Christmas tales from the vampire

4 different stories, from 4 different groups, how will the four meet and will they ever be the same? A vampire's year is not full until Christmas comes around and a bloodbath comes to turn the white glistening snow red.


1. Chapter 1 (21)

         I wiped the sweat from my brow as I dug the shovel back into the rock hard earth. It was Christmas time once again in Colorado and it was cold at night. Sadly night is the only time that I can come out. My creation is at home sitting and reading a book and pretending that I didn't change her into what I did.  I have no clue why she just doesn't accept it and stop acting like she didn't ask me too. I put the shovel aside as I finished digging the hole for my dead meal. I looked over to the young girl lying lifeless on the ground next to the hole that I had just dug. I didn't smile at the thought of having been the last thing she saw. It was just a sad thing that I didn't have a chose in this lifestyle. I climbed out of the hole that I had just dug and grabbed her body. It was shameful that no one was going to know where she ended up or even if she was alive. But I can't help what I am. She fell with a thump into the hole that I had dug. I looked up at the sky to see what time it was. I smiled and saw that the night was just beginning. I grabbed the shovel that I had left on the ground and started to make the hole in the ground go away. I filled the hole up and made it look like nothing was there, and walked back to my home. 

          I was in my black leather on a cold night and not feeling the cold seeping into my skin. Sometimes it was a good thing that I could no longer feel the cold. I was walking back to my house when it had started to snow. I looked up to the sky as I saw the first of the snow start to fall and smiled at it. It was times like this when I was in love with human life.

          As I reached my home on snowy street that I saw I was the only one out. I looked down the row of houses to see my home with all of its lights on and welcoming me back from a long trip. The house itself stuck out in the snow but in the dark, it was not seen. The house was painted black with white trim on it. The snow was helping everyone see that the house was there, of course. You could see the place where the cars would be if I had owned any. The house had three rooms. One for me, the master bedroom with a bathroom that I do not use. One for my creation, I am not sure what that room would be called but it is smaller than the one I spend my day's in. And the last room would be for a guest if I had one over. But sadly I have made no friends here. I t has been hard trying to make a friend when I would be known as a rogue. And of course, I would have made my creation a rogue as well. But she is still not being very nice about being turned. I walked up to my front door and unlocked it. The moment I was in the house I was warmed up, if you could call it that, by the fire that my creation had put together in the fireplace. We had no lights up for the time of year because we both we not going to be doing anything for the day. 

          "Are you back already, Joseph?" I hear my creation ask me in her sweet voice that I would never mistake for being nice. I looked towards the fireplace and saw that she was reading next to the fire with a glass of white wine. She had not looked up which made me think that the door opening and closest had gotten her to know that I was back.

          "Yes, I am. Now will you please not drink that? It will only hurt you, Vladimira," I warned her as I saw she had stuck her hand out to the glass without taking her eyes off of the book in her hands. Vladimira was very cold to anyone and everyone unless she felt like they would be useful to her in the future or until you got to know her. It was her way of pushing people away from her because of what life had thrown her way. Life had thrown me her way and she will not forgive herself and myself for taking her from her mother and father. But she had asked and I had thought that she was going to be nice. If I had only done my search a little better. Vladimira was one of the coldest human beings that I had met on this plante and that is saying much coming from a kind that can turn off what and how they feel about humans and each other.

          "No. I don't care if it hurts me. I am thirst so I will drink what I chose to. Now go get back to whatever you were doing," She told me coldly without looking at me. I had taught her well indeed, now if only she would take some of my advice and turn her emotions back on. I just wish that I had chosen someone a bit better than her to turn. She has such a tone that makes me wonder why I had chosen to turn her in the first place, well other then her asking me to. 

