Christmas tales from the vampire

4 different stories, from 4 different groups, how will the four meet and will they ever be the same? A vampire's year is not full until Christmas comes around and a bloodbath comes to turn the white glistening snow red.


3. Chapter 3 (23)

          I caught the young girl by the throat and ripped into her neck with my bared fangs. I laughed as she screamed as loud as she could in my sensitive ears. When I put my fangs back into her neck I pulled her sweet, scarlet blood into my mouth and let it sit to savor the taste before I drew more of it into my mouth. I was listening to her heartbeat while I was slow to kill her. I pulled my fangs away from her as I heard her heart slow slightly. I laughed as she screamed weakly and fell to her knees  while she tried to scramble away from me. I watched her, laughing, as she managed to get to her feet and walk a few steps before falling down in the snow turning a small amount of it red. 

            "What you didn't think that I would have just let you go, did you?" I asked laughing at her as she turned in the snow to watch my coming forth to meet her once more. She screamed and I saw tears running down her face. I laughed more at her and picked her up the collar of her shirt. I drank from her once more. I pulled more of the sweet, fearful blood from her neck and let it sit on my tongue. I felt her trying to fight back but I knew that it was worthless. I was stronger than her, faster than her, and more powerful than her. I swallowed the mouthful of her sweet blood and let her go once more. She sobbed and fall to the ground. I watched as she made the white snow blood red and she tried to hold the blood coming out of her neck in. I laughed at her once more watching her while she tried to get away from me. She fell to the ground once more before I dragged her up to my open mouth once more. I stuck my fangs into her and sighed as more warm sweet blood ran down my throat. I swallowed it all down until I heard her heartbeat slow to a stop and she went limp in my arms. I let her lifeless body fall from my blood soaked fingertips to the ground that was looking like a blood drink was spilled on the snow. 

          I looked at my fingers and saw that I was going to need to wash them off before I came home. I grabbed my black handkerchief and cleaned my hands off with it. I knew that if blood was soaking my hands than I would defiantly have some on my face. I took the handkerchief and wiped my face off as well. When I felt as clean as I would be I looked back down at the lifeless body at my feet. I knew a smile had claimed my mouth from the sight of the dead body lying at my feet. I walked away from her lifeless body smiling like I had just had the best time of my life. I was going to go to my maker's house. It was about time that I did so as well. If I am not at his home at a very specific time each night he will come and look for me. 

          I heard the snow crunch slightly as I walked on it. It was winter in Colorado and from what I know about my short time here it is a interesting place to be. I might ask if we could move here and stay here for a little while longer. It was not until I was blinded by a street light that I noticed I had walked straight to the street that I was supposed to be on. I looked up and down the street to see if any lights were on and anyone on the street was awake to see me. I saw that a single light was on and a young girl who looked to be about 15 years old was looking out of her window and to the street with a glazed look in her eyes. I could tell that she was not looking at me but she was off in a little world of her own. I smiled at that and thought about how I could scare her when she was like that. 

          It took a moment for me to find out how I was going to do so and I smiled when I realized how idiotic my plan was. I was not going to take her away from her family, no she looked to different to do that. I walked right up to her house and she was still off in her little world. I looked around for a small rock to throw at the window. I saw a small rock off in one of her neighbor's yard. I grabbed a small handful and picked out on from the handful that looked like it would get her gaze fast. I threw it softly at the window and listen to her gasp as the small rock hit the window and made a little clinging nose. I was not ready, however, for her to look straight at me like she knew I was there and see a smile on her face. I frowned and moved farther away from her but she kept her eye's looked on mine. I sighed and looked away from her gaze. I had wanted to scare her but she had managed to frighten me more than I did her. I moved past her house while she was still looking at me. I had risked looking at her and I stopped moving. It looked like she had left her little window spot. I would have been glad to have that happen but I could not seem to move from my place. 

          "Oh yes, Aldred, I might have forgotten to tell you about her. You would never want to try and scare her. I made that same mistake the first time. She seems to know what to do to make someone stay put. Well, now you're going to have to talk to her. Have fun and when you're done come and see me," I heard my maker say from beside me. I would have looked over but found that I couldn't move my head away from the front door of the house. I could see out of the corner of my eye that the light in the room had been turned off. I put my focus on the door as it opened slightly as though she was one of us. I could see that she had donned a winter jacket and some snow boots. She had a smile on her face as she turned away from me to look at my maker instead. 

