The stupid way of everything about you

What will happen when Kate brings her daughter to school and her teacher turn out to be the love of her life who left her many years ago.


6. VI




It's friday and I am so happy that the weekend was closeby, yes I like to go to school but I love my weekends more. My first class will start in about ten minutes so I walk to my locker and grab my books for the first few hours. I close it again and start travelling through the hall again. We still got five minutes but I can see the crowd thin out so I fasten my walk a bit. Suddenly I feel a strong hand grabbing my arm and pulling me in an empty classroom. Two arms are pushing me against the wall next to the door. My eyes who were looking at the ground are now staring into a pair of big green eyes. For a few seconds I was in trance, I don't know what his eyes did to me. I blink a few times to bring me out of the captivity of his eyes.

"Finn, what are y--"

"Ssshht. We're going on a date." 

"What? Now?" I get out of his grip and he takes a few steps back.

"Yes, now"

"But I can't we have a class to go to."

"We actually don't have to. And you promised."

"I didn't promise anything. And I'm not going. I'm not your puppet doing everything what you ask me to do. So I won't go with y--" The hand who brought me here is now covering my mounth for me to shut up. He pushes me aginst the wall, his body is pressed against mine and his eyes are focust on the hallway. Finn is so close I can smell his vanilla perfume giving me a heartwarming feeling.  A minute passes and nothing changed. I lay my hand on his chest and push him away. because he didn't expect it, he strumbles a few steps back giving me the space to walk toward the door. 

"Finn I have to go to my cla-" As fast as I pushed him away as fast as I'm pinned against the wall again. His hand again covering my mounth, his eyes trying to read my mind and his nose a few milimeters away from mine. Without saying a word he told me to be quiet and I listened. I didn't even blink or roll with my eyes, I just listened. It's his eyes, they really need to stop doing that to me. When I realize that a few minutes passed with us still in the same position I slowly bring my hand on his and pull it softly down.

"I'm not going to say it again." I wisper.

"I not going to ask again." He wispers back, feeling his hot breath on my lips. 

"I not skipping class." I hear the bell ring and I feel stress building up inside of me. I've never been too late except once because of the guy in front of me.

"I guess you already did it." A smirk is spread across his face. 

"Not funny, I've never done this before." 

"Oh is little pretty princess nervous?" Did he just call me pretty and princess?

"Pff me nervous? Ofcourse not." Yes I am and not even a little bit. What if we get cought?

"Then come with me." I hesitate a bit, but if I say no he will tell all his friends I'm coward and I don't want that. But I also don't want skip school. What if they notice and call my parents? 

"Fine." I hear myself say. What in the hell are you doing Kate Willis? You are going to skip school to go on a date with a guy you don't even know. How bad sounds that.

"Now we have to wait a few more minutes so nobody will notice us. The principal always walks through the school and if he isn't then a teacher will. There is always someone checking if everyone went to his class." He has done this a lot I guess. He knows more than me and he goes to this school for a month or so. 

I nodd and we stay silent, in the same position. His eyes are still focust on the hallway and the lady that is passing the classroom. I don't know where to put my hands so I lay them very softly on his chest. He doesn't move on bit, but when I look up I can see a smirk is forming on his lips. 

"Okay now." He wispers while running toward the door. For a few moments I stand still not knowing what is happening but soon I follow him. He slowly opens the door and looks in the hallway.

"All clear." He says and I walk out. He closes the door again and at that moment we hear footsteps. He grabs my hand and start running. I do the same and look behind to see if there is someone. I look back at Finn and see him looking around. Suddently we hear a woman voice say: "Stop running! Who are you?" Ofcourse we didn't listen and as we take a left turn I see the schooldoors getting closer. I hear the footsteps getting louder and coming closer. Finn pushes as hard as he can against the door and we both run outside. He pulls me toward a car, opens the door for me, he sprints to the other side and jumps in. He starts the car and drives of the schoolparking.

"That was so wrong." I try to catch my breath.

"But so fucking awsome." I laugh not believing what I just did.

"Welcome to my world, princess." 




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