The stupid way of everything about you

What will happen when Kate brings her daughter to school and her teacher turn out to be the love of her life who left her many years ago.


1. I




"Charlie! Get up! You need to go to school. We'll be leaving in 20 minutes." 

"Yes, mom!" Charlotte yells back. 


A few weeks ago we moved from Denver to St. Helena. My husband, ex-husband, Jake and I got divorced after 5 years of marriage and I decided to move out. I wanted something different and staying there would only take me back in time in stead of foreward. So I search for a cosy house in a little village. I've always been a small village person. The small stores, the fact that you know almost everyone. The big houses with even bigger gardens. And so I found St. Helena, but because Denver is too far to bring Charlotte to her father every week, she will see him only once in a month. I know that it isn't a lot but there isn't any other solution. I try to talk about it with her but it's difficult, because she always asks why and that is a question I sometimes ask myself. Why didn't it work out? It just didn't. Deep inside I know the answer but I can't tell her that, she's too young. When your 9 years old you should be playing with dolls and not worry about the world. Someday I will tell her, but that day isn't just anytime soon. 

To cause as less problems as possible we moved as soon as her schoolyear was over so she didn't had to make new friends in the middle of the schoolyear. So today is her first day of school here and I think I got more stress than she has. 

"Mom! I can't find my favorite sweater!" 

"Coming." I yell as i walk up the stairs to grab her sweater out of her closet. 

"You know that sometimes you have to pick something up before you can see it." I smile at her. 

"Well I want to say I did that but then I would be lying so I better don't." She smiles back.


I go back downstaires and start prepairing her breakfast and lunch while eating mine. 

"10 minutes!" I yell before she finally shows up at the kitchen. 

"Well at least you are 5 minutes earlyer than normally." She puts out her tongue at me while she grabs the milk out of the fridge. 

After 15 minutes we finally leave the house. I start the car and just before I take a turn to the left she asks me to turn around again. Charlotte has and will always be the person to forget everything. Her backpack, her lunchbag, a map for school, lituarly anything. She will forget it. Another 10 minutes pass while we search her lucky pen. Yeah that's right her lucky pen. She has always been the one to believe in things like that, but I don't mind because I'm like that too. A small innocent flower predicting my future or a pair of socks I wore at the day I won a competition. All those things were symbolising all the luck I had.

Again I start the car and this time I don't need to stop. She turns on the radio and we start singing along with all the songs and when we need to stop in front of a red light we start dancing in our seats. After a five minute dancing session I start to drive again.

When we finally arrive at the school I park the car and get out. At that moment we hear the bell ring. Shit. I take Charlies hand and start running into the school. I bumb into a teacher and try to catch my breath. 

"Uhum. Sorry sir. Uhm do you know where I can find the principals office?" I ask while an awkward smile is spread on my face. 

"Yeah sure. You need to take that door and turn right. You keep walking and at the end of the hallway it's at your left."

"Thank you!" I start walking again, slightly running. I follow the instruction of the man and I knock on an old brown door. A deep voice tells me to come inside. I slowly open the door and look into the eyes of a black haired, middle aged man. 

"I call it right in time." He gently smiles. I feel 10 kilo fall of my shoulders and go sit down in relief. After a short introduction he start telling about the school and things I should know. Then he leads me to the class where Charlotte's in. He walks upstaires to the first flour and enters a long hallway. As I look beside me I see my little girl with sweaty hands, stressed about what will happen. I take her hand and and squeeze it a little. She looks up with worried eyes and stares into mine. I mounth back that I will be okay to comfort her, because I know that she will be. 

I see pictures of children and teachers. I hear voices, a lot of them and they all are as little as her. On the walls are hanging drawings and paintings and some are very pretty. There are also little statues made from clay looking like a head of a horse I guess.

At the end of the hallway we turn left and every step we take, brings us closer to the only class in the little corridor. The principal slows down his steps and stops at a moment. We both do too. His strong hands knock briefly on the door, not long after that the door opens and my heart stops. 

It doens't skip a beat nor does it start beating faster.

It just stops.

It breaks.

Into a thousand pieces. 


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