          "Hello again, Lorance," She said to my maker in a sweet voice that I had not known she would have. She looked like she would have had a voice strong and powerful yet still very human. "Oh do not underestimate me," She said looking at me now. She even talked like one of us.

          "Do not do anything stupid Huntress, He is my creation," My maker said walking up to her and giving her a kiss on her cheek. I looked over to her and saw her smile as she eyed me carefully like I was a treat to her.

          "I will not. Even if it is hard to resist. I will put that at ease later I guess," She said in that sweet voice that sounded like she was candy and sugar that walked and talked. "I am in your head you know. I can hear everything you think," She said looking back at me. In my head, I had imaged myself frowning at that news. "Do not seem sad about it. I did the same to him as well," She said not breaking eye contact with me. I watched as she walked closer to me. I didn't move as she walked around me once than twice. She stopped in front of me I could tell that her eyes were roaming over me. "You can leave us now, Lorance," She said still not looking away from me. Somehow she knew that he was still here and watching us with interest like we were going to give him something to watch. She didn't even look away when he smiled at me and left us by ourselves. "You may speak," She said and I found my jaw loosening when I had not realized I couldn't speak. 

          "What are you?" Was the first thing that came out of my mouth. I couldn't help saying it. She smiled at me like she had been ready for this question since I could talk. 

          "I was hoping that you would have asked that first. Yes well, I am half human and half vampire. Though I have no clue why you call yourselves vampire. It has gotten on my nerves for a long time now. But, time for my question. What is your name?" She asked tilting her head to the side slightly as thought she was asking a question twice and hoping for an answer the second time.

          "My name is Aldred. I know that you are Huntress. My make just said it. But how can you be alive? How are you human and vampire at the SAME time?" I asked her putting some more time on the word 'same'. She smiled once again at me. 

          "That is not the question that you want an answer to. But I will answer this question now. I have no idea how I am human yet still a vampire. All I know is that I picked an age that I liked when I hit 25 years of age and I have stayed this age ever since then. But to answer your other question. The one that you have not asked yes we can go inside. But before we head over to your maker's home I am going to ask this once and only once. Does he know how cruel you are to your prey?" She asked frowning. I could see that she was not focused on my eyes but own my forehead like it would answer for her.

          "No, he does not. And I would like it to stay that way if you do not mind," I said calmly. She smiled and started to walk forward but looked at me as is if she realized something.

          "You may move if only to follow until I say you can not," She said looking at me in the eyes and I felt my feet move to join her side. I could tell in this very little lite, if any light at all, street that she was wearing a white, silk night dress. It looked like she had been awake and waiting all night. We walked straight to my maker's house and she opened the door for me. I would not have allowed this if I could have moved and not have been ordered around. She smiled as if to herself, but I knew that she was in my head still because of what she had told me a few minute ago. I was focused to walk through the door and wait for her to come inside as well. 

          "How do you get in here so easy?" I asked her. I knew that I could ask her a bunch of other questions that were floating in my head like they were trying to find something to do with themselves. But I wasn't going to bother myself or her with the silly questions. 

          "Thank you for not bothering to ask me the questions that you want the answer to. I am over a lot. My human family for these few years thinks that I have a friend or boyfriend over here. In a way they are right. I have found a home here in the library. What they do not know though is that I want to leave them behind and maybe have a home with some others of my kind. I don't want them anymore," She told me as though she thought of me as a friend. "Well I do think of you as a friend," She told me clearly still in my thoughts. I smiled at her. 

          "May I do my own thing now? We are in my home and well I just want to be able to relax in my home. Well, my makers home that I have lived at for many years," I told her. She smiled and I felt my whole body start to realize as she took her eyes off of mine and sat down on the brown leather couch to take up a book I had not noticed that sat by the couch. "You like Stephen King type books do you not?" I asked her as I sat down next to her. looking at the cover of the book She nodded her head not looking up from the book. I saw the dead fireplace and looked around for some wood. "Okay stop it. My eyes are drawn to movement and your head is moving. What do you want?" She asked me in a sweet voice. I smiled at her voice and looked around once more.

