going to go and get something to keep my legs warm when I went out if I was going to have a short dress like this. 

          I decide that I was going to go online and look up how to puff out a dress. I found out how to and I tried it a couple of times just to understand how to do it. I took some of the things that I had found and put on a black looking lace thing over the dress before I puffed it up. The lace that I put ver the dress I cut to make it match the length of it and cut it  down the middle. It gave off the effect that I was hoping for with making the dirty fabric underneath it look whiter and cleaner than what it was. I puffed out the bottom of the dress and looked at it. I felt like it was missing something. I put my finger on my chin and narrowed my eyes. I saw almost instantly what the dress was missing. The black lace that I put around the bottom I only put on the bottom. I needed to put some of it on the top of the dress as well to make it look better. I grabbed the lace and put it on the top of the dress so I could size it. When I knew that the size was perfect I cut it and sewed it on. I backed away from the dress to have a last look at it but it was still missing something. I grabbed up some black cloth thinking that this is what the dress was missing and tied it around the dresses waist. I stepped back to look and it looked great with it. I sewed the cloth on and stepped back to finally see what the dress looked like when I was done. It looked beautiful. With everything I had done to it, I was impressed that  had done it all in a day. I made sure that everything was safe and going to stay in place and threw it in the washer once more. I knew that with everything was done it was going to look great. 

          I was reading a book when the dress was done and I took it out to look. It was perfect now. I put the dress up in the middle of the room once more so I could take a picture of it. After the picture, I left it where it was and left the house. I was just getting on my bike when I realized that I was still in my home clothing. I rushed back into the house to change back into my leather before I rushed back out and started the bike. I sighed when I heard the sound of the engine roaring to life once more. I roared off to a clothing store close to my home so I could try and find something to help me stay warm for the party. I pulled right into a parking spot and went into side. As much as I didn't like shopping I still went because I knew that it was something that I had to do. I went straigt to the leggings place and found a pair of light gray leggings to wear that had some kind of lace pattern on them. 

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