Brendon Urie was fine, just a guy living on his own, waiting for the sky to fall, when he met the woman who would change it all. With velvet lips, and the eyes to pull him in, they both knew Josh would already win. God, was he original sin. They dated, deeply in love with each other, for a few years and finally decided to get married, to finally show their true love for each other. After their wedding, everything seems to be going perfectly, until one day, it turns out Josh is pregnant. Suddenly the stress of family life kicks in and it's hard for the young couple to handle. Can their relationship survive all this stress? Will the baby be as ugly as his mother? Will he have his father's gorgeous fivehead? Discover this and more in "Brendun."

***This is a joke fanfic so please don't take any of the seriously***
Enjoy! :D


3. It's Time

"Brendon!!!" Josh called.

Brendon didn't reply.

"Brendon, please," he yelled, "It's really important!"

Still no reply.

"Brendon, I'm coming downstairs!"

Finally, he replied, but only with, "Babe, I'm on the phone with Sarah! Can we talk another time."

Josh ran downstairs. "Okay two things: One, sometimes it feels like you love Sarah more than me, and two, I'm in Labor!"

"Okay, One: I do, and two: wHAT!?"

"Baby we need to go to the hospital."


"Yes, we."

He sighed, "Okay, sorry Sarah, my wife is in labor, gotta go."

Josh could just barely hear Sarah's voice through the phone, "Uh, okay, bye Brendon!"

She was so sweet and pretty, Josh hated her.


After a quick car drive and a few hours because birth lol, the baby was born.

A nurse walked out to tell Brendon the news.

"Sir, I have good news!"

Brendon didn't look up from his phone, "Uh huh."

"Your baby was born and he's a boy!"

He looked up, "Oh, cool."

"Do you... want to see your baby?"

He sighed, got up, and followed the nurse to the room where his wife was sitting. He smiled, "Josh," he walked up to him, "You look more ugly than usual."

"Thanks? Here's Tyler." He held the baby up and Brendon took him in his arms.

He smiled as his son cried emo tears. "Well, he sure lives up to his name."

"Bren, did you just call your son ugly."

"Yes and I swear to god, call me Bren one more time, I dare you."

Josh rolled his eyes, "Do you ever really wish this was a Joshler fanfic instead?"





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