          "Alright then. But I must warn you if you do not feed soon you will go insane. I am not going to make you feed but I will tell you to because I do not want to see someone I made go insane," I said and walked up the hardwood steps to the second floor. The floor was all hardwood. All but the bedroom's floor I had ripped out and made into hardwood. I like the sound of my feet on the wood. I walked into the back room, which was my room, and sat down on the bed that I had put in the room for myself. It was a nice one with black sheets that I could flip over and make white. The pillows the same but the white side was up when the black was up for the covers. I looked at the black headboard, carved to look like a tree with thorns on it and a rose on the very top of it, and sighed. It had been a long time since I had had someone over and in this room with me. The person that had helped me build this room had died a few months after it was complete. She was a wonderful person. She had turned me because she had fallen for something that I had. She loved me till the very end of her life. I looked away from the top of my bed to the books that I had on a shelf that I had out up a while ago. Where most rooms now have televisions and other things like that I had books. I have not once had a television in my room because I do not think that it would have been wise to have one. 

          The books on the bookshelf ranged from classic novels all the way to history books that I have found incorrect. I had read everything on those bookshelves over and over again. I had come up to this room for no reason at all. I had nothing more today this day then I had last. I looked out of the window that I had not yet covered with blackout curtains yet and saw that the snow was coming done a lot faster than when I had been outside. The snow was sticking to the grass and I felt a tear come down my face. It had been a long time since I had last cried. 

          "I miss you so very much Selene. Why did you have to go and leave me?" I asked myself in a whispered voice so the vampire I had made that was sitting downstairs would not hear me talking to myself. Although I do talk to myself often that it would have been normal to her if she had heard me speak words to no one. I tore my gaze away from the window and wiped the blood tear away from my cheek. My gaze landed on a picture that I had kept of my love from long ago. I looked at her with her blond, long hair that if I touched I would have melted into its softness. Her face that was very much kissable even from the grave. And her eyes that looked like they had seen everything but nothing at all with their golden innocents. She brought back the feelings that I had made sure to bury over and over again. I closed my eyes and pushed myself to lay back on the bed crying quietly. Trying to make sure that no one was hearing me cry. I heard Vladimira move down the steps. But I was thankful that she did not come up then to see why I was crying. 

          When I was out of blood tears I looked out of the window and saw the moon trying hard to shine through the dark clouds that were still pouring snow from them. I didn't see any stars tonight all I saw was the snow trying to act like the stars coming closer and closer to earth. I wished that I could find something that would bring back my love but I didn't think that anything could bring back the dead. I picked up on of Selene's most treasured book and opened it. This book was about life and death. It was about how life was something that we all are given and death is something that is to be expected. The person that this book is about had died a long time ago to something that they did not know about at the time. But no matter how many times I push back feelings for something that has been gone it is never really gone. 

          I put the book back down after finishing the first page of it and not making it through without wanted to cry once again. I sat on my bed and looked around the room for something to do. My eyes landed on the oak desk that I had put in the corner of this room. I had on it a lamp that Selene would have loved to see, a brown leather bound notebook that I had made myself with a quill and ink next to it. In this time a quill and ink would be for movies of old and things like that but I had been using a quill and ink before I was turned into this by force. I walked over to the desk as loud as my vampire feet would let me and sat down in the wooden chair that I had put in front of it. I picked up the notebook and held it in my hands for a short time before I decided that I should open it and see if I could write anything in it before I go and find something to do with eternity. 

