Somewhere In Neverland


2. Chapter 1

It was Newt’s first day alone on the Berg when his group left to do their task in Denver.

He just got out of the shower and finished eating his lunch. He lied on the bunk bed staring at the ceiling.

It seemed like being alone felt like the virus in his brain was syncing in faster than average.

“Shuck this,” Newt threw the pillow on the wall and rubbed his hair hardly out of frustration.

His palm washed through his face as he closed his eyes.

The virus in his brain made him feel weak, taking over everything. He’s becoming more and more aggressive and he can’t even do a shuck thing about it.

Finally his mind slowed and he fell asleep.

* * *

The loud squealing of the hinges woke him up. It seems like the ramp of the cargo door is slowly pivoting down. At first, he thought it was just him being paranoid until he heard its edge landed on the ground.

He stood up leaving the bed in a flash, not knowing what to do. The group can’t be back so soon. It must be the guards, he figured.

He ran through the hallway, finding a good spot to hide. He heard footsteps on the ramp and it made his heartbeat pick up the pace.

He went inside the shower area of the room next to the common area, locking the door.

What’s the bloody point? I’m gonna get caught anyway, he thought.

“Is anybody in here?” A young woman shouted as he heard her stepping closer. He heard doors being opened and closed.

The rooms are probably being inspected.

After the doors stopped making sounds, it became silent for a while. Newt felt like he could hear his heart beat fast through the sudden silence.

The shower room’s doorknob turned. He watched it moved again for the second time. Loud knocks hit through the plastic door.

“Is someone in there?” It’s the young woman again.

He swallowed. He knew it was done, it all goes down to this. He’s going to be sent down with all the Cranks.

He heard the doorknob being destroyed by a gun. He readied himself for the guard. He wasn’t planning on escaping anymore, it was pointless.

He put his hands up to the air the moment the door opened. A gun was directly pointed at him.

“Freeze! Do not move!” She commanded. There was only one guard. He searched behind her but there was no one else. She was alone. She wore a protective suit with a helmet that has goggles, making her face unreadable.

Newt hasn’t said a word, the guard’s hand that held the gun suddenly softened. He was just standing with his hands up, staring at her. She slowly put the gun down. He wondered if he controlled her mind accidentally making her do what he wanted, but the idea seemed so ridiculous.

“N-Newt?” The guard asked, stammering. He blinked. She recognized him. Did he just hear his name? Impossible.

“Who are you?” He asked back, putting his hand down. He watched her put her gun back to the holster.

It was his chance to escape, he thought, but he wanted to know what’s going to happen next. He wanted to happily smash the girl’s head, he shook his head snapping out of that insane thought.

She removed her helmet, and her hazel hair fell down to her shoulders. Her ocean-colored eyes met his.

What a lovely sight, he said to himself. He stared at her long enough but not a bit of familiar memory hit him.

“It’s me, Aust. Don’t you remember?” She answered. She has an odd accent too, but not the same tone he has. It was close though.

Aust was a really peculiar name. But his name was as silly as hers. He began to question what kind of a hell name is Newt?

“Aust? What kind of name is that?” He was curious to ask.

“I guess your head’s still wiped from WICKED.” She laughed and it seemed familiar, but his head hurt struggling to remember a thing about her.

“Why’d you buggin’ laugh?” He said, sounding ill-mannered.

“Nothing, it just felt like the first time meeting you again. You asked me the same question when we were both turned in at WICKED.” She said. She worked for WICKED obviously. He never thought he’d regret getting his memories back when he had the chance.

He blinked, regretting it now would only made the situation worse. His eyes never left hers. Somehow, something inside him pricked and it hurt thinking that losing a memory of her gorgeous face broke him. It made him hate WICKED so much more.

He didn’t answer, he just waited for her explanation.

“I was named after Augusta Ada Lovelace, as they told me.” He nodded, it already made sense. He remembered he was named after Isaac Newton, making the silly nickname of Newt.

“You shouldn’t come near me, I have the Flare.” He didn’t know why he said that knowing fully that she could turn him in to send him along with the other Cranks, but something inside him cares for her. Could it be the Flare?

It couldn’t be.

“I’m immune,” She answered and not even a bit of jealously hit him, relief flooded instead. “Why don’t we sit down and I’ll tell you everything.”

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