The stupid way of everything about you

What will happen when Kate brings her daughter to school and her teacher turn out to be the love of her life who left her many years ago.


3. III


"Kate." A wisper escapes from his mouth. He freezes for a few seconds but soon he shakes his head and points his look at Charlotte. 

His eyes didn't change one bit, they are still as gentle and green as 10 years ago. His hair is still as wild as it was when he was 18 and it still looked amazing. Although his eyes and hair didn't change, all the rest did. He has a beard that he shaves every morning. His clothes are less rebellious and more manly, instead of a ripped jeans he wears a pair of fashionable trousers. His band t-shirts changed into a shirt. He has a watch on his left hand, maybe now he will be on time somewhere. His hands are stronger. I can see his veins covered under a slight coating of hair. They are rough, workhands. He wasn't always the worker of us two but when he wanted something he always went straight for it. But that was then, not now.

He bends down so he is at the same hight of her. 

"So what's your name, sweetheart?" A big smile appears on her face. He has always been great with children. Making them laugh, smile and feel comfortable when they are stressed. And that is what he did right now, using all his charmes he once used on me. I fell for it and I know everyone else would too.

"Charlie." While she says it he looks up at me and all I can do is give him a shy smile.

"Actually it's Charlotte." I adjust. By the name a smile appears on his face and his eyes sparkle a little bit, like he had an insider, something he remembered. Maybe he did remember it. 

"Okay Charlotte you can sit next to Bella, she sits right over there." He points at a girl with red hair and a happy cute smile, I already like her. They immidiatly start talking and that just made my day.

"Okay Finn from this point I will leave it to you." With those words said the principal turns around and walks away. Now it's just me and him alone in the hallway. Never though that this would happen ever again. This made me think of how we met. A bright smile is shining on my face while thinking of that memory.

"Uhum, uhm can I talk to you after school?" he awkwardly scratches his neck and I immediatly freeze.

As soon as he sees my facial expression. he says it's about Charlotte and the activities the school organizes. That's a relief.

"Yeah sure, I will pick her up bring her to my mom and come back." I smile.

"Great. I will wait for you." he says.

"Great, bye." I wave at Charlotte before turning around and walking as fast as I can. It feels like my feet are bricks. So heavy. I barely move foreward. It feels like I've been walking hours when I just make the first turn. I can't make it any further and lean to the wall behind me. Everything shoots through my head. I slowly slight down till I sit down. Tears are falling down and i can't control it. All the tears that I've hidden from Jake are streaming down in one moment. All the pain from over the years.

I hear a door open, but I see nothing in the hall. That's when I know it's him. As fast as I can I stand up and start walking again, running. I make it to my car and immediatly I turn on my playlist with all the sad songs and I cry with them. I build myself up and wipe my tears away. Kate it has been ten years you're stronger than this.

After a couple of minutes I start the car and drive away from the school. I go to my work but all I can think about is him.

Finn and his stupid hair that is somehow always perfect.

The stupid way he always laughs.

His stupid jokes he always made.

His stupid dance that made me smile.

His stupid hugs that made me peaceful.

His stupid eyes that made me fall in love with him. 


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