Christmas tales from the vampire

4 different stories, from 4 different groups, how will the four meet and will they ever be the same? A vampire's year is not full until Christmas comes around and a bloodbath comes to turn the white glistening snow red.


2. Chapter 2 (22)

          I popped the bag of blood with my teeth. It was not the 15th century anymore and we didn't have to feed on people. I, in fact, hated feeding off of people. It had felt wrong feeding off something that walked. But I was okay with the baggie. Yeah, okay not even in my mind can I lie about that. I hate it. I don't like the coldness of the bag that I pop to my fangs. It is just too cold. I waited for the bag to drain into my mouth. When the blood was all gone I walked to the trash can and threw it in. I was wearing my normal red leather dress that clung to my curves so good that I looked more like a model walking a runway then I did a person. I walked down the steps from the kitchen with everything new and never used to the living room where I had a nice fire going on and to a closet that I had a jacket in. I opened the closet and found my blood red jacket and shrugged it on. I risked looking back into the mirror to see if I would have to redo any makeup. It looked like I didn't have to redo anything so I made sure that I would be warm enough.

          I walked right out in the cold night regretting leaving Texas to come to Colorado, the most unpredictable weather state there could have been. I loved the warmish heat of Texas in the winter time. I had never seen a speck of snow in my life until now. I had chosen to move from Texas to Colorado and seriously I want to go back. I wanted to walk right back into my warm house with a fire going and heat myself up. But I had something to do. I had a date with a human to go on. I was testing the human seeing if he was worthy of being turned. I didn't care if he wanted to be turned or not I just wanted someone to spend time with. I needed someone to fill the empty space that had become a black hole in my heart. I just thought that when I saw someone walk by me and my fangs came out to say hello. I slapped my hand over my mouth and pushed my fangs back from being seen. Right before my date came around the corner in his dark blue new Lamborghini. I smiled at him as he got out of the car to open my door for me when it stopped in front of me. It got a few looks from the other people passing by but other than that nothing happened. He kissed my hand and cheek before ushering me into the car and seeing that I was happy. I saw that he was wearing a nice black suit with a tie. It was like he was going to ask something important to me and it just made me all the more curious as to why he would dress up for our date. I liked him, yes but I was trying to understand what he was doing. That was what I liked most about him. I never knew what he was going to be doing next.

          "Good evening Flamma. How are you? Are you cold?" He asked as he saw that I was wearing a thick coat and trying to hold back shivering. Unlike most of the vampire's that I had met I did feel the cold around me. Most of them had chosen to get rid of feeling everything. I just couldn't do that. Not with everything human that I love just so much in the world. I smiled and leaned in to kiss him on the cheek.

          "I am great with you here. You are warming me up just fine," I said making sure that he knew I was flirting with him. I liked him so why wouldn't I flirt with him. 

          "I know that you don't like the cold up here but other than that how do you like seeing your first snow fall?" He asked as he got the car moving once again. I thought about it for a moment. I liked the snow but it was too cold. 

         "I like it. It is just too cold for me. I want the snow but not as cold. It sounds funny doesn't it?" I asked shamefully. I didn't know why I did but I did. I wanted to know how he was going to react to it. To my surprise, he put a hand on my shoulder, which made me lift up my head to look at him. His eyes were on the road but I knew that if he could look at me he would be doing so right now. I smiled when I saw him smile.

          "That is not funny at all. Sometimes I even wish that the snow wasn't so cold here. But let us move away from that topic. Other than dinner what do you plan to do for the rest of the night? I know that you plan to do something for the rest of the night. You're a night person. I can tell by your skin," He added when he saw out of the corner of his eye my smile fade. My smile was back on my face. 

          "What is today? I forgot to check my calendar and I left my phone at home," I told him trying to do something else. I knew that my mind was not even in the conversation now. But he still answered.

