Somewhere In Neverland


3. Chapter 2

Aust closed the cargo door and they sat down on the couch in the common area.

“Why were you checking the berg alone? Where’re the other shuck faces?” He asked on the same rude tone. He couldn’t control it but she seemed to be fine about it.

“I’m not really one of the guards, I just stole this suit to get out of the freaking office.” She explained. She seemed like she was a tough one.

“What office?”

“My brother works for the government here in Denver, he kept me isolated since Munies are being hunted down and sold back to WICKED, they assumed.” He recalled when Janson told them why people hated Munies. It was the day his name was called on the list of not being immune. It still annoyed him thinking about Thomas and Minho’s reaction about it.

“You obviously worked for WICKED, so why’re you here? You escaped?” He had so many questions to ask her but he had to slim it, ask her one by one. Just to show her some respect even though his insides are spinning in a thousand directions. He pulled himself together.

“No, I was sent here for a task, since my brother runs with the government.”

She started unzipping her suit down and he stared. Newt wanted to look away but he didn’t. It felt like he can’t hold himself any longer but he resisted. He told himself that the virus can’t be moving that fast.

“Uh- sorry, do you mind? This suit is really burning my skin.” Aust asked, he blinked not knowing if he should shake his head or just say no. His mind was messed up.

He composed himself. “N-no, not at all.” He stammered as he looked down on the floor hiding his red face. He fixed his hair shyly to make a gesture.

She giggled while she tied the sleeves of the suit on her waist, leaving her with a black shirt. “It’s okay man, we were best friends before they sent you out to the Glade.”

Newt was stunned for a moment. Best friends, huh? He never thought he had one. Being on a memory wipe sucked, it sucked so much he wanted to punch every staff of WICKED.

“We were best friends?” Hearing himself say the word were stung him inside.

“Yeah, just like Thomas and Teresa are. I watched you everyday at the Glade,” She paused, spacing out. “It was unbearable, but I’m so glad to see you now. Alive.” She smiled.

Newt smiled back, bitterly. He knew he wasn’t going to last long because of the Flare, somehow he thanked the memory wipe. If he remembered her, it would bloody hurt like hell knowing he has the virus and has to leave his best friend behind while he go insane.

“Well I’m not going to be around long enough, am I?” Newt answered giving a fake laugh. She didn’t reply. She gave him a look, something that says she wanted to hug him.

“I missed you, Newt,” And he felt the hug that he was waiting for. It felt good, but it hurt a lot even if he didn’t remember a single memory of her. “I’m sorry, I wish I wasn’t immune.” He felt her hug tightened.

Newt pulled her back lightly, just enough to release her and stand up from his seat.

“I bet you’re just making all this klunk up, you were not my best friend. You’re bloody lying. Stop messing with my head, I don’t need it!” His voice filled with rage. He hated himself for saying something like that. He knew she wasn’t making all that up by just looking into her eyes.

Newt heard her sigh. He instantly regretted what he said. Something inside him turned. He knew the virus was kicking in again.

“Fine, I’m not going to force you to believe me,” She said. He turned to her, seeing her place something on the desk. “I’m just going to leave this here. I’m going to crash one of the rooms of this Berg whether you like it or not. So if you’ll excuse me, I am really exhausted.”

She stood up leaving the common area. Newt didn’t turn back to watch her go, he just stared at the piece of picture on the desk.

It’s a picture of him and Aust, their arms placed in each other’s shoulders, smiling at the camera. They were so much younger. It felt unreal, seeing his own young self that he doesn’t remember with the girl he wants to remember more than anything in the world.

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