Christmas Cases

A Christmas calendar of cases for Kaity Linnar- an exuberant, cheerful supernaturalist.

For Advent Calendar comp- an advent calendar based on the supernatural- and romance.


7. December 7th, 2016


    Marvin woke to blinking lights. He let out a soft groan, struggling to open his eyes more than halfway. Where was he? What had happened? And where was Kaity?!


    Her voice sent a warm wave of relief through him. She was alright. She was here. But… what had happened? There had been… the supernatural creature. The cold. The awful, horrible, cold… the pain in his head… gunfire? 

    He forced his eyes open as far as they could go- not fully open, but it was close enough. He blinked, and there she was, sitting next to him. There was a glowing outline around her- there must have been sun shining on her back. Or maybe he was hallucinating. This wouldn’t be the first time.

    “Are you okay?” she asked gently. “That shadefiend got you pretty good with its claws.”

    “It did?” Marvin forced the words out. “Will I have scars?”

    “Nah. It was the internal damage that was dangerous. They wouldn’t let me cure the poison until they were sure I wasn’t a lunatic.”

    Marvin cracked a smile. “You must have had a hard time convincing them.”

    Kaity laughed, and the sound filled Marvin with happiness. She was laughing. That meant the injury wasn’t serious. That meant things were still alright.

    “How long was I out for?”

    “A long time. They kept telling me you might not make it, but I know how to cure shadefiend venom. If it had gotten to your brain, then we might have had a problem.”

    Marvin shuddered. If the venom had reached his mind, he would have been transformed into one of those monsters. Kaity would have had to kill him- for her own safety. Just the thought of that made his skin crawl.

    “I’m glad that didn’t happen.”

    “So am I.” She smiled, leaving Marvin wondering exactly what she meant by that. Before he had too much time to consider it, however, she pulled out her notebook. “So I was thinking, since we’re here and not doing anything right now…”

    “We already reviewed the case…” Marvin muttered, letting his head fall back against the pillow. The hospital bed was uncomfortable- he wanted to be out of it as soon as possible. If he sat here and talked to Kaity, then he would most likely be stuck here for the next hour. And yet… he didn’t really mind. At least this was a time to rest.

    “While you were resting, I interviewed the girl that was hospitalized,” Kaity said, opening to a page and showing him the words. “It took a while, and a lot of my persuasive charm, but I got her to tell me exactly what happened.”

    “She was touched by a ghost,” Marvin shrugged. “Her memories would have been spotty at best.”

    “I’m good at bringing back lost memories.”

    “But she was touched by a ghost.”

    “All it takes is a little talking and some chocolate,” she shrugged. “Chocolate does wonders for those that are touched by the supernatural.”

    “And here I am, lying in a hospital bed, suffering from shadefiend poison… Where is my chocolate?” Marvin demanded.

    Kaity winked at him, and pulled a gift bag out from behind her back. She dropped it next to him with a casual expression.

    Marvin tried to hide his surprise, looking at her with a deadpan expression. “You’ve had chocolate for me all this time, and you didn’t give it to me? Or was that just a coincidental bag of chocolate that you had to give me because I asked?”

    “Do you not want it?” Kaity grinned, holding it just out of reach.

    Marvin rolled his eyes, doing his best to imply that he didn’t have time for her games. “Of course I want it. Give it here.”

    Kaity laughed, placing the bag next to him. “I thought those would help a little bit.”

    “If you want them to help me, then be quiet while I eat them.”

    Her laugh grew “Oh Marvin. Stop being so cynical and eat your chocolate.”

    “Are you going to be quiet?”


    “That’s code for ‘I’m going to say something as soon as your mouth is full of chocolate and you can’t complain’, isn’t it.”

    “Maybe,” Kaity grinned, winking. 

    Marvin sighed, and took a piece of chocolate, tentatively biting into it. When Kaity said nothing, he took another bite, slightly larger. She stayed silent, and he rolled his eyes, popping the entire chocolate into his mouth. 

    Instantly, Kaity started talking as fast as she could. “The girl said that the ghost was speaking to her- fully responding and very human like which means that it has a set time where it gets stronger and she said that-“

    Marvin swallowed the chocolate, and she instantly shut up. He gave her a disbelieving look. 


    She winked, gesturing for him to eat another.

    “No,” he replied, rolling his eyes and forcing himself to admit defeat. “I’m going to go crazy if you only talk while I’m eating. Just go.”

    Kaity laughed, and Marvin felt an unexpected surge of pleasure at the sound. He enjoyed making her laugh- even if her jokes were usually at his expense. He waited for her to speak.

    “As I was saying. The ghost has a trigger time of 12:00. That was exactly when he became completely solid. It took some talking, but the girl explained their entire conversation to me. The ghost told her he was ‘waiting for someone’. Her memories after their conversation were mostly fuzzy, but she recalled that he had asked her to be his date for the night since his wasn’t showing up.”

    “And let me guess,” Marvin drawled, “she said yes?” That was the problem with these stories. Most of them were terribly predictable.

    “She was locked in a miasma, Marvin. She couldn’t help it. She stood with the ghost, and when it hit midnight, he became perfectly solid, and they kissed. She blacked out after that.”

    “So the ghost is a trigger?” Marvin clarified. “Probably someone who died with something unfinished.”

    “Exactly. The poor boy’s date probably never showed up, and he’s been looking for a girl to replace her ever since. And since he drains energy from people… he can’t finish his business and leave.”

    “So basically he needs a human girl to kiss him in order for him to be dissipated, but none of them are strong enough to finish the kiss? That’s kind of pathetic,” Marvin muttered. 

    “Hey, it’s not the ghost’s fault,” Kaity shrugged. “But that means this one will be easy. I’ll just take care of it.”

    Marvin nearly choked, staring at Kaity in disbelief. “You mean-“

    “Yep. I’ll walk in. Kiss the ghost. Take care of the problem. Then we’re done.”

    “But you- the ghost would drain your life force,” Marvin insisted, wondering why that thought bothered him so much. He couldn’t explain it- but the thought of Kaity kissing a ghost made his stomach turn. 

    “That’s where you come in. You’re going to help me keep my strength by channeling extra to me. That way I should be able to finish things, and case solved!”

    “But… you have to kiss a ghost. You know how many things could go wrong with that plan?! It’ll have a miasma around it, definitely, and if it made that girl pass out…”

    “First off, she was normal. I’m not. Second, that’s the entire reason I need you to help me. With your strength and mine, I can definitely do it.”

    “I don’t have much strength to offer…” Marvin muttered, letting his eyes slide away from hers. He wished, not for the first time, that he could be more useful. Kaity, however, just smiled.

    “You’ve got more than enough, Marvin. I wouldn’t want anyone else giving me strength for this.”

    Marvin found the corners of his mouth turning slightly upwards at that. He didn’t bother to force himself into a glare, instead allowing the smile to show. 

    “Marvin’s smiling everybody RUN!” Kaity laughed. At that exact moment, her chair slid out from under her, and she fell to the ground with a loud CRASH.

    Marvin rolled his eyes, and laughed quietly to himself. And from the floor he heard, “AND NOW HE’S LAUGHING! THE APOCALYPSE IS COMING!!”

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