Tina Will - Forever Broken's Poetry Booklet

Every now and then, between the madness and the sadness. . I can write about her...I want to tell the world.. but it hurts..so I will add my poetic words and inner thoughts here slowly.. It takes time to let go and breath...moreless speak...whether in words or text... when you are broken like me,
- Kristina's Mom


2. Hell


~~How do we mend ..what's broken...

how do you let go.. when there were no good-byes spoken.

for so long..you were a part of us. now were the keepers of all what used to be..

holding close to your memory..scared too.. we may forget some day..

the sound of your voice.. the way your eyes looked and your hair smelt.

everything you take for granted,when its available to you.

I used to only imagine how it must feel,for someone to loose..

someone who meant more to you than life itself.

Now i know -it's hell. It's everyday...missing and wanting to know your ok..

only to realize..your not and never will be

.. it's just falling short-of insanity. you never look at things the same way..

there's hurt,anger and jealousies.. even disgust as you watch others so carelessly..

disreguard what they have.or bitch about something so petty.. when..here you are..

.insides left open and raw. eyes ..tearstained and throat hurting.. for wanting what they have..

it's misserable and it's sad. but most of all

..it's just HELL.

- 2012



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