The stupid way of everything about you

What will happen when Kate brings her daughter to school and her teacher turn out to be the love of her life who left her many years ago.


9. IX




I'm so stupid. Why did I do it? I was over him. I mean I am over him. He was out of my life. Out of my mind but I guess he's taking over again. He crowled back in not making any noice and than he just broke down my wall all at once. 

I immediatly left after our kiss. Well I shouldn't call it a kiss. I'll call it an almost kiss. But even if he just kissed me on the cheek, it shouldn't have happened, because it didn't happen but there were intentions, intentions to kiss me.Why? Why did I go? We shouldn't have done it, I told him that and I hope he feels the same way. I was wrong in every way. Our past and the fact I just divorced and not to imagine the fact he is the teacher of my daughter. I would be so weird and awkward for her. So it's better if we don't. 

All those thoughts are running through my mind while I drive to my mom to pick up Charlie. When I finally get there I explained why it took so long, ofcourse letting out the part we kissed and actually had a great time. So basicly I lied. I told her he kept going on and on about activities the school organizes. I wish it was true than everything would be just as it was. He would be out of my mind and the conversation would be so boring that I would think that it was meant to be, that it was meant to be that we were thrown apart. But it wasn't true at all. He wasn't out of my mind, the conversation wasn't boring at all. Maybe it was meant to be that our paths crossed again. 

I stayed for dinner and tried to follow the conversation with my mother but my head was in another world. He took over. Most of the times my mom asked if i heard what she said, ofcoourse I said yes although I didn't. One time she waved her hand in front of m face trying to get my attention. I blinked a few times and realized what she was doing. I told her I was just tired hoping she would believe me, but I could see it on her face she didn't. 

At 8 o'clock we left after saying goodbye. We came home and watched some tv together. At 9 o'clock I told Charle it was time for bed and as stubburn as she is she told me she didn't want to but after a while she just said okay and went upstaires. She crawled in her bed and I putted the duvet over her.

"So how was your first day of school?" I ask sitting next to her. Her face lights up and with the biggest smile she has she starts telling me everything.

"It was awesome! I met this girl Bella and she is very sweet and funy and everything. We sit next to eachother because teacher Finn told me to sit there. He's very nice too, I really like him, mommy." She starts telling me about all the friend in her class and the things they did, but my mind keeps holding on that one thing she said. Those few words. I don't know why but it made it all a little better. She likes him. She really likes him. A huge smile appears on my face by thinkin of that. I look back at her and her mouth didn't stop a second. I watch her, admiring all the things she is saying. 

"So yeah, my day was pretty awesome." She wispers while closing her eyes and laying her head on her pillow.

"That's great to hear, Charlie. Now let's go to bed because tomorrow will be another big day." I give her a kiss on her forehead and walk to the hall. I switch off the light and slowly close her door. But when it's almost shut I hear her wisper something. I love you, mommy, no matter what happens. 

"I love you too, sweety." I wisper back.


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