Tina Will - Forever Broken's Poetry Booklet

Every now and then, between the madness and the sadness. . I can write about her...I want to tell the world.. but it hurts..so I will add my poetic words and inner thoughts here slowly.. It takes time to let go and breath...moreless speak...whether in words or text... when you are broken like me,
- Kristina's Mom


1. She Was

She Was

~~She was ,laughing hazel green eyes..

so much ....like mine...

Random thoughts and funny puns..

red roses and bubble gum.

She should have stayed..but she's gone..

We talked of growing old.one day

But the good lord took her and now she'll stay..

forever  21 .


She was my sweetest hello,and my hardest goodbye.

She made me laugh and she made me cry..

I told her I could'nt wait for the day...

she had kids of her own...

but now that day..will never come.

~~oooh...they wonder why Im such a mess..

if only they could see..what my memories ..

play for me one day to the next....


It's her first words..of momma..to singing her abc's.

Her.... mommma come look and see..

i drew a picture for you..on the wall..aint it pretty..


Her first time out on her bike..momma,stay with me..

don't let go..and hold on tight.

those words ,now cut me like a knife.


I remember her first crush..the day she got on the wrong bus..

and I panicked,thinking i lost her for sure...

I remember everything ..about that girl.

...because she was mine.

~~I remember her jacket weighing a ton..

she collected rocks..just for fun.

She had atleast 1oo stuffed animals..

and she named them..every one.


she started to grow up..but she always needed me..

I was over protective,and fussed over her too much..

But..that's what happens when your a mother..who loves.


She thought it was funny..I never let her get too far from me..

~~now she's so far away..I cant even begin to reach..

I had 21 beautiful years..I should be glad and move on..

atleast thats what Im being encouraged to do..

but tomorrow..I will be with her..petting lamas at the zoo..

and the next day..who knows..there were so many places we

we loved to go.

~~It's been almost a year ..she would be 22 right now..

but In my mind were still ..working on  year number 8.

weve memorized all the lines to a song by george straight and

her favorate food is spaghetti and chocolate cake.

- 2013

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