The stupid way of everything about you

What will happen when Kate brings her daughter to school and her teacher turn out to be the love of her life who left her many years ago.


5. V



Finn's POV

"So now that we already know eachother a bit we are going to play a game. So you make gr--" A knock on the door interrupts me. 

"Okay kids, you have to be quiet when I open the door, okay?" 

"Yes teacher Finn." They all say at the same time. It's has been now 5 years since I started here in this classroom. I really like it, the little kids, trying to teach them something and hoping they don't end up like me. I was everything except a good student. I skipped school, I had bad grades, smoked and I didn't even care. I want to make a difference for them. They are talented and they deserve it.

I walk toward the door when I hear a wisper behind me. I turn around and look into the eyes of Jason, the funny, rebellious guy of the class. I point my finger at him and there is a silence spread across the room. 

"Youuu...." I say and wait a few seconds before tickling him. Now laugher fills the class and it makes me so happy.

I walk back to the door and open it. It's probably the new student the principal telled me about. I see a little girl with long brown wavy hair and a smallsmile on her face. She must be nervous. I look up and see the principal and behind him I see her. After 10 years I meet her here. In the hallway. She didn't change a bit. She still has beautiful wavy brown hair, she only cut it till her schoulders. It makes her even more attractive. She still has those blue eyes you can drown in. She's wearing a blue jeans, a white blouse and black heels an it fits her perfectly. She has a daughter so she must be married, living the happy life. I can't blame her, she's beautiful and she deserves it. She deserves to be loved.

"Kate." Is the only thing I can get out. I can't even speak I wisper. I see her eyes widen and I can imagine what she is thinking. I left her and never talked to her again. Never returned to visit her. Never responded on a letter she wrote me. Never did I do anything to get her back. The only thing I could do is write a lame as letter. She answered but after that I never did. I shake my head and bend down looking at the little girl.

"So what's your name sweetheart?" She is just like her.

"Charlie" I look up at her and see a smile I never forgot. 

"Actually it's Charlotte." A smile appears on my face. I remember. I remember everything about her. I turn back to Charlotte and say where she can sit. I look back up and see Kate staring at her daughter, proud of everything she does. She should be. 

The principal leaves not long after that and then it's just me and her. I ask if we could talk after school. Her face freezes and as fast as I can I say it's about Charlotte, not sure if it actually is. She agrees and leaves the hallway after waving Chalotte goodbye. I keep watching her walking to the end of the corridor and when she disappears I go back to my class. I close the door but I forgot to ask if it's okay if we talk in my classroom. I open the door again and hear someone sobbing. When I take a right turn at the end of the hall I see nobody. So I go back and start my lesson again.


The day is over and I saw Kate picking up Charlotte a while ago so she could be here any minute. I wait a few more minutes when I hear a soft knock on the door. I look at the ground seeing two black heels slowly entering the classroom.

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