The stupid way of everything about you

What will happen when Kate brings her daughter to school and her teacher turn out to be the love of her life who left her many years ago.


2. II



My final year is going to be perfect. That's me, that is my life. Perfect. Boring. Scadualed. But I don't mind, because I like it like that. I get high marks and after this year I will go to Harvard University. That's what I've always dreamed of or at least that is what my parents told me to dream of. I think I like it, but what I want to become is still a big question. Maybe doctor. Or a lawyer. Maybe running a fancy restaurant or a --

"Kate! Emma is here!" 


Emma is my best friend, she always has been. We are in the same class since we were 6 and I hope this year isn't any different. We always go to school together and now it is much more fun because Emma has a car for herself so every ride to school is a giant party. Yes sometimes people do look strange at us, but we don't care. This time it isn't any different. The music is loud and we are singing a lot louder. God, this year is going to be just perfect.

"Hey I got my scedual and my first class is biology, you?" I ask her hoping she would say the same or jump in the air like every year when we know whe have all our classes together.


"You are kidding right?"

"Nope, Math." 

"Are they serious? After 11 years they decided to split us up in our last year."

"I hate this school." she curses.

"It's okay we will see eachother at luch, but I have to go or I will be late. See you?" I smile.

"See ya." she smiles back.

I still can't believe it, how am I ever going to survive without her. We were always a team, Like the two of not like one in Math and the other one in Biology, but I guess there is nothing left to do than just listening. 

I head to class and took place in front of the class. I'm always or at least most of the time, the first one who enters the class because I like to sit in the front row. You may think I'm a nerd, but I'm not. I guess.

I open my bag and look for my biology book, but I can't find it. I fast as I can I take my bag and slightly run to my locker. It's like a five minute walk so if I run that must be three, right? A few people give me weird looks and some laugh at me. I ignore them and when I finally arive I open my locker as fast as I can.

1,5,6,9 I hear a clicking sound and sigh in relief. I go through all of my stuff but I still can't find it. Math, history, fysics, chemistry and then finally Biology. I take the book and put it in my bag while turning around and bumping into someone. 

"Umh sorry, I was ju-" I didn't even finish my sentence because everything stopped working. Except my heart. I feel the beat go faster and faster as I stare into two piercing green eyes. They look rough but gentle, soft and hard at the same time. 

"Doesn't matter." I feel getting my cheeks burning and look as fast as I can to the ground. I see a pair of sneakers insecure moving like he is nervous and I can feel his eyes on me.

"Ummh do you know where Biology is?" I slowly lift my head again and try not to look into his eyes, because I know if I do I won't find the words to say something.

"U-umh yeah. Yes I do. I- umh I actually need to be there too. Maybe we can walk together?" My heart stops what did I just do. That wasn't the plan. I don't know what to to. What if he says no. God that would be so embarrassing. 

"Yeah sure." He answers while giving me a slight smile. After that we start walking and without thinking it through I start talking. 

"It's Finn by the way"

"Kate" I smile waiting for a response that doen't come.

"So. You moved here? Because I have never seen you before." Okay lets hope that that doesn't sound like a creep who keeps an eye on everyone wanting to know what they are doing with their life.

"Yeah. We moved because..." he remains silent, like there was something he didn't want to tell. I didn't want to force it so I just said something else.

"The biology teacher is pretty nice actually." I mentaly facepalm myself. From all the things I could say I say this. I say that the teacher is nice? Who says that? I should have said nice sweater or something or I like your tattoo. That is when I noticed it. A small piece of a tattoo on his right shoulder is shown because his sleaves are too short to cover it all up.

"Oh really?" 

"Hmh" I keep staring at the ground feeling embarrassed.

"Got a little crush?" my head shot up and I stared into his eyes.


"Yeah you know, a little crush on the teacher." I start laughing and hit his arm and I start walking again.

"Hey what was that for?" He yells while still standing there. 

"You being stupid." I hear a laugh behind me and my heart skips a beat. I shake my head and keep walking until I feel a hand on my shoulder. I look at my side and see him standing there and I can't keep the smile of my face.


"It's okay if you have a crush on him. I mean it would be weird, but I won't judge you." I can't hold my laugh and that causes him to laugh too.

"Stop it" I hit his arm again while laughing. 

"Yeah you should stop hitting me you know"

"Maybe I will when you stop being stupid." 

"Maybe I will but just not for now" He smirks.

We keep talking about random stuff until we reach the classroom. I open the door and luckely the teacher wasn't mad at us, but because we were late I had to sit in the back next to Finn. That last thing wasn't so bad at all. I liked him, I really did. 

Maybe afterall having not everything planned isn't so bad. Actually it was pretty great.





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