The stupid way of everything about you

What will happen when Kate brings her daughter to school and her teacher turn out to be the love of her life who left her many years ago.


4. IV



Kate's POV

It's been a couple of weeks now since the day we met. We've talked that day in every class we shared, he even walked me home, but after that day he didn't say a word to me. Once he did, actually he didn't, I said hi en he just gave me a look, he just smirked. It's weird, because he wasn't like that when we met. He was sweet and funny but now he's just another jerk from school. One day I saw him in my street driving with another girl in the car. Not that I mind, I mean he can do whatever he wants and I think that that is exactly what he is doing. He skips school so he probably has bad grades and he is now always with Matt, the popular badboy from school. I saw them a few times, but he didn't see me or when he did Matt said something while looking at me and then he just laughed. How can a person change in like 24 hours? He went from the sweet boy who lives in my street to the jerk in school. Everytime I see him I roll my eyes, hating that he changed and hating him for just leaving me like that. One day being all nice and the other day he doesn't say a word. Today he saw it and he looked confused. 

"See you tomorrow?" Emma asks. It's friday and we had planned to go to the park or the mall, we don't know it yet. 

"2 o'clock. Ooh and Emm, please don't be late." I laugh at her.

"I'll try but I can't promise." she laughs while sticking her tong out. Before We start walking in opposite directions I do the same. She had to go to family so I had to walk instead of driving with her. It isn't that far but still. 

I didn't even pass the first car when I feel someone grab my arm. He puls me between two cars and pushes me against one of them. Two strong arms are on each side of my head and there is no way I can escape.

"Finn, let me go, would you." 

"Why should I" 

"Because I say so."

"Feisty, didn't see that coming."

"Ugh, go away and leave me alone like you've been doing the last few weeks."


"You heard me." He stays silent for a minute looking me in the eyes. The green of his eyes overmasters my anger for one moment. It was like I saw something broken.

"Why did you roll your eyes at me in the hall?"

"Why do you care"

"I don't"  

"Why do you ask then?"




"So, what?"

"Why did you" I resist to tell but at the same time I want him to know why.

"Because you just were nice to me one day and the other day you didn't talk to me anymore. You barely looked at me, like I'm just some trash lying on the ground." I spit out. I want to get away so I try to escape and try to push his arms away but without any succes. And everytime I want to walk under his arms his puts them a little lower so I still can't escape. I can feels his eyes looking at me trying to get out. I keep trying untill I get so annoyed.

"Ugh Finn, what do you want." I almost yell crossing my arms leaning against the car.

"A date" 

"Well don't be ashamed and ask Britt out or something." I scoff looking at the ground.

"With you." My eyes shoot up and meet his. 





"No" His smirk changes into a rather shocked unbelieving face. He blinks a few times and tries again.

"Then I won't let you go." 


"Yeah you heard me"

"Finn get out the way" 

"No, not until you say yes."

"No, now go away." 

"No" I stay quiet looking at every other thing than him.

"I'm waiting. I mean, if I want I can stay here the whole night."

"Okay fine."


"Yes I'll go on a date with you." I give up. His eyes sparkle and a bright smile is spread on his face, a quick thank you leaves his mounth. He smiles again and without noticing he comes closer pressing his lips on my cheek. It went all too quick to do something and as fast as he came he is gone, leaving me speechless pressed against a car with my hand on my cheek.

I guess I have a date then.


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