          The first page I open to says, " December 20th, 1899, I know that this seems silly to start and do but Selene tells me that it will help me get used to what I am now. And I can smell her standing over me watching what I am writing down. I think that I even heard her laugh. I love the sound of her voice, of her laugh, I love to look at her smile, and her beauty is like a siren trying to lure me away from everyone so she can seduce me and kill me. But not the least has she tried to. And she is whispering in my ear right now that she loves me. It is snowing outside. She loves the snow. She loves the cold weather and the snow. I am feeling her leave my side so she can go and play in the snow but she tells me that I must keep writing. I think that she has a want or desire to see what I have written about her in my little notebook that she just got for me, well after making me make pages for it." I stop reading the page as I feel a smile tug my lips. When I am sure that I can stand finishing reading this entry I continue reading it, " But I want to say this. I am not happy about what she has done to me. She has turned me and is telling me that I must go and find myself a young girl of 16 years of age to feed on. That is when they are the best she tells me. I am still not sure how I feel about feeding on someone living but she says that everything is fine and I believe her. She would do nothing to harm me in this life or the next. I am going to try and find her something so we may be wed. She says that she loves me but if she agrees to be my wife then I will truly know that she does. I must go now my love is calling for me to join her in the snow." I stare at the page blankly. She was a beauty at first sight. I was amazed that she had picked me to turn out of everyone in the world.

          I flipped the page and saw writing that I skipped over I was going to have to write one for today as I had done all of my new life. Once I found a page that was unused I dipped my quill in the ink and started to write.


          December 21th, 2016,

Today is a sad day. I am remembering my love that had passed three years ago. This day had always been the one that I regret it every coming. She might not have died on this day but she loved this weather and she loved the snow. If only she was seeing me now. Crying my blood tears over the thought of her. She would put her arm around my neck and drag me to the bed that is currently sitting in the middle of the room. She would make me see that everything was alright. She would lick away my tears from her face. But she would see that I had become a monster. That I had become a monster for killing people when I didn't have too. I have killed a young girl this evening and buried her outside of the Evergreen cemetery. I feel very sorry for her family. They will never know what has happened to her. They will never know that I had watched the life and fear in her eyes fade as they rolled back into her head. That I was the one who sunk my fangs into her and drank until I had heard a beat of her heart. That I was the one she tried to escape from as I slowly drank her blood to feed myself to feed the monster that I had become. I must go before I start crying once again over the loss of my love Selene. Bye for now.


         I put the notebook aside for now and turned the lamp, that I really never did need, off. I walked away from the desk in the dark room and tried to find something to do. I was slightly hungry and had nothing to do. I put on a better jacket, one that would be found in this weather on someone, not hanging off a hook in a closet, and some heavier pants to try and blend it. It is hard for someone like me to blend in with the human race but it has to be done somehow. I put on a winter hat and walked down the steps to the nice and warm room with the hot fire going. I looked around to see if my Creation would be found drinking wine while reading a book in front of the fire once again. She was found right where I thought that she would be. 

          "I am going out once more," I told her making her look up at me. She looked surprised that I was going out once again.

         "Are you hungry again? Even after killing the girl that you had been on about for weeks? I thought that she would have been enough to satisfy your hungry," She said slightly surprised, reaching once again for the almost empty glass of wine. I watched her for a moment before I nodded my head once. She choked on her wine slightly. 

          "After you are done with the newly turned thing you will need more blood then when your newly turned. It is just how we work now though it is slightly confusing," I said and walked away from the door frame that I had been resting my shoulder against. I didn't bother trying to look back to see what that Vladimira had finished reading her book and moved to refill her glass. I walked out the peeling front door to a blast of cold air hitting my face and making me do a double take trying to adjust to being in the cold from being in the warmth and presence of a fire. 

            Being a vampire helps getting adjusted to everything much faster. I did not have to wait long before I was used to the cold winter air stinging my face. I started my trip to find someone to help get rid of my sadness over a loss that had been many long years ago. I walked away from the light that was the home that I had lived in for some time away into the darkness of everything else. 

          I walked for an hour before I came across a young girl that was who I would always go for. She looked sweet and innocent like. I smiled at her and she smiled back as a way of being nice to someone that she didn't know I know that a lot of humans do this to show that they are trying to be nice to each other. I walked up to her a acted like it was just an accident walking right into her and making her fall down onto the cold ground. I looked at her from where I was standing and held out my hand to help her up from the ground. When she was up from the ground I didn't hesitate to try to brush her off I just pulled her closer to myself and sped off with her. I took her to the Evergreen Cemetery. This place was where Selene was buried and I took everyone that I was going to kill to this cemetery. It was my way of coping with what I had been given and then it being taken away from me. 

