Christmas Cases

A Christmas calendar of cases for Kaity Linnar- an exuberant, cheerful supernaturalist.

For Advent Calendar comp- an advent calendar based on the supernatural- and romance.


6. December 5th, 2016 (part 2, Kaity)



    “Marvin?!” Kaity spun, searching for her friend, but the hallway was completely dark. She cursed under her breath, readying her weapon. It was cold and unnatural in her hands, but it was the only defense she had against whatever this supernatural creature was. 

    “Put down the gun, little girl…”

    Kaity forced herself not to spin around, facing towards where Marvin had been. “I don’t think I will,” she replied, keeping her tone light. 

    “Put down the weapon, or I’ll kill your friend.”

    Kiaty barely managed to keep herself from calling out Marvin’s name. Her mind was racing, trying to classify this thing. It could speak to her, and it understood that it could threaten her through Marvin. Therefore, it wasn’t a ghost. Ghosts couldn’t improvise- they followed predictable patterns. Therefore, this was a creature.

    “Will you hold still?” Kaity asked, her voice still cheerful. “And I doubt you could kill Marvin. He’s pretty resilient that way.”

    “He is not strong enough, and neither are you.” The darkness pressed at her from all sides, and she shuddered. Cold began to seep into her bones, and she thought, just for a second, about letting herself fall. Rest. But that was ridiculous. 

    It’s just a miasma, Kaity. Get ahold of yourself!

    “Back off,” she growled, letting her voice drop low into a menacing tone. She lifted her gun to the air, and fired.

    There was a loud hiss, and the darkness lightened some. Kaity smiled grimly, holding the gun up so that the supernatural creature could see it.

    “Recognize this? This is made of a metal forged from the heart of Elverden. They call it shadesteel, and it’ll tear through your essence like you’re made of paper. So unless you want to meet a very painful demise, you’d better back off.” She wasn’t afraid. She had felt the thing’s fear- it had retreated from her. She wouldn’t hesitate to kill it- she’d destroyed greater beasts than this thing. And it was threatening Marvin. Her Marvin. It had better be sure of itself if it wanted to challenge her!

    “Drop the weapon or the boy dies.”

    “Back off or you die!” Kaity snarled back. 

    “Very well… If I will not kill the boy, then I will kill you!”

    The darkness surged towards her, but she held her ground, gun raised. In the dark a shape began to appear. A gaping mouth, and two dark eyes.

    A shadefiend then… Kaity thought. They were most dangerous if they caught you off guard. This one probably wasn’t pleased that it hadn’t taken her out in the first attack.

    She leveled her gun straight at its mouth, and patiently fired four shots. The shade let out a howl, as the pure metal tore straight through it. Kaity didn’t even bother to cover her ears- she was used to the dying shrieks of supernatural beasts by now. It dissipated, and she turned, instantly finding Marvin. He was lying on the ground, curled in on himself, his face screwed in pain. Even as she watched, he relaxed.

    “Marvin, I’m so sorry….” she whispered, guilt filling her instantly. She should have accounted for Marvin immediately. She should have recognized what was happening sooner. She should have done something. Anything! She brushed his hair away from his face, and feeling for a pulse. There was one- strong and steady, in that particular beat his pulse had. She let out a soft sigh of relief. Marvin was alright. 

    She checked him over for wounds, and her heart nearly froze as she found what she was looking for. A small trickle of blood ran down the side of his temple. The base of the wound was an ugly purple. So the shadefiend got him… She took a deep breath, looking around for her bag. She had supplies to help him… shadefiend venom took some time to kick in. All she had to do was keep a clear head. Stay… stay calm. 

    She had just found her bag when the sound of sirens reached her ears. She looked up, to see blue and red lights reflecting through the window of the building.

    Oh no… not this again… She sighed as the door opened below her. Moments later, cops came up the stairs, surrounding her and Marvin. It didn’t take them long to size up the situation- Marvin, unconscious on the ground, and Kiaty, with the gun at her hip.

    “Step away from the boy,” one of them ordered.

    Kaity sighed, getting to her feet, and taking a step away from Marvin, heart racing. He was hurt. The last thing she needed was an interruption.

    One of the officers approached Marvin, dropping to one knee next to him. He saw the poison immediately. “This boy needs to go to the hospital.”

    “No!” Kaity said instantly, eyes wide. If they took Marvin away, he might die. “He’s been poisoned by a supernatural creature. I’m the only one that knows how to cure him. If you take him to the hospital, he’ll die.”

    They were considering it, she could tell. But then the officer shook his head. “We’ve dealt with poisons before. Take the boy to the hospital. You’ll come to the station with us. If all goes well, you’ll get back to him. If not, we’ll take care of him for you.”

    Kaity considered arguing, but didn’t. She sighed, glancing back at Marvin. Hold on, my friend. I promise, I’ll clear this all up for you. 

    “And you’ll have to hand over your weapon,” the cop added.

    Kaity’s hand instantly flew to the gun at her side. It was made of metal from Elverden- her favorite realm. It had been given to her by a friend, and she didn’t want to relinquish it. But this was Terra- there were different rules here. So she took the gun away from my hip, handing it over. She glanced back at Marvin and sighed. I’ll see you soon. Then, reluctantly, she allowed the cops to lead her away.

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