love study


1. Read or kiss

It was 6 in morning and the librarian Goth had just opened the library even tho no one would come this early not even Palette. 

So naturally Goth was losing track of time in a book and drinking coffee until the door was opened.

-Heya, morning Gothy.

Goth panicky dropped the book and looked up. It was Palette.

-Palette!, good morning.

Quickly running across the floor to kiss Palette.

-Geez can't you to kiss my bro until I'm looking away Mr librarian.

It was Pj.

Both Goth and Palette began to blush making Pj howl in laughter as he despaired around a corner.

-Why did you bring him here? Goth asked while sipping coffee.

-actually, he wanted to come.

Goth began coughing and spitting coffee all over the floor. 

-Gothy oh no Gothy are you ok. Palette quickly asked supporting and patting Goth`s back 

-oh dear, are you ok Mr librarian. Goth stopped coughing and him and Palette both looked up.

It was Fresh.

-Hey, your Fresh right? Palette asked hoping that they could change the subject.

-Yes, I am, and your Mr Palette the cheerleader captain. Fresh said answering Palette's question.

-Well then, welcome Fresh. Palette said smiling at Fresh.

Meanwhile Goth finally manage to clean up the coffee he coughed out on the floor and was yet again sitting at his desk.

-Let me guess, you came here to study? Goth said while wiggling his eyebrows.

Up until the coughing scene Fresh hadn't notice Goth was here and tried to cover up from that. 

-Yes!! Yes I di-- Fresh was cut off by a wild wind coming from--

-Fresh your here I knew it. Pj said just before kissing fresh.

And then Pj was cut off by giggling grin from behind them.

-You were saying. Goth said and was almost about to fall off his chair of laughter and joined Palette laughing un stoppingly.

 Fresh's face was flushed in a deep purple blush in the embarrassment as Palette and Goth continued laughing. Pj looked embarrassed but there was a hint of anger in his eye's.

-Come on Fresh, let's study. Pj said as his took Fresh's hand and leaving as the laughingstocks they were with their own audience laughing their heart's out.

-Omg, Gothy your so mean. Palette said laying on the floor laughing.

-Me, he's the one who started it. Goth said helping Palette get up. As he did he also pulled Palette in close as everything began to blur in a romantic setting.

-...Gothy... Palette said leaning in towards Goth.

-Shh...Palette. Goth said as he took Palette's chin and kissed him softly.

Meanwhile, Fresh was reading the tragic love story of "Romeo and Juliet" to Pj. As he was reading Pj began to kiss Fresh's neck, making Fresh unable to focus.

-Pj it's a little hard to focus if you're kissing my neck. Fresh said slightly blushing.

-That book can wait. Pj said playfully licking fresh's neck.

-We all know that they die in the end and that this was back in the old times, but... Pj said as he stopped licking Fresh's neck and looked up.

-But what? Fresh asked looking back at Pj.

-But you and I were still young and alive, but it's not gonna be forever and you have all the time in the world to read but I want you now so won't you put that book down for me. Pj said looking deeply into Fresh's eye's as fresh dropped the book and they began kissing.














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