The stupid way of everything about you

What will happen when Kate brings her daughter to school and her teacher turn out to be the love of her life who left her many years ago.


10. X



The loud sound of my alarm clock makes me open my eyes. With a blurry sight I start searching the magical button that will make the horrible sound shut up. And when I finally got it I lay myself down again. I close my eyes enjoying the silence hovering over my room. Not long after the silence came in my mother walks in my room.

"Get up, sweety." She walks straight to my window next to my bed and swings the curtains open. A light too bright to handle shines on my face making me hide myself underneat the duvet. 

"Naha, you are not going back to sleep." She says before pulling the sheets of my bed. A cold breeze umbraces me and now I have no other option than getting out of my bed. I put on my clothes and go downstaires. Once I enter the kitchen I smell the sweet aroma of pancakes. I walk toward my mom and give her a kiss on her sheek wishing her goodmorning and I immediatly sit down making sure that I have at least 5 of them. 

"Mom, they are really good." I mumble with my mouth full of pancake. 

"Thank you sweety, but--"

"Yeah I know, don't speak with your mouth full." My mom always wants me to follow the etiquette, because a girl isn't a girl without good manners. At least that is what she says. "Sorry mom."

I finish my breakfast and put on my shoes. I grab my bag and leave the house after yelling goodbye to my mom. Emma is already waiting for me so I start running to her car and jump in. 

"Hey hey!" I say putting my seatbelt on.

"Okay first things first. Where the hell were you last friday? Were you because you looked just fine that morning but when I asked Bree where you were she said you weren't in class so where the hell were you? And second thing hey girl." She chatters while looking at me. I immediatly feel guilty for leaving her last friday, but then a pair of bright, dark green eyes pops in my head. I stare in front of me thinking about that day. What actually happened? How did it even happen? What if he won't talk to me today or what if he think if not that funny or what if he doens't like me? But what if he does? 

"Helloooooo? Is someone in there or are you dreaming about someone?" She laughs not knowing that what she said actually was the truth. I stay silent and look down trying to hide my deep red cheeks. 

"Oh no, oh my god, you are?! You really are! Who is it and what no why do you think about him if I asked you--" She doesn't finish her scentence because she putted the pieces together without me saying a word. She knows.

"You skipped school?" I slowly nodd lifting my head to look her in the eyes. I see her eyes widen and her mouth fall open. 

"Kate Maria Willis! You skipped school? With a guy? Who is it? No first who are you? Where is the goodygoody Kate? The one who follows the rules and never would have done that?" I stay quiet not knowing what to say because I actually don't have an answer. I don't know where that girl went, she just left. Or at least she left last friday, but that is not going to happen again. 

"It's not going to happen again, but if I'm honest, it was awsome." I timedly smile. 

"I totaly like this new you!" She smiles making me laugh and with that she starts the car. The whole ride we talk about my date, if I can call it a date, and of course about the guy who made me do it. 

We arrive at the school parking and I look around noticing myself looking for Finn. When I can't find him I step out of the car following Emma by her side toward the schooldoors. Once we enter we say goodbye and we go each to our locker. After a few turns I see mine and walk straight toward it. When I open him I see an envelope lying on one of my books. I look around wondering who would leave a note like this. I grab it and look for an adress or a name but the only thing I see is my name in the middle of it. I look around again but there is still no one who it could be. I stare at it for a few seconds before opening it.


Dear Princess

Be prepaired for friday.

Same place, same hour.


I read the note over and over again. So many emotions are running through my veins. Happiness. Excitement. Curiosity. I think about so many things and all of them make a huge smile appear on my face, but there is one thing that overmasters. 






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