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Zoe has been abused by her foster mom since she was 10 and now she's 16,she has had enough and is heading away from her and going to South Carolina. will she find a new family to stay with or be on she alone for awhile??


1. Chapter 1

"You can't always treat me like this!" I scream at my foster mom while holding my cheek. "You're mine! I can do whatever I want to." She slapped my cheek one more time before leaving my room and slamming the door.

Karen my foster mom abuses me, only me. She only cares about her actual children. I'm tired of dealing with this shit. I'm leaving. I grab my black jansport backpack and place it on my bed. I walk over to my dresser and. Grab a few items of each clothing.

I walk into the bathroom down the hall and grab my toothbrush and toothpaste. I set everything in my backpack and zip it up. I sling it over my shoulder and head for the window. Luckily there's a tree right outside my window. I climb down it as sly as I can. Soon enough I'm on the ground and running away from that horrible house. I highly doubt they'll try to find me.

"One bus ticket to South Carolina please." I say as polite as possible even with a smile. "Sure thing sweetly." The older lady said behind the window. She hands me my ticket, I pay for it with some of the money I stole from my foster mom 2 weeks ago. I now have $50 left. I walk over to my bus and get in.

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