          When I stopped I let her go. She fell to her knees on the cold ground and looked up at me trying to see what I looked like without light shining down on my face and making it bright for her to see. When she realized that she wasn't going to get a look at who I was she looked around for something to tell her where she was when she didn't see anything that could tell her where she was, she looked back at me.  I smiled letting my fangs come out and I saw that she didn't see anything. I picked her up from the ground and held her closer to my face until she could see me.

          "Have no fear, little one. I do not want to harm you. But sadly I am very hungry. But before I do kill you I must ask you one thing. What is your name, little one?" I asked her calmly holding her still to keep from running away from me. 

          "S -S-Sarah, My my name is Sarah. W-What are you going to d-do to me?" She asked me studdering and trying to back away from me. I heard it in her voice that she knew she was weaker than me, but I was not going to let her think that. I let he go on her last attempt to get free. Her legs failed her and she falls to the ground once more. I saw that she had on a gray long shirt under her black winter jacket. I smile at her once more. But this time my eye are filled with a sadness that she can see. I make sure that she can see it. She stands up in front of me bravely looking in my brown eyes.

          "You don't want to do this," She said as if she knew that I did not want to. 

          "You know too well that I do not want, but I have got no choice in this. I am hungry thereby I must feed. I don't have to kill you and bury you here but I am going to as a way to pay my love back for what she has done to me and then her leaving me," I tell her as she starts to back away from me. I sigh and look at her once more just to see her turn on her heel and run from me. That was her mistake. You do not run from a predator. It is a bad move and a wrong move.

          I chased after her, of course. It was too hard to not give chase to something that was running from me. I ran up behind her and found that she was only too easy to scare. I saw her jump up and try to run faster. She failed. "Running only makes me want to kill you more," I called after her. She looked over her shoulder while she was running and her foot got caught under a branch. I stopped running when she fell. She was coming closer and closer to my eyesight and my eyes had narrowed on her neck. I heard her blood pounding with fear and adrenal. I could feel her heartbeat coming to make my heart beat once more. I loved the taste in the blood of fear so her being afraid was something that I would savor. 

          My hunter came out and I stalked her until I was on her. I knelt down to her side and watched with interest as she screamed, something that would not hear from the way that she had gone. She had run more and more into the forest. I grabbed her shirt and yanked her off the ground. I made her watch as I grabbed her wrist and plunged my teeth into it. I looked up as she screamed more out of pain and angry than anything else. I watched as her eyes rolled behind her head and she stopped trying to struggle against me. I watched as she became limp in my arms. I closed my eyes as I felt the last of her blood come into my mouth and swallowed it. I heard the last bump of her heart in her chest as I was the one to stop it from moving once more. It was at this point that I could turn her into one of us but I would never do that without telling the person before I kill them and turn them. I took my fangs out from deep in her skin and licked my lips from the blood that I had there. I watched and heard as I let her body fall to the ground with a thump. I don't know why but it was something that I liked to see and hear. Of course, though, death is always supposed to be something to grieve about but I never do. I am always surrounded by it because I am the cause of it most of the time. The only person's death that I had grieved was my love Selene's death.

          I looked at her lifeless body a little more before I moved to get a shovel. When I returned I looked for a spot that was close to the body to bury her. I was at the front gate of my chosen cemetery. I had never buried anyone in front of the gates before and I would never do so. It was rude to do so. I plugged the shovel's blade into the ground once more when I found a spot right next to the entries. The ground was covered with a light snow but the ground underneath that snow was frozen solid. I always felt bad when it was time for Christmas and I feed. These people that I fed on all had families when I killed them I took them away from their loved ones like fate had done to me. 

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