          "It is the 22 of December. It is very close to Christmas now," He said cheerfully. I looked over at him and smiled. I had a feeling that he was goig to be like this for the rest of eternity and I could deal with that.

          He continued to talk but I wasn't listening to him anymore. I had made up my mind about it already. I was going to turn him. He acted nicely and like a gentleman, he also made sure to say the right things in a problem, but what had won it over was his attention to detail. I was sure that he was going to do well as my kind. 

         A while after I made this decide he pulled into a nice looking restaurant. I smiled at it and made to open my door but he was already there opening it for me. "Thank you, Author," I said as I got out of the car. He shut the car door behind me and grabbed my arm to walk me inside. We got inside fast so I didn't have to stay out in the cold weather for longer than I had to. I smiled at that. Everything he did was going to change when I turned him. I was going to make sure that he spent the night at my home. It was the only way to turn him and not have it be weird. 

          The restaurant was a warm looking fancy place. It had a crystal chandelier in the middle of the room that shone everywhere it could. The tables were a nice way away from everyone else and the few people in the restaurant seemed too fancy to bother with. I looked to see where most of the warmth was coming from to see a fake fire going and smiled at it. This was going to change as well. Everything about the way that the place was set up would never be the same in my Author's eyes. Of course, I was always going to find that sad and I knew that he was going to hate me for it as well. But once he got over the hate for me he would love me once again. 

          "Are you warm enough?" He asked as we were seated. I nodded my head and sat down in the seat that he was holding out for me to take. "Are you sure? You kind of have a glazed look in your eyes," He pointed out. I snapped back into myself and looked around for something that would give me a reason to leave the table. I spotted the ladies room right when I needed it.

           "I was just wondering where the ladies room would be and I see it over there now. I have to go," I said and got up from my seat as slowly as I could. I had a feeling that if he could follow me he would but I know that he can't and even if he did I would make sure that he didn't. I walked hurriedly to the bathroom and sighed when the door shut behind me. I was glad that no one was in the room with me. I locked the door and did what I had to do before I had even thought going back to the table. I was somewhat scared to go back even though I knew that it was only because I knew that once I went back I would have to go through on my plan. I would have to take him home and turn him into what I am. 

          I walked back out of the door and looked around for the table that we had been seated at. When my eye landed on the table that we had been seated at I saw that Author was watching me with careful eyes. I can't wait for this to end and get him back to the house do the turn. We had a very uneventful evening out after the first mistake I had made.

          "Come on inside. You can stay for a while," I said to Author as he pulled to a stop in front of my home. He looked kind of worried but he didn't make me wait long for his answer. When he nodded his head I smiled I grabbed his hand and almost ran inside as fast as I could go without giving away anything to him. I opened the door and looked back at him as I felt his steps falter. I put on my very innocent looking face and I saw him smile and come in with me. When the door was shut behind him I dragged him to my chest and pulled him up the steps to a room that I had made just for turns. The bed didn't have anything on it that was meant as a blanket and it had a plastic wrap over it in case of anything bad happening to the turnie. I dug out the straps that I had on the bed and tied him down to the bed. I knew that a turn was painful. I came off of him when he looked at me confused.

          "I think that you should know a few things. First off I am a vampire, second I really like you and this whole thing has been a test to see if I could turn you. Everyone should go through this test but not everyone does," I paused to let him grasp what I had just told him. I knew from my own experience that this itself could be a lot to take in.

          "Wait?! You're a what now?" He asked tiring to get away from his bonds. I could see the fear in his eyes which in turn made me feel really bad about it. But I shut the door on the feeling and went about answer his questions without a second, though.

          "Yes, I am a vampire. I know that this could be a lot to take in but you do have to understand that I have chosen YOU. Only you could have been nice enough to help me out of a car, only you would be nice enough to make sure that I was warm and pull my chair out of me. And only you would have been the perfect turn. I don't care about your money at all. That is why most of the girls that have left you cared about. Most of them cared so little about you that you and they wouldn't have been good together. But that is my own, though. And I am sorry to tell you this but I have been watching you for a while and I liked the way that you've thought about things. How you seem to tog et everything right when your not even trying to. So I am going to turn you," I finished and I saw that I had moved over him once more to try and get a better look at him. I was going to do something that I had seen many others do but had never done myself. 

          "Why? Why did you choose me? There are so many others. So many who would turn and so many who would like you more than I ever could," He said trying once again to get free of his bonds. I was holding back smiling at him trying to get free. 

          "Sorry this is going to hurt just a bit," I said to him as I crawled up next to him. He was tracking me with his eyes and I saw the small amount of fear coming into his eyes as I drew nearer to him. I could tell that he was scared and there was nothing that I could do to try and calm him down. I laid right next to him and waited for as long as I could stall. It wasn't that long when I thought about it. "Understand this that I am truly sorry for what I am going to have to do," I told him and leaned in closer to him. I laid my head on his chest just listening to the thumping of his heart for a moment before I pulled away from him and let my fangs that  had been holding back slip out to show the dent that they make in my lower lip. I saw his eyes follow the movement and I saw them get wide. I sighed and bent to kiss him. I moved the kiss to his neck as fast as I could. I felt his tears on the top of my head and I knew that I had tears coming out of my eyes before I bit his neck. 

          I tasted the scarlet blood on my tongue and sighed with relief, giving in slightly to my vampire nature. I closed my eyes as the warm blood flooded down my dry throat. I felt the tears in my eyes spill to make themselves known. I held on to his body as I drained it of blood and felt in my teeth his death coming at my hand. I felt as his heart was trying to pump blood out of it as fast as it could. The one thing that I was hating the most about this was that it was a maybe that he might like me at the end. I knew that my tears were getting on his skin and giving the skin of his neck a slight change in color. I had not thought of everything when I felt his heart beat one last time and giving me all the blood from his body. I pulled away from his neck when I had taken all of the blood from his body. I watched as he just laid unmoving on the bed that I had tied him to. I didn't say anything about it or do anything for a moment in time. But as I watched death settle on him I pulled my wrist up to my mouth and bit it. When I was sure that my blood would get into his system I opened his mouth and forced his dead body to drink it. I knew that I was crying because I felt the blood tears coming down my cheek to land on the bed next to me. I had not moved my wrist away from his mouth yet. I felt his lips move over my wrist and looked up from the blood spots that my tears were making on the bed. His eyes were not open but I could tell that he was taking my blood from me. I knew that a turning involved a lot of blood for the person that you planned to turn.

          I smiled at him taking my blood from me. and I looked at his wrists as I saw that move out of the corner of my eye. He was fighting against his bonds to touch and hold my wrist to get some more blood out of it. I watched his wrist for a moment, still holding my wrist to his mouth. When my eye went back to his feeding on me his eyes had opened and were looking at me. From the look on his face, he did not know what he was drinking. I smiled at him and removed my wrist from his mouth. I put my wrist on  the bed and kissed him while he was still tied down. I bit my tongue during the kiss and the taste of blood entered both of our mouths. I heard a growl come from him and he sucked on my tongue harder. I pulled back from the kiss and watched as he started to move and get more blood from me. His eyes were closed and I knew that he was going to be hungry. I watched and waited in quiet as his body was trying to take my blood and turn him. I was not forced to wait long. When he stopped trying to get more of my blood, he looked up at my eyes with shock.

           "What did you do to me?" He asked in a whisper. I shook my head as he kept looking at mine. I could see it in everything his body was doing. He was not aching for me, but he was uncomfortable laying on the bed. I slowly crawled to the end of the bed and got off of it. I looked over my shoulder and saw that Author's eyes were closed and he was tossing and turning as though he was in a fitful sleep. I smiled at the though and walked out of the room. I closed the door softly behind me rising one last glance behind me to see if he was doing anything other than tossing and turning fitfully.

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