Brendon Urie was fine, just a guy living on his own, waiting for the sky to fall, when he met the woman who would change it all. With velvet lips, and the eyes to pull him in, they both knew Josh would already win. God, was he original sin. They dated, deeply in love with each other, for a few years and finally decided to get married, to finally show their true love for each other. After their wedding, everything seems to be going perfectly, until one day, it turns out Josh is pregnant. Suddenly the stress of family life kicks in and it's hard for the young couple to handle. Can their relationship survive all this stress? Will the baby be as ugly as his mother? Will he have his father's gorgeous fivehead? Discover this and more in "Brendun."

***This is a joke fanfic so please don't take any of the seriously***
Enjoy! :D


5. Tyjo goes to preschool (also they almost die)

After three very difficult years, in which Brendon only sort of kept his promise (Much to Josh's disappointment) it was time for Tyler's first day of preschool.

Josh was frantically trying to get everything together and Brendon was doing what he called "cheering him on."

"Hurry up, Josh."

"I'm trying!"

"Well, you're not trying hard enough!"

Tyler tugged on Josh's skinny jeans.

"Sick," he said.

"You're sick? On the first day of school?"

Tyler shook his head. "That's sick!"


He pointed to his backpack. "Sick as frick."

Brendon started laughing.

"You did a great job of teaching him how to speak, babe."

"You didn't even help!"

"I tried."

"You specifically didn't speak in front of him because you didn't want to help him learn how to speak."

Brendon shrugged and Josh mentally facepalmed.

"Alright, Tyler, time for school!"

The three got into the car.

When they got to the preschool building Tyler was smiling.

"Are you excited for school, Tyler?" Josh asked.


Josh frowned. "Then why are you smiling?"

"Because I don't have to be around Daddy all day."

Josh burst out laughing. "I know what you mean. I don't want to be around Daddy all day either."

Brendon crossed his arms. "Alright! Time for school, Tyler. Have a great day."

Josh didn't stop laughing until they were halfway home.

"It wasn't that funny," Brendon said.

"Sure, but he likes me more than you."

Brendon crossed his arms again causing the car to swerve around on the road because he wasn't steering.

"Brendon!" Josh cried, grabbing the steering wheel.

"Oh, whoops, sorry." 

"You almost killed both of us and that's all you have to say?"

"Yeah, pretty much." (haha, get it?)

Josh shook his head.

Brendon shrugged and drove the rest of the way home.

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