The stupid way of everything about you

What will happen when Kate brings her daughter to school and her teacher turn out to be the love of her life who left her many years ago.


7. VII




I knock on the door and almost immediatly I walk in. He doesn't look at me at first but then he lift his head but I don't dare to look into his eyes. I remember what they could do to me, not now, that's not what I need. I forgot them when I met Jake. He was so sweet. I worked in an hotel and he was one of the thousand guests, but he approached me and we started talking. Later that day he asked me out and one year later we got married. 

"So you wanted to talk about Charlotte?" I start.

"Yeah, I wanted to say that if she needs help with something you can always call me or contact me and I wanted to ask if she has any diseases I need to know of, because if there is I want to be able to help if something would happen."

"No she hasn't, but it's very sweet of you to ask." He nodds with a smile on his face and then goes on with the questions about Charlie. After few other ones about how her grades were in her previous school, her math grades and her languages and an explanation about the activities in this school he started about something else.

"So how are you?" First I was surprised he asked but after that I found it very sweet.

"I'm fine actually, I think. And you?" 

"I think? Well that is very convincing." He laughed. A small laugh escaped my mounth.

"Yeah it is isn't it?" 

"Yeah totaly" He played along.

"No uhm, my husband and I got divorced so I don't know if I'm fine." I say not knowing why I was so open to him.

"Oh I'm sorry." 

"It's okay, you couldn't know. But how is your life going?" 

"Well good, I think." 

"Very convincing." We both laugh and I immediatly feel comfortable.

"So you became a teacher?" 

"You shouldn't have said it back then right?" It's the first time we talk about the past and it actually feels a little weird.

"No not at all" I laugh. The conversation starts to build and without noticing the time passes by very fast. We talked, laughed and I really enjoyed it. I look at my watch and see it is almost 7 o'clock.

"O shit I told my mom I would be home before 6." 

"Still the old rules huh?" he laughs.

"Funny, very funny." I walk toward the door and turned around by hearing his voice agin.

"Hey Kate, I really liked our talk and I was lovely to see you again."

"Yeah me too." I smile.

I turn around and try to open the door, but it's stuck. I pull a few times and the fourth time he goes open with a lot of power for me to strumble back bumping into someones chest. I turn around  and look at him. I take a few steps back but almost fall because of my heels. The door slams shut and I lean on it while two strong hands help me to keep me standing. His eyes stare down into mine, his hands on my lower back and our nose almost touching. I freeze not being bale to say a word. A soft touch on my left cheek makes me melt in his arms. His fingers slowly stroke my blushy cheekbone, running up and down. While focussing on his eyes I see him coming closer. A sweet warm breath umbraces my lips and my heart has lost his rithm.

"I--I--I'm sorry." I wisper while I turn my head to the side making him place a soft kiss on my cheek. 

"Kate..." He wispers.

"We shouldn't have done that." I turn around and open the door after a few times pulling. I walk as fast as I can toward the end of the hallway when I hear him scream my name and saying he is sorry. I keep walking trying to ignore his broken voice.

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