Dancing in the Rain

Stella Duncan isn't your typical Highschool girl. She's a lesbian, a rebellious one at that.

Jasmine Jackson is the typical catholic girl you'd see who goes to church every sunday and is always a goody two shoes.

A project is the change of their lives. A project that will bring the two together. A project that could break the two of their hearts.


1. Project Assigned


         Stella Duncan's POV


                     I watch silently as Mr. Falas passes out the papers. My mind was actually elsewhere since today was the beginning of the week, also one of my most hated days other than sunday. Yeah me and sunday aren't really happy with each other. I had one of my earphones to drown out the sound of everyone else who was making racket. I look to the front of the class to the girl who was minding her own business and not getting into it with any of the other students. She caught my attention more than anyone else did but I knew she wouldn't like the idea of getting close to me. The news in this school runs like the speed of light. I wasn't going to deny it though I am who I am I was raised a certain way and I chose the path that made my life feel right. That's what I hate about this small town they always wanted you to be someone else for the sake of the nation. But Since me being the person I am I decided to take matter into my own hands. Some people accepted me for who I was others thought I was confused because I would look at TV shows and always thought it was the best idea. Wrong. I like girls there's nothing anyone can say or do to make me change my mind. "Staring at her a little harder than usual" I heard in my ear. I turn to see my brother Mason looking at Jasmine. 

                 "As beautiful as she is I don't see why not" I answer and return to my work. I turn up my music letting the sound of violins tune me out. Once again my mind was elsewhere. "Stella" I hear in my ear once again and I turn to Mason. "Stella!" Mr. Falas calls out to me and I turn to him annoyed. "Earphone! Take it out. If you continue this behavior I'm going to have to get your mother up here" he spits. The entire class was looking in my direction waiting for me to rebel against his wishes which I did. I added the other earphone in and gave him a smug smile. I read his lips as he spoke once more. "That's it I'm getting your mother up here this instant" he spat. "Then I'll call your mother, but for my matters. She's been bugging me lately to get into her pants" I say and he stares at me disgusted. He was a homophobic but knowing that his mother had slight attractions towards me ran his blood high. "Don't speak of my mother you insecure devil" He snaps at me causing some of the students to laugh. I notice the pure brown innocent eyes looking and studying my face causing me to take my headphones out and pay attention. It was my girlfriend Anna. "You better be glad she's controlling me sir" I say and chuckle. "Or you would've witnessed something unstoppable" I tell him and stare at his blue orbs. "Read paragraph 4 and 5 now" he said sternly.

                     I began to read my voice starting off as raspy since I wasn't interested in the greek mythology. But as I got to the last sentence of paragraph 5 my voice roared through the silent classroom causing some kids to cover their ears and finally I was done speaking. I sat back in my seat and looked at Mr. Falas with a slight smile on my face. "Jasmine, would you kindly read paragraph 6 and 7" he asks. She nods a bit and the class falls silent. Knowing her she only read a bit above a whisper. After 45 minutes in this hell hole of a classroom the bell rung and I rushed out the classroom before Mr. F could call my name and have a 'talk' with me. I met some of my friends by my locker and waited for Anna impatiently. "Finally you think to come to me" I say and brush her hair out of her face. "Hey do you have basketball practice today?" she asks out of the blue. "No, severe weather tonight. Why?" I question and stare into her brown orbs. "We need to talk" she says and pushes my arm off of her shoulder and rushed to class before I could speak my mind. Lord knows how this goes. The lesbian falls in love, the love of her life finds love with someone else. The lesbian ends up sad and alone for the rest of her life and is brought down because of those who dislike her kind. I roll my eyes and head to 2nd period my most dreadful class. The teacher was spectacular actually, and her lessons were amazing it was the kids that made the period never ending. 

                      I sat in the back of the class where I usually sat. Behind me came in Samantha, William, and my very best friend Angie. They sat around me so that the popular kids wouldn't get a chance too. They really loved to fuck with me in that class. I sat back and eyed Jasmine as soon as she walked into the class she held her books to her chest and her glasses fell a bit down her nose bridge. She sat in the front somewhere she always sat. "Man she's so beautiful" William says and licks his lips. "You wouldn't be able to get her though. Her parents are hella protective" Samantha says. I nod my head and look towards Angie who was biting her nails nonstop now. "Ang what's up?" I ask and she looks over to me. Her eyes were pleading something but I didn't quite catch it. "Oh yeah don't talk to her" Samantha says and turns my head to her. "Why do you say that?" I ask. Angie got up and moved. "What's her deal?" I ask. "She hooked up with your girl last week while you were sick" William says. "Hooked up with her?" I ask. "Incoming" Samantha says watching the catholic girl come and sit beside me. I ignore her and continue with our conversation. "What are you guys trying to tell me?" I ask. "Angie had sex with Anna" Sam says loud enough to catch eyes of the entire class. 

                       I sat there trying my best not to ask her again. I look up to Angie eyeing her nervous reaction she met my eyes and immediately started bouncing her foot against the tile floor. "What the hell did you just say to me?" I ask annoyed now. "Angie and Anna had sex, Stella we tried to help but they kicked us out of the club" William said with a pleading voice to not be mad at them. "I understand it's not like she was the best person in the world" I say calming my nerves. I didn't want to hurt Angie though she had just hurt me. I wonder if I ever passed her mind while she was doing it or didn she forget I ever existed. "Uh....E-excuse me" I hear and I turn my attention to the person who was speaking. Jasmine handed me a piece of paper and my entire body just stopped. I couldn't function what I had just read. I looked up at her and she looked away. She's probably disgusted with who I am as well. I gave a small smile and blinked a couple of times. "You're my partner" she said in her small voice. 

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