Dancing in the Rain

Stella Duncan isn't your typical Highschool girl. She's a lesbian, a rebellious one at that.

Jasmine Jackson is the typical catholic girl you'd see who goes to church every sunday and is always a goody two shoes.

A project is the change of their lives. A project that will bring the two together. A project that could break the two of their hearts.


2. Locked in


           Stella's POV


                     Yesterday wasn't a blur I remember it all too well. Ms. Kyle actually assigned a project to Jasmine and I. She knew just as well as I did that Jasmine's parents would hate the idea but everyone else was perfectly fine with their partners so there was no changing. I bounce the basketball 2 times before getting my grip and throwing it at the backboard. It hit the square and went into the hoop. I am in practice, my next basketball game was in 3 days and I needed it. Angie was my opponent for this practice she was still antsy from yesterday since my girlfriend broke up with me for her but hey I can't complain, you fall in love with people that you can't help but make them yours. "Are you still mad at me?" Angie asks her voice raspy and shaky yet calm and anticipated. "I was never mad" I reply and pass her the ball. She gave me a confused face but passed the ball back and we began the game. 5 minutes had passed and sweat rushed down my forehead. I had scored 12 points while Angie had only got 3. Hearing the double doors of the gym closing and shutting caught our attention. I snap my head to see who it was only to be surprised with the brunette coming in. She had her head down afraid she would be yelled at. She sat in the bleachers and watched us. We were staring at her, me with a amused face and Angie with an annoyed face.

                      "Let's play again" I say passing her the ball. "You ball or mine?" she asks. "Yours" I say. We begin the game her taking the lead to her goal that was on the other side of the court I rushed behind her. For a split second it was like everything went completely slow motion I whipped in front of her grabbing the ball from her hands and ran back to my side of the court her following behind me jumping in front of me trying to block my goal. I went to the 3 point line took my stance and shot making the hoop. She got the rebound and passed it to me. After another 15 minutes of playing we were basically budding heads. She was up by 1 point. She had the decency to actually try and win. It was now or never. I took the ball from her attempted goal and darted to my side. I was 2 inches from the hoop I jumped up as far as my legs would take me and I placed the ball roughly into the net and hung on the rim. She laughs "Show off" she spat at me. I let go and land on my feet. "Lad that there is how you do a slam dunk" I say and she laughs again. "I'm gonna go shower" she says rushing off into the locker rooms. I watch as her blonde hair disappears behind the double doors and my attention was to the brunette in the bleachers.

                        "Were you working or watching?" I ask. A small blush crept onto her face and she gave me a small smile. "You're good at this" she says. "Been playing since I was 8" I say honestly. I went up to where she was and hovered over her watching as she tried to solve a math problem. "Answers 2" I say and she looks at me. "Prove it" she says sternly not believing me. I sat on side of her and grabbed her pencil and showed her the solution to the problem. As I finished she smiles "Athletic and Smart" she said just below a whisper but I caught it. I stood and jumped to the floor "Take a shot" I say. She looks up at me with a demented expression. "I answer a question for you so you have to shoot" I say. Her emotion changes then goes back to demented. "I never agreed to it" she says. I smile and motion her to come to me. She finally put her stuff down and came down the bleachers to me. "I don't know how to shoot though" she says and puts her head down. "Don't doubt yourself" I say picking her head up. Her green eyes pierce into mine and I feel a spark of fire shoot through my body. "I'm not doubting myself I know that I can't shoot. My mom told me that I'm not good at sports" she says. I roll my eyes and grab her hand pulling her to the 3 point line. The feeling of our hands touching gave my a tingle up my spine but I ignored it. I took the basket ball and gave it to her. "Shoot" I say. She gave it a poor excuse of a throw missing it terribly. I laugh at her attempt.

                          "See I told you" she says almost breaking down. "No, no. C'mon haven't you ever heard, Don't give up?" I ask. She nods her head "But I'm not good a sports Stella that's the point" she says again. I sigh and place my front on her back and placing the ball between her hands. I place my hands over hers putting them where they should be and with both of our forces we shot the ball and it circled the rim of the hoop before falling in. "See!" I say excitedly at her. "That's because you helped me" she says doubting her ability. "Stop doubting yourself. That was all you" I say. It wasn't a lie though. I barely put force on that ball. "About the project" she starts. "What time do you have to be home?" I ask. She stares at me "9" she replies. "Then we'll go to my house and start on it. If that's okay with you" I say. She smiles "Sure." "Wait would your parents have a problem with me dropping you off though?" "Uh I don't know" she says. "I'll have my brother drop you off. I don't need their beliefs and disbeliefs" I spit. "I'll go and shower I'll be out in about 10 minutes" I say. She nods her head and goes back to the bleachers. I enter the locker rooms to see Anna and Angie making out. Angie being the naked one and Anna being the aggressive one. "Well having fun there kids?" I ask and move them out of the way to get to my locker. 

                           "I see your new toy out there" Anna says. "She's not my toy. She's my project partner" I say sarcastically. I grab my clothes and head for the showers "Seriously you two get a fucking room" I say. I take off my clothes and place them on the rack next to my clean ones and turn the shower knob to the left then out. Hot water sprinkled down my back and into my hair. 10 minutes later I was ready to go. I walk out the locker room to go to Jasmine. "Sorry about that" I say. She shakes her head "You're fine" she spits. I grab her backpack and mine and head for the door. I push on it but it doesn't budge. "What the hell" I say and push on it harder. Jasmine begins to hyperventilate. The lights went out and I swore I could feel her nails dig into my skin. Shit they closed the school down. 

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