          "A fire would make this better. I may not feel the cold but it would be nice to sit and watch the fire," I told her putting an arm around the back of her seat. She looked at me slightly odd but smiled and shook her head slightly. She looked at the fire and I could just see a few piece of chopped wood materializing in it and I looked at her interested in what her powers could hold. She didn't look back at me then. I watched the pieces of wood come into focus and clearer than every. I watched as she sighed when the wood was all there and I saw that she had broken her eye contact with the wood. She took a small break from the wood before she looked back at it and started a fire with her mind. When she looked back at her book I could tell that she was tired from the work that she had just done.

          "Okay first thing, that was amazing! How did you do that?" I asked her. I didn't even give her time to answer it before I was asking my next question," Second thing, you look tired. Maybe you should get some sleep?" I looked her over once more before I finished my last sentence, "You could stay here if you would like to. I mean you would have to ask Lorance first," I said to her made to get up. She leaned slightly on my shoulder before I could, though. I could tell that she was falling asleep as I had spoken. I watched her face as her eye's closed one last time and I watched her sleep for a moment before I looked up to see my maker moving her to lay down so I could move. I got up off the brown leather couch and went away from the fire when I was motioned to follow my maker. 

          I walked out of the room and stopped when my maker had stopped. I knew that he was going to talk to me about things that I could only guess about. "Well, I had not known that she could do that. And that was good thinking of you to suggest that she sleep. I would not have known that you care so kindly for people. But how have you been?" He asked me smiling. I smiled back at him.

          "I have been well. I am not always so nice to people. Just people that have caught my eye I am nice too," I told him back smiling. We were being quiet because of Huntress sleeping in the next room. "We should move her to her house or to a room. I would not feel happy that she slept on the couch all night," I told my maker. I have only ever kept one secret from my maker and that when and how I killed my victims. 

          We talked for a bit and moved out of the hall when we heard movement in the room over. We walked right into the kitchen that I had not known my maker had redone. I looked about the kitchen with interest. I saw a black fridge, I think that is the name of it, some painted black cabinets hanging on the wall. I could see that they had a glass frame around the glass on the front of them to show you what is inside them. I saw a black counter top and something that I thought would have been a six burner stove. I looked at it curiously. "Yes, she told me that I would need this when she is over. She is still half human and she needs food sometimes. She is hoping that she can outgrow the need to have 'human food' in her words," I heard my maker say from behind me. I looked over my shoulder to see that he was indeed looking at the kitchen in interest as well.

          "You did this for her?" I asked him bewilder. He looked at me curiously.

          "You seem to think that as a bad thing. She has talked to me about wanted to move away from her human family but she is going to wait until a few years have gone by. When her family believes her to be 18 years of age. And she was the one to do this. I gave her the money to do this and she got this done," My maker told me and pushed me to the side as he made his way to a table that I had not seen. It was a black table like everything in this kitchen but the floor. She had chosen to have a white floor.  I could also see a dishwasher, I believe that is the name of it, under a counter top. And I saw a black white sink hat stuck out from the black like it was supposed to be there. 

          "She has done a great job. How old does her family think that she is?" I asked more out of curiously than anything else.

          "Her family thinks that she is 17 years old. Her birthday, as her mother and father call it, is this month. Once her birthday is done she has asked if she could join us. But that she doesn't want to move too far from her family for a while. That means we are going to stay here for a few years until she can move on," My maker said. Telling me more than I had wished to know but it was still a good thing too. I had wanted her to join us and I would have begged for him to allow her to.

          "What day is her birthday?" I asked him.

          "Her birthday is on 25. And today is the 23 of December. It is funny is it not? That her birthday is the same day as Christmas," My maker said laughing slightly. I smiled at it and knew what I was going to do. I was going to hunt down all the vampire's in Colorado and invent them to a party for her. I don't know her so I will ask her how she feels about a party when she wakes up.

          "That is funny. I want to do something for her. I want to do something to make her feel like she is welcome her from the first day," I told Lorance. He looked puzzled for a moment until he finally understood and a slow smile crept along his face.

          "That is a great idea," He told me and went to go and check on Huntress. I stilled at that. We had not yet moved Huntress home or to a room so she could sleep. I hurried out of the kitchen in time to see Lorance coming out of the living room with her in his arms. He smiled at me and went up the black carpeted steps to the rooms up the steps. I walked into the living room as many people called it and sat down on the couch waiting for Lorance to come back down so we could talk about what I was thinking about